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Mercedes Maidana
Wave Tribe Team Rider

Mercedes Maidana

Wave Tribe MercedesMercedes Maidana
(Hawaii, USA)

Her name is Mercedes Maidana, she is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and her passion in life is surfing big waves. As she says, "I live for it, I breath it, and I want to be able to make a serious career out of it." Mercedes' goal is to become one of the best female big wave surfers in the world, both paddling into huge waves and towing in.

When Mercedes first approached Wave Tribe we asked her why she was interested in partnering with the world’s first green surf company, her stoke for surfing and her passion for life was as evident in her answer, “surfing is the love of my life. I would not know what to do or who to be if I didn’t have it. As any loving relationship, I think that it has to have a balance of giving and receiving. The ocean gives me more gifts than I could ever reciprocate.”

Wave Tribe team riders are more than surfers, they are conscious beings that recognize the importance of helping to transform the surf industry and when we asked Mercedes why green surf products were important to her she responded, “One way for me to keep the balance is to start doing small changes in my life to preserve what I love the most. That’s why sustainability is so important: is the simplest way to be thankful to nature.”

VIDEO LINK: Mercedes Drops into a Bomb in Waimea Bay, Hawaii

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