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Stefano Esposito
Wave Tribe Team Rider

Wave Tribe StefanoStefano Esposito
(San Clemente, California) iao World!

My name Is Stefano Esposito 24 years old Italian surfer that got ranked TOP 5 at the USA Championship and NSSA open Men's division 2010.

I moved from Rome-Italy to San Clemente, California about 4 years ago, I have been surfing since I was 15 in a small town near Rome with the name of Anzio. Anzio was the place that introduced me to surfing and made my passion for surfing grow to become one of the purposes of my life.

I have participated in contests since I was was young, I became #2 In Italy when I left and I start to compete here In the USA ranking higher and higher. I reached my top this year getting top 5 In the USA rank for my division.

I want to thanks all of you of Wave Tribe for letting me become part of your great surf team and get the pleasure of use your FANTASTIC accessories! : )

I have been using the new leashes made by WAVE TRIBE for about a month now, I can tell that the material that the products are made with Is really good and long lasting. I feel really comfortable using the super light back pad made by cork as well and has a extraordinary grip .

I'm so happy that Wave Tribe makes these Super Ecological surf Products because this is the way to be, this is the way to respect the heart and to show love to our ocean. Everybody should enjoy WT and promote a green surf company.

I have been into Organic and Green Products in general since I moved to California, I love the idea to recycling and I am honored to be be part of the change.

Everything started when I was young. As a kid we used to attend Surfrider sponsored clean-up days in Italy, going to beaches near Rome to clean up the mess left on the sand from tourists. I realize then that we could do so much more for the environment and we can make this planet a better place. With all the environmental disasters happening these days and talk about a bad economy it feels good to do something positive and put energy toward a local beach clean-up.

Since those days back in Italy I started to care more about the ecology and that's why I'm super stoked to use eco products from Wave Tribe. Yesterday I left my surfboards in the car for 3 hours from 12 pm to 3 pm and thanks to the Wave Tribe Hemp Boardbag I saved my car for getting messy and dirty and I protected my surfboards from the sun in the best way; The Hemp WAY!

I really look forward to collaborate to Wave Tribe, I 'm stoked and thank them for giving me the opportunity!

Thank you AGAIN!



VIDEO LINK: Stefano Rips Tressels
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