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Customer Service Superstars (CSS)

CSS Mission.
  • Help shift the surf industry towards sustainability.
  • Have fun.
  • Surf often.
  • Build relationships.
  • Provide ridiculously remarkable customer service.
  • Be part of a great team and tribe.
  • Create abundance.

Courage, a good heart, organizational skills, follow through, patience, closing skills, knowledge of product, remarkable communication skills, a passion for surfing and ecology. Not afraid to ask for the order!


The CSS will visit accounts every three weeks, check in, ask questions, asset with sales training, pimp out product, update promotional materials and ask for orders or re-orders. Your main focus is to provide extraordinarily excellent service, become a trusted friend and colleague, be a partner to the surf shops and help them be successful.


All Customer Service Superstars are required to purchase a sample kit for $250. Once the CSS sells $2500 in any one year they get a fat check for $250. You are investing in your success and you are showing us that you care about our company and your job enough to lay down some cash.


Every two weeks you will have a short conversation with our sales manager and report on your success. You will keep copious notes of all visits and contacts and turn those notes into our sales manager on the 28th of each month.


You will be paid 10% on all sales on the 15th of each month (once your account pays). You are responsible for all expenses incurred during the implementation of your sales (i.e. phone calls, gas, food while travel, etc).

Reality Check.

Don't expect to get rich doing this job---not yet at least. We are looking for people that have a long term vision. Most of our Customer Service Superstars have other jobs or represent additional products or companies. We are building a company, having a great time, and surfing as much as we can---we care about the environment and our customers and if you feel you'd like to join in our mission and you resonate with the aforementioned then we'd love to have you.
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