Complete Kit With Bamboo Glass
Full surfboard kits include everything you need except glue for one low price.

We are currently out of the kits. You'll have to purchase these things on your own for now.

Wave Tribe Wss Complete Kit

Dude, here is what you get in the COMPLETE kit.

FRAME SOLD SEPARATELY (inner board) pick option 1 on order page
One of the mahogany pre-cut frames, this is your surfboard skeleton.

The correct number of paulownia planks ready to be cut into strips for decking, glue them on and shape them for the deck, paulownia is a light heavy wood and perfect for the deck. (The paulownia wood is shipped as 8" x 1 1/4" X 8' planks ready to be cut into planking strips on a table saw or band saw, or just chew through it with your teeth).

The balsa sticks to be cut into strips for forming the rails, this wood is easy to work with and allows you to shape the rails just right. (The balsa sticks measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 36" ready to be cut into strips for the rails, nose blocks, tail blocks, and/or fin mounts.)

EPOXY RESIN. (protection)
The correct amount of epoxy resin plus the tools and materials you'll need to do a great glassing job.

FIBERGLASS. (eco style)
Our choice of eco-friendly bamboo fiberglass cloth.

FIN KIT. (stability)
Removable or glass on fin kit includes all the installation materials plus your choice of colors.

COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS. (even your grandma could build it)
A full instruction manual is emailed to you in PDF format when you order. A video included with the bamboo glassing kit details the glassing process. Dude, you only need to buy a little glue and your ready.

ALSO INCLUDED. (how-to pdf and video)
Don't be afraid to glass, we got your back. The glass is eco-friendly bamboo fiberglass cloth, that's how we roll, and comes with a special instruction CD-ROM.

You also get the correct amount of epoxy resin and hardener, as well as cups, mixing sticks, paintbrushes, sand paper, nitrile gloves, squeegee's, tape, pigment, leash cup, and vent.

The best fin setup for your board is included and will be either glass on fins or a fin and fin-box.

The instruction manual covering every step of the build is mailed to you when you order.

Do it.

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Basic Kit (the frame only)

Wave Tribe Wss Wood Surfboard Kit Frame

The basic kit is essentially the frame or skeleton and is delivered "model airplane" style.

You punch out the ribs and assemble the precision interlocking pieces into a frame.

It also includes a full instruction manual that covers every step of the build in detail.

The PDF manual is emailed to you when you order.

KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE wood for the outside planking nor glue, fiberglass, fins, rail wood, and shop supplies like sandpaper---the COMPLETE kit above does have all the goodies (the easy way bro, don't be cheap).

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