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Gordon Fontaine

Gordon Fontaine

My name is Gordon Fontaine; I’m a 21 years old surfer from France, currently residing in the UK. I have been surfing for about 12 years now and have traveled quite a lot through my surfing years. Whether it was for contests or just for free surfing, every time I traveled I learned something new, but one of the main concepts that always comes up is respect. Respect to other cultures, to the local people and most importantly to the environment.

Unfortunately, one thing that shocked me is the respect most of the tourists or surfers didn’t have for all these things. They tend to not care about the local people, leave their crap everywhere and just take full advantage of what’s on offer without giving anything back! What happened recently in Japan with the Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear problems showed all of us once again how powerful Mother Nature was and I strongly believe that we need to do whatever we can to protect the environment and give it as much respect as we can. The less pollution there is the better chance we give to our children at having a healthy life!

For a while now I have tended to opt for small ethical businesses that made an effort towards having eco-friendly products rather than big careless franchises. I believe, with where consumerism is heading at the moment, that people need to support their local businesses more and give the big brands and shops a break. In my eyes, business shouldn’t be all about the value for money you get out of one product but more about the values that the brand conveys and the relationship you might have with the people or the standards from different businesses.

So when I came across Wave Tribe and their ethical and Eco-friendly policies, I was instantly interested. The idea of having a surf company that was focusing on giving back to nature seemed unreal! Every time I go for a surf I’m always appalled by the amount of plastic and waste on the beach and in the water and I feel like us surfers in particular should care about protecting the ocean in order to keep surfing our favorite waves in a healthy and safe way!

Moreover, the products that Wave Tribe offers seem to be of really good quality and the different eco-friendly materials used give them an awesome natural look.

Therefore I am glad to finally be able to represent a company that has ethical and environmentally friendly values around the different contests and surf spots in Europe and will try to make the surfers’ attitude about the environmental issues change towards a greener future.

Cheers, Peace and see you in the water!
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