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Eco Chamber Kits

All Eco Chamber kits are made from vertical grain poplar and consist of multiple stringers as shown above.

The stringers are cut to exact specifications on our computer controlled CNC machine.

The board is built by gluing either wood or discarded surfboards that have been cut into strips between the stringers.

Once the foam or wood is glued between all the stringers you simply sand until you touch the edge of the stringers and you have the perfect shape.

Like all our kits, the shape can be modified according to user preference.

Chambered Mini SimmonsSTEP ONE.

Starting at the middle stringer you use wood or foam strips to build up the board one layer at a time.

The vertical dowels keep the stringers aligned.

The average width of the wood or foam between the stringers is 1 1/2".


Layers are built up until all the right side stringers are glued in place.

Then you repeat the process on the left side and join the two sides.

This board is being built with balsa but an old surfboard cut into strips works great too.


Shaping the blank is a snap since you simply plane and sand the board until you just reach the stringers.


Then its just a final sanding and you are ready to glass just like a regular surfboard.


If you want a super green board like the one that won the Best Sustainable Board award you can use one of our "Green" glassing kits. It contains everything you'll need plus a video on how to use the bamboo glassing fabric. The wood shavings make great compost for your garden.
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