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How To Make A Wood Surfboard

1) You order your kit here picking the size and style you want.

2) The kits are cut from mahogany on a CNC machine (don't you wish you had one!)
Wood Surf bOrad CNC Machine
3) Your frame kit arrives at your front door in custom package and UPS guy swears at you for the order.
Free Shipping

4) The ribs and spar are punched out and the frame is built just like an airplane wing (remember those?)
Rib Spars
5) The numbered ribs are slipped into notches in the spar.
Wodd Surfboard Frame
6) Ribs and spar are mounted using scrap sticks and a hot melt glue gun (don't sniff the gun bro).
Wood Glue Gun

7) The center strip is critical and is the first one installed. The remaining wood strips are added two at a time.

8) Plastic wrapping film (or clamps) is stretched into a string and looped around and under the ribs to hold the planks tight while the glue dries. Or just get your wife to hold them for a few hours while you go surf.

Clamp Wood Surfboard Together
9) Once deck if finished the frame is extremely rigid, the sticks are snapped off and the glue spots removed.
Snap Wood Surfboard Together
10) Blocks are added at the tail for the fin box and leash cup.
Wood Surf Board Blocks
11) The bottom planks are installed and rough balsa planks on the bottom (or whatever you want).

12) The edges are sanded until the deck and bottom are even.

13) The rails are built up in layers using balsa or other light wood.

14) Send it to the glasser or glass it yourself.

15) Crack a beer, you did a great job!

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