Wave Tribe Shipping

Wave Tribe Uses Recycled Shipping Materials

*Free shipping on all orders over $200 bones to the lower 48 states.
Sorry bros does not include any boardbags or surfboards.

Flat Rate Shipping

$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping (Not AL or HI) Most items ship for $4.95 (except bigger items) like the boardbags, soft racks and of course surfboards.

Drop by the office in Ojai for no-cost shipping (free beer too).

Board-bags are charged actual cost using FedX and UPS rates.

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in Hawaii or Alaska, then we use USPS. Bags returns are the responsibility of the buyer unless we messed up. Larger bags have 20% restocking fee.

Surfboard fees are calculated by size, wood kits ship for free.

* Standard shipping on retail orders in the continental US only.
* Wholesale accounts must pay actual cost of shipment.
* Wax and Wax Comb $2 (unless part of multiple order).

Pick-up at Studio in Ojai, California.

Come on by and pick up your order. Please call first.

International Orders

Best to call us for international rates or place your order and we'll email you to send in the shipping cots. Our goal is to always find the least-impact-route to your door and to mitigate our carbon footprint and yours.

Rest assured that we are doing our part to GIVE BACK in big ways to make this a better planet.

Surfshop Wholesale Orders Domestic

When possible we will deliver your order to the store, just ask. Other orders are sent from our warehouse in Ojai, California, via UPS or USPS. We use recycled packaging and always search for the method with the smallest carbon footprint. More information on wholesale accounts here.

Shop Orders International

Because international rates are always changing and some items (like bags + surfboards) are difficult to determine total cost, we reserve the right to adjust international shipping rates before we release an order.

First-time international wholesale accounts are required to make a $250 deposit on an initial order for us to arrange shipping quotations and gather bids.


We use recycled packing when possible and reuse every vendor box that we are sent. Your bag might show up in an amazon box or look like a fourth-grade handy craft (but we always make sure it's well packaged and safe from harm).

We are always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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