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Customer Service Superstars (CSS)
CSS Mission.
  • Help shift the surf industry towards sustainability.
  • Have fun.
  • Surf often.
  • Build relationships.
  • Provide ridiculously remarkable customer service.
  • Be part of a great team and tribe.
  • Create abundance.

Courage, a good heart, organizational skills, follow through, patience, closing skills, knowledge of product, remarkable communication skills, a passion for surfing and ecology. Not afraid to ask for the order!


The CSS will visit accounts every three weeks, check in, ask questions, asset with sales training, pimp out product, update promotional materials and ask for orders or re-orders. Your main focus is to provide extraordinarily excellent service, become a trusted friend and colleague, be a partner to the surf shops and help them be successful.


All Customer Service Superstars are required to purchase a sample kit for $250. Once the CSS sells $2500 in any one year they get a fat check for $250. You are investing in your success and you are showing us that you care about our company and your job enough to lay down some cash.


Every two weeks you will have a short conversation with our sales manager and report on your success. You will keep copious notes of all visits and contacts and turn those notes into our sales manager on the 28th of each month.


You will be paid 10% on all sales on the 15th of each month (once your account pays). You are responsible for all expenses incurred during the implementation of your sales (i.e. phone calls, gas, food while travel, etc).

Reality Check.

Don't expect to get rich doing this job---not yet at least. We are looking for people that have a long term vision. Most of our Customer Service Superstars have other jobs or represent additional products or companies. We are building a company, having a great time, and surfing as much as we can---we care about the environment and our customers and if you feel you'd like to join in our mission and you resonate with the aforementioned then we'd love to have you.
Fair Trade And Equitable Working Conditions

Wave Tribe is Committed to Fair Trade And Equitable Working Conditions

Manufacturing in Asia isn't as bad as most believe---really, that is not some green wash gibberish.

I've met the people working the machines and sowing our product, they are much like you and me---searching for opportunity, working to get ahead in life, facing the realities and challenge of providing for their families. Traveling opens your eyes to the richness and diversity of foreign cultures. But yea---there are lots of problems too.

Most of all it's the transportation footprint that keeps me up at night. It's 10,069 kilometers from Asia to California. That's a long way from point A to point B. I don't like the fact that the ocean is being used either, the ocean was made for surfing, not for transporting.

I first thought about manufacturing our eco surf products in California when the 'buy local campaign' started to gain momentum in organic food circles. There is no reason we shouldn't attempt to apply the same 'buy local' vision for all of our surf consumables---this is what has made the Etsy movement so appealing---real people making real products right in our backyard.

We are just starting to explore these options at Wave Tribe---but more than explore we are acting. Wave Tribe is proud to report that we are now producing several of our bag styles in California and it sure feels great to support local businesses and substantially decrease our transportation footprint by more than 10,000 kilometers.

But what feels even better is to know that our bags are being made in partnership with fellow surfers, people who share a similar vision and stoke fro life. But more on Asia . . . Working with our partners in Asia we have asked them to commit to standards that we feel represent humanitarian conditions aligned with Wave Tribe's vision for its global partners.

Wave Tribe's owner visits its partner to make sure that these standards are being meet in in most cased exceeded. Based mainly on the labor laws of the Chinese Government, and related common practices recognized internationally, as international labor rights protection, the following has been submitted by our partners.

Read this interesting article about the Apple factories, it shows a more realistic view of what is happening in Asia and why we shouldn't be so upset.
How Wave Tribe Started


We took a surf trip to Mexico in 2007, there were six of us surf mutants loaded into a Yukon, pulling a trailer filled with 17 boards, ten wetsuits, and a case of Sierra Nevada.

We pulled up to uncrowded surf at Cuatros Casas in Baja, it was well overhead and the sets were building from the south with light off-shore winds.

I ripped the lock off the Uhaul (yea I know you aren't supposed to take them across the border) and we began pulling out the mountain of board bags piled to the ceiling and as I was schlepping the multicolored bags out of the trailer I said to myself, “damn that’s a lot of plastic.”

While pulling those bags out of that trailer it got me thinking about the thirty years of surfing that I had done and the hundreds of surf products that I had purchased as my oceanic journey unfolded. I asked myself, "how much plastic had I been personally responsible for?" I also started to think about all those discarded items that I had thrown away over the years—broken leashes, ripped bags, soiled socks, broken boards, etc.

I knew I would never stop surfing, the more I surf the more I appreciate it, my relationship with the ocean is one of the most important elements in my life—in fact, it is my life. How could I live my passion and at the same time decrease my environmental impact on the earth and ocean? I already bought organic foods and I even had some bamboo clothing, but where could I find clean surf products?

After doing some research I discovered that ecological surf products did not exist. Wave Tribe was born in those moments of contemplation while on that surf trip to Baja. Wave Tribe was a result of a deep heartfelt desire to give back to my fellow surfers and the planet!

Wave Tribe First Hemp Boardbag

Derek in Peru

Derek Surfing Chicama, Peru

I decided to combine my business acumen and love for surfing into a sustainable surf products company. I had no idea how to do it but I knew I would learn because my vision was linked to a burning passion aligned with a sustainable vision for the future. I couldn't wait, between surf sessions on that Baja trip I took all those bags and put them next to each other and I wrote down what I thought were the best elements of each bag.

I started thinking about various material that could be used to replace all that plastic—it came to me after a long surf session, HEMP was the perfect material!

Hemp is a wonderful alternative to plastic because:
  • Hemp grows naturally without pesticides
  • Hemp is mold resistant
  • Hemp is strong and durable
  • Hemp is biodegradable
  • Hemp reduces heat and remains cool
  • Hemp protects against the sun's rays
  • Hemp is straight up COOL
But most importantly, at the end of its life-cycle hemp would go back into the earth and decompose, it wouldn’t rot in some landfill for the next thousand years like plastic.

When I returned from my trip I started to do more research and began to contact factories to put together some rough samples. Next I found a company that would help me produce surfboard leashes out of recycled plastic, product number two was born and I could feel those Wave Tribe footprints getting lighter and lighter with each step.

Wave Tribe is learning as we go, we are a stoked company of surf crazed human being looking to do the right thing in a market place driven by big brands, corporate companies, and small margins. Like everyone else we are making our product overseas, but we are doing it differently.

Wave Tribe is committed to using sustainable materials and partners with companies that maintain an ethical work environment—‘we’ as consumers have forced companies to deliver lower and lower priced products.

The reality is that 'how' a purchase impacts ones wallet is more decisive than 'how' the product influences the environment. We need to change how we think, how we look, how we consume, and how we live.

It’s up to all of us to join this tribal movement and to recognize the importance of walking (and surfing) differently. Our oceans and planet deserve and demand an immediate action, our lives are intimately connected to the health of our planet and if we don’t act now we’ll all be surfing in wave pools filled with boogie borders and chlorinated water.


~ Derek D. Wave Tribe Founder One Ocean, One Planet, One Tribe.

PS. No offense to boogie borders, you are welcome to the Wave Tribe too!
Jobs & Intern Positions

Social Media Intern I

We are looking for upbeat, smart, and happy intern to help us educate people in our network and raise ecological awareness. The intern will participate in our social marketing strategy, answer emails from totally random (but cool) people, participate in Facebook and Twitter networks, write awesome blog articles and be part of our growing community.

  • You surf.
  • You like people.
  • You are interested in ecology.
  • You are down with the Wave Tribe Vibe.
What is expected:
  • Participate in our growing networks at least three times per week.
  • Post interesting content that add value to people's lives.
  • Stoked on life and Wave Tribe.

This is a non-paid intern position but we will stoke you out with some great eco surf gear when you show us your eco social media talents. This is a virtual position, you can be/work from anywhere.

Do it!

Email: info@wavetribe.com for more info and tell us why you want to join our Tribe.

Sales Rep

Wave Tribe is learning as we go, we are a stoked company of surf crazed human being looking to do the right thing in a market place driven by big brands, corporate companies, and small margins. Like everyone else we are making our product overseas, but we are doing it differently.

Wave Tribe is committed to using sustainable materials and partners with companies that maintain an ethical work environment—‘we’ as consumers have forced companies to deliver lower and lower priced products. The reality is that ''how'' a purchase impacts ones wallet is more decisive than ''how'' the product influences the environment. We need to change how we think, how we look, how we consume, and how we live.

  • Executing sales programs.
  • Presenting clear and persuasive product presentations
  • Pursuing new accounts and expanding overall account base in the territory.
  • Ability to professionally manage a sample account/product.
  • Attend applicable regional and national trade shows.

We are looking for sales superstars to join the tribe and help our mission. This job pays on commission. We are a growing company and look forward to adding people that share our vision.

Multiple territories are available.

Email: info@wavetribe.com for more info and tell us why you want to join our Tribe.
Sobre nós
Do Epic ShitSomos surfistas que se importam!

Nós nos importamos com o que esta acontecendo com nosso planeta e estamos profundamente preocupados com a saúde dos nossos oceanos.

Amamos surfar e queremos gastar o nosso dinheiro suado em equipamentos de surf que sejam feitos pensando no meio ambiente.

Voltando para 2007, a gente não conseguia achar nenhum produto de surf que seja ecológico nas surf shops, foi então que decidimos criar uma empresa de surf que colocaria o meio ambiente e qualidade em primeiro lugar.

A vida é muito curta para ficar sentado atrás de uma mesa de escritório e não fazer nada sobre o que esta acontecendo com o nosso planeta, então nós começamos uma eco revolução e iriamos adorar se você se junta-se a nós.

Todo produto que fazemos é feito pensando no nosso planeta usando a alta qualidade de produtos ecológicos como cânhamo (hemp), milho, bambu e plástico reciclado.

Nós começamos a Wave Tribe em 2007, quando a palavra verde se referia apenas a cor, e agora muitas das principais marcas de surf estão pulando nesse vagão verde tentando ganhar seus dólares --- A Wave Tribe ajudou a construir esse vagão ecológico com raízes em ecologia, sustentabilidade e muito trabalho duro.

Ao longo dessa caminhada, nós reservamos um tempo para pesquisar e desenvolver nossos produtos em situações de vida real viajando para Bali, França, México, Nicarágua, Espanha, Brasil, Peru, Oz, Nova Zelândia, G-land, África... e muito mais.

Nós viajamos ao redor do mundo e surfamos em algumas das melhores ondas do planeta e estamos aqui para compartilhar essa jornada com você. Enquanto procurávamos por ondas, começamos a fazer guias de surf para você (oferecemos eles de graça) e escrevemos relatos de viagem (também de graça) enquanto testávamos os produtos da Wave Tribe.

Durante todas essas viagens nos começamos a usar nossos produtos e modifica-los do jeito que achamos que ficaria melhor (para deixa-los melhores para você). Nós nunca paramos de inovar e estamos abertos para seus comentários e sugestões.

Wave Tribe ManifestoTambém escrevemos um manifesto para ajudar a guiar nosso processo. Você pode baixa-lo de graça em alta resolução aqui.

E nos também temos esse negocio chamado total felicidade garantida (totally stoked guarantee).

O que significa que nós compraremos uma cerveja pra você se não gostar do nosso produto, e devolveremos seu dinheiro também.

Fazemos muitas pessoas felizes, o que é muito importante para nós.

E também surfamos com essas pessoas que fazemos felizes, e tomamos cerveja juntos durante uma viagem louca para algum lugar distante, em alguns casos.

Aqui estão algumas pessoas que surfamos juntos, tem gente que chamam eles de clientes satisfeitos.

E amaríamos colocar você a essa lista também.

Nós somos muito mais do que apenas uma empresa de surf, somos uma família.

Não quer fazer parte dela?

Sim, você quer e nos adoraríamos ter você.

Cara, nos chamamos TRIBE por uma razão.

Continue inspirado! Stay inspired!

Então, se você curte ondas, cerveja, natureza e surf trip

teremos uma boa ligação.

Obrigado por passarem aqui na Wave Tribe.

Derek & Equipe Wave Tribe

P.S. Obrigado a Gustavo Medeiros

About Us | Sobre nós

Wave Tribe is you—or it isn't you?

I am not going to hit you with all that eco 'be the change' BS, if you want to buy other surf gear you should do it—but know that there is an alternative, and it's a damn good one that I have spent eight years developing.

But look, our gear is also about high quality because if your eco gear falls apart (it won't if it's Wave Tribe) in a few months then there ain't nothing eco about that—right!

People Said I Was Crazy To Start Wave Tribe

I never worked in the surf industry, I never surfed the tour (hell, never surfed a contest), I am anti-establishment, anti-corporate and the only thing I knew how to do when I started this company was surf and kinda (not really) run a business.

Every day I am getting better at the business part . . . and I surf almost every day.

Nobody made eco surf products before Wave Tribe came around and we keep pushing the limits on both eco and quality.

When I told the factory to order Japanese YKK nickel platted zippers and to put them on every bag, they said I was loco and told me that nobody in their right mind would do that.

I responded ‘you are wrong because we are doing it!'

To clarify, it’s not just our hemp board bags that are different, every product we make is made with care for the planet first, using high quality eco materials like hemp, cork, bamboo and recycled plastics. Did you know we invented the cork deckpad?

Ok, so our gear is dope (and no you can't smoke the hemp boardbags)—but in case you want to hear from our thousands of awesome customers then you can click here and find out for yourself. Even ESPN ordered one of our bags and sent in a review—not that the review should make up your mind about Wave Tribe but I did think it was super cool that they took the time to write about us.

Awesome Surf Travel Blog

We wanted to find a way to give our customers something extra than just rad eco surf gear—so we started putting together free resources, guides and surf travel articles.

We put together free travel articles to help you plan your next trip—because we know you love to travel like us.

Wave Tribe TwerkSome of people's favorites are:

Free Beer & Occasional Twerk

I am serious, if you come to Ojai I will buy you a beer—and a good one like Stone IPA—the pub in town has 50 beers on tap, how cool is that?

I have been a surfer all my life and I wanted eco surf gear but I couldn’t find it so I started this company for YOU.

It hasn’t been easy, I’ve almost given up a few times and the only reason I am still here—and Wave Tribe is still here—is because you like and buy our gear.

What do you get: rad eco surf gear, awesome surf travel guides and free beer!

Stay stoked and keep surfing and know that there is a cold one waiting for you in Ojai, California.

P.S. Here is a quick video I made on the train in France (while traveling to surf). It tells a quick story about Wave Tribe and if you want more detail read the story about how it all started (on a surf trip of course).

Join Our Family

Join out family . . . we love you!

Everyone who does, loves it!

The Wave Tribe Newsletter is an honest expression of life and surfing and we offer many great travel guides.

Also, it's got secret, specials and members-only discounts. DUDE!

You'll be the first to know when we design and launch new products and you'll get all our travel guides for free.

And we NEVER Spam or sell our lists!

Just put your name in that box right below this text :)

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