Wheeled Hemp Surfboard Travel Boardbag (Brown, 4 Boards) {Size: 6'8 - 7'6 - 8'6 - 9'6}


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"Absolutely blown away with the quality of the bag . . . the only travel bag to grab." ~John from Setauket, New York  

All Boardbags Are Not Created Equal. We make them extra thick, using durable hemp and high quality components so that you can count on your surfboards arriving safe and sound at your far-away travel destination.

  • Fits 3-4 Boards with Roller Derby Wheels
  • 2 Padded Board Separator
  • 13 mm Thick Closed Cell Foam Padding
  • Reinforced Double Top Handles
  • High Quality Eco Hemp & YKK Silver Plated #10 Zipper
  • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap Interior
  • Interior Fin & Leash Pockets
  • Money Back Guarantee

25" Wide x 10' Deep (depth allows for wider boards) 

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Surfboard Travel Bag with Wheels

Wave Tribe Wheeled Boardbag

If you are looking at this page you are going somewhere far and we are SUPER stoked that you decided to get out of dodge and travel somewhere to surf, like is too short.  

Wave Tribe Wheeled Travel Bags are the elite travel companions—these are rated the best boardbags by ESPN (dude!)  

For global travelers that require multiple board transport you can't find another bag that is more eco and rad.  Wave Tribe Wheeled Travel Bags fit three-four boards!  

Imagine traveling to Bali with just one board? Or taking that long deserved boat trip to the Matawan Islands and snapping your stick on the first day.  

Don't do it—you need more than one board!  

Go prepared!

Check our online list of airlines to book with the most board friendly airline.  

With our premiere 9'6" model you can fit the following into your bag:      

  • 9’ Robert August longboard
  • 7’6” Chanel Island Gun
  • 6’6’ Roberts Diamond Tail Shortbaord
  • 5’6 Derek Dodds Mini Simmons  

That's right, fit all in one hemp home constructed love cabin with heavy duty wheels to facilitate transportation from home to boat.  You have invested in the surf trip of your life, don’t show up without the proper quiver.  

Wave Tribe Wheeled Travel cases are appropriated endorsed by Pro Surfer Ashley Llyod as her travel boardbag model of choice.  Thank You Wheels.  

Got a long way to go between international flights?  

You'll be so happy you had wheels along, trust me, I been in too many airports cursing at my boardbag.  Travel with Wave Tribe's hemp wheeled boardbag, this bag is a living expressions of our passion and deserve a home that protects, transports and is sustainable stylish.  

Wave Tribe Travel Boardbags

Wave Tribe Wheeled Travel is also made from quality hemp so you can feel good about doing your part in supporting ecology and the green surfing movement.

Outside A of the bag is made from a strong density Rugged Eco Hemp exterior which is one tough fiber and naturally built to last with high impact padding protection with Rebound Foam Dynamics including open-to-nose technology.

Outside B is the reflective (rental-car-roof-side) made from Reflective Energy Shield for "Cooler Surfboard Safeguard" protecting your surfboard from the sun's harmful rays made from an alloy-steel mesh weave.

Wave Tribe Alloy Mesh

Reflective Energy Shield

All Sides are guarded by our Japanese Never-Rust-or-Break Nickel Platted Zippers streamline zipper trails and our trademarked Easy Flow Zip System.

Inside you'll find padded board separators, multiple pockets for your leash, wax and fins—internal straps for keeping things tightly safe and snug.

Most importantly our Rebound Foam Dynamics allows for maximum board protection with an extra 13mm insert in the nose and tail sections where you need it (13 + 13 = 26 mm of surfboard protection)—that's more padding than any other boardbag alive guaranteed.

Wave Tribe Rebound Foam Dynamics

Rebound Foam Dynamics

We know that choosing a surfboard travel bag is an important decision and we are stoked that you are looking at doing it eco style.

Remember, hemp is good for the planet—Wave Tribe boardbag will help you offset all those airline miles, if you into that sort of thing.

But most importantly, your surfboards will arrive safe.

Traveling is such an important part of surfing and we want your surf travel to be top noch!

Four Easy Steps For Ordering

You will be stoked on the Wave Tribe travel bag, it's guaranteed or your money back.

  1. Pick your color.
  2. Then pick your size.
  3. Free shipping right to your door.
  4. We ship in 24 hours—max time to get your bag is 1-5 days.

One more thing, don't forget to check out our Airline Boardbag Fee Guide before you book your ticket—and grab our free Iphone Surf Trip List Application.

Wave Tribe Hemp Wheeled Boardbag

Travel like a pro, order one today. 

Lower 48 States (Not Including HI or AL)

Free shipping on all orders over $50 bones.  

Hawaii & Alaska  

We do not offer free shipping to HI & AL, shipments are send USPS priority mail.

  • Small Packages (leash, pads, wax) $15
  • Day Bags $45
  • Travel Bags $100
  • Wheeled Bags $150

Pick-up at Wharehouse in Oxnard, California  

Come on by and pick up your order, you must place your order online 24 hrs before you pick it up. 

International Orders  

Boardbags cost about $50-$200 to send internationally.  

Surfshop Wholesale Orders Domestic  

Surf Shops are required to pay for shipping, please email us here to place a shop order.  

Eco & Recycled Packaging  

We use recycled packing when possible and reuse every vendor box that we are sent. Your box or look like a fourth-grade handy craft (but we always make sure it's well packaged and safe from harm).

We are always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint and environmental impact.  

See returns and refunds for more information.

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Surfboard Leashes You Break It We Replace It in First Year

You should buy a leash closest to your board size. For example, if you have a 6'4 surfboard you need a 6' leash. All leashes are 7 mm thick except for the competition leashes which are lighter and 5.5 mm. Wave Tribe leashes come in the following flavors:

  • Mini | Retro | Shortboards: 5'6 - 6 - 6 comp (lighter for smaller waves or groms) - 7
  • Malibu | Longboard | Sigle Fins: 8 - 9 - 9 calf (leash strap attaches to calf for larger boards)
  • SUP Long Longboards: 10 - 10 coil (mostly for lake and open water boards)

Pioneer Day Boardbags - Fits One Surfboard

All boardbags have +2 inches, so if you buy a 6'6 boardbag, the real length is 6'8—thus a 6'6 board fit's perfectly in a 6'6 boardbag. All Pioneer bags have expandable fin gussets, so you can keep your fins on your board in the bag—or you can roll with glass-on fins.

Pionner Sizes:

  • Mini 5'2 - 5'6 - 5'8 - 5'10 - 6'2 | width 25
  • Fish 6' - 6'6 | width 25
  • Shortboard 6'6 - 7'6 | width 24
  • Longboard 8'6 - 9'6 - 10' | width 28

All bags have interior pockets for finds, leash and wax. The thicker your board the more width is needed to help accomodate proper sizing—all our bags fit industry standards. Our 8'6, 9'6 and 10' bags have fin slots and round noses. Pioneer bags also have an exterior pocket and zip all the way to the nose.

Global Travel Bags - Fits Two Surfboards

All Global boardbags have +2 inches, so if you buy a 6'2 boardbag, the real length is 6'4—thus you have a bit of room to play. Though I would not advise that you overstuff the Global Travel Bag, it's better to go up a size and have a extra room for your gear. 

Global Travel Bag sizes:

  • Mini Simmons 6'2 - 6'7 - 7'6 | width 26"
  • Shortboard 6' - 6'7 - 7'6 | width 22"
  • Longboard 8'6 - 9'6 | width 25"

Travel boardbags are 6' inches deep to accomodate two boards—though you can travel with one in these bags without a problem—there is an internal strap to tie boards together. Travel boardbags have two padded boards seperators and two pockets for your gear. Travel boardbags also have 13mm + 13mm of extra padding in the nose and tail.

Boardbag Material & Hardware - All Bags

Side A of the bag is made from a strong density Rugged Eco Hemp exterior which is one tough fiber and naturally built to last with high impact padding protection with Rebound Foam Dynamics including open-to-nose technology.

Side B is the reflective (rental-car-roof-side) made from Reflective Energy Shield for "Cooler Surfboard Safeguard" protecting your surfboard from the sun's harmful rays made from an alloy-steel mesh weave.

All Sides are guarded by our Japanese Never-Rust-or-Break Nickel Platted Zippers streamline zipper trails and our trademarked Easy Flow Zip System.

99.9% of our customers are fully stoked on our product & service. So if you are unsatisfied for any reason, I'll buy you a beer in Ojai.

Free Beer From Wave tribe

Yep, free beer on me!

Hell, ever if you are satisfied I'll even buy you a beer—so that's beer no matter what happens.

Most likely you'll be super stoked on our product, however if for some reason you had too much beer while sitting at home in your underwear while you were ordering and picked the wrong item—well, don't worry we got your back.

Our 100% Retail Guarantee is simple.

If you do not like our product for any reason just send it back and we will refund your money or give you store credit and send you a handful of stickers. Of course, your product has to be 'new', in a resell-able state, and within 30 days of purchase.

More on returns & refunds here.

One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews Write a review

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