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Wave Tribe is you—or it isn't you?

I am not going to hit you with all that eco 'be the change' BS, if you want to buy other surf gear you should do it—but know that there is an alternative, and it's a damn good one that I have spent eight years developing.

But look, our gear is also about high quality because if your eco gear falls apart (it won't if it's Wave Tribe) in a few months then there ain't nothing eco about that—right!

People Said I Was Crazy To Start Wave Tribe

I never worked in the surf industry, I never surfed the tour (hell, never surfed a contest), I am anti-establishment, anti-corporate and the only thing I knew how to do when I started this company was surf and kinda (not really) run a business.

Every day I am getting better at the business part . . . and I surf almost every day.

Nobody made eco surf products before Wave Tribe came around and we keep pushing the limits on both eco and quality.

When I told the factory to order Japanese YKK nickel platted zippers and to put them on every bag, they said I was loco and told me that nobody in their right mind would do that.

I responded ‘you are wrong because we are doing it!'

To clarify, it’s not just our hemp board bags that are different, every product we make is made with care for the planet first, using high quality eco materials like hemp, cork, bamboo and recycled plastics. Did you know we invented the cork deckpad?

Ok, so our gear is dope (and no you can't smoke the hemp boardbags)—but in case you want to hear from our thousands of awesome customers then you can click here and find out for yourself. Even ESPN ordered one of our bags and sent in a review—not that the review should make up your mind about Wave Tribe but I did think it was super cool that they took the time to write about us.

Awesome Surf Travel Blog

We wanted to find a way to give our customers something extra than just rad eco surf gear—so we started putting together free resources, guides and surf travel articles.

We put together free travel articles to help you plan your next trip—because we know you love to travel like us.

Wave Tribe TwerkSome of people's favorites are:

Free Beer & Occasional Twerk

I am serious, if you come to Ojai I will buy you a beer—and a good one like Stone IPA—the pub in town has 50 beers on tap, how cool is that?

I have been a surfer all my life and I wanted eco surf gear but I couldn’t find it so I started this company for YOU.

It hasn’t been easy, I’ve almost given up a few times and the only reason I am still here—and Wave Tribe is still here—is because you like and buy our gear.

What do you get: rad eco surf gear, awesome surf travel guides and free beer!

Stay stoked and keep surfing and know that there is a cold one waiting for you in Ojai, California.

P.S. Here is a quick video I made on the train in France (while traveling to surf). It tells a quick story about Wave Tribe and if you want more detail read the story about how it all started (on a surf trip of course).

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