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Don't Flush It
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Don't Flush It

Yea, we are going to talk about stuff that will make you uncomfortable here so maybe you should stop reading and go back to ruining the planet, or you can stay and be part of the change inside yourself and live more intelligently and harmoniously.

We live lives of disconnect, our food comes to us packaged, our news comes to us filtered, our lives in many ways are regurgitated droplets of others people's actions and words, no pun intended.

When we hit that handle and our organic offerings depart our view they do not disappear, if you live near the ocean that somewhere place is most likely not far from your local surf spot.

Any item that has not passed through you naturally should not be flushed down the toilet, other than toilet paper.

People flush objects such as cotton swabs, tampons, condoms and razors without thinking about the consequences, sewage related debris or SRD have a huge impact on the water environment—throw that stuff in the trash, please.

What happens is that in the filtration process the SRDs can clog up the system, break sewer lines and cause back-flow issues.

When a problem arises water departments frequently send untreated sewage into the ocean to remove a block rather than sending it back towards residential communities.

Surfers and marine animals are adversely affected.

Okay, you got it?

Don't flush it unless it goes through you first.