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How to Celebrate World Oceans Day if You're a Surfer

Wave Tribe

Surfers know how important World Oceans Day is.

Published by Wave Tribe

World Oceans Day takes place every 8th of June and celebrates the central role of the oceans in
our lives.

World Oceans Day celebrates the central role of the oceans in our lives. More than 50% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by phytoplankton and marine algae in the ocean, while around 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans is absorbed by our oceans, helping to maintain clean air quality and reduce the impacts of global warming.

The oceans are also home to around 94% of the planet’s living organisms. Currently, there are around 240,470 known unique ocean species, although scientists believe this figure is only a very small percentage of the total number of species inhabiting our oceans.

So yeah, June 8 is really a very important day that we should all celebrate because it will raise awareness of how important the ocean is and encourage action to protect and conserve it.

But how does one celebrate the ocean? Here are some cool ideas that we surfers can do as a tribe to celebrate World Oceans Day.

The ocean is home to a lot of different species. Each of them has a role to keep our planet thriving.

Join a Beach Clean-up Campaign

The beach is the interface between land and ocean which makes it a dynamic but fragile ecosystem. It is then necessary that we keep our beaches clean if we hope to keep our oceans clean.

Unfortunately though, we dump a lot of stuff on the beach. The latest Ocean Conservancy report has revealed that plastic trash remains to be the most common waste collected along the coastlines. When combined with the marine trash that the tides bring in on a daily basis, the total volume becomes a health and environment hazard for everyone.

So what better way to celebrate World Oceans Day by joining or organizing a beach clean-up campaign at your local beaches. It’s an opportunity for volunteers to see how much plastic waste ends up on the beaches. It will inspire them to reduce their dependence on single-use plastics and they can help spread the word.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, join or organize a beach clean-up campaign at your local beaches.

But if you’re far from the beach, don’t let that stop you. Organize a river clean-up instead.

We mostly think that the plastic trash comes from coastal cities and towns but there’s research to show that between 0.41 and 4 million metric tons of marine trash comes from rivers.

Large rivers are particularly efficient in transporting plastic debris. So yeah, cleaning up the rivers can help stop litter from joining that big Texas-sized island of plastic floating off California’s coast.

Go Vegan for a Day

Sure, this can be pretty much symbolic. But symbols can go a long way, particularly if it raises awareness that our animal agriculture has a high environmental footprint. Beef, in particular, requires 28 times more land to produce than pork or chicken, 11 times more water, and results in five times more climate-warming emissions.

Shifting to fish might be a sensible solution but considering that 90% of world fish stocks are fully or over-exploited from fishing, this isn’t sustainable in the long run.

A plant-based diet, on the other hand, is more eco-friendly in that it doesn’t use much resources like animal production.

In fact, some professional surfers even credit their award-winning performances to going vegan. So maybe it’s high time you should shift, too.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, try a plant-based diet for a day.

Cull Some Starfishes and Urchins

It sounds positively murderous but in this case, it’s best to help keep their populations low.

I’m talking about crown-of-thorns starfish infestation that’s killing off reefs and the sea urchins that have been devastating kelp forests. Because of climate change, these populations are overwhelming the local marine ecosystems.

One way to help is by organizing dives and killing them. Divers responding to a crown-of-thorns outbreak in the Great Barrier Reef injected each starfish with a sodium bisulfate solution which kills them but doesn’t affect the surroundings.

One can also develop an appetite for sea urchins. They are a culinary delicacy in Japan and other Asian countries. Apparently, they’re very flavorful. If there is sufficient consumer demand, this could be a sustainable way to keep sea urchin populations low enough for kelp forests to recover.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, organize or join dives with the purpose of killing crown-of-thorns starfish infestation that's killing coral reefs.

Dive for Garbage

If you’re not in the mood for killing marine creatures, go dive for garbage instead. There’s too much focus on the floating garbage in our seas but the reality is, 70 percent of ocean garbage actually sinks to the seafloor.

Whether it is wayward golf balls or ghost fishing gear, all these create an environmental hazard for the ecosystem and the marine wildlife.

June 8 (World Oceans Day) is really a very important day that we should all celebrate because it will raise awareness of how important the ocean is and encourage action to protect and conserve it.

— Derek Dodds, Wave Tribe Founder

Go Surf with a Smartfin

If you want to be more proactive by collecting climate data to help save the ocean, get a Smartfin on your surfboard and go surfing in critical marine spots that need to be monitored.

True, it’s difficult to get one of these (there’s a waiting list) but if you manage to get in the program and volunteer, you’ll have even more legit reasons for surfing more frequently. Not that you’d need one to surf, though.

Host Surfing Sessions for Kids

Given how young kids like Greta Thurnberg are instrumental in making us “woke” about the climate crisis, it’s important that we reach out to the next generation and educate them about the ocean and the environment.

Surfing classes for kids are a great platform not only to introduce to them the joys of riding a wave but also educating them about why we need the ocean to be healthy, clean and sustainable.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, host a surfing session for kids and introduce them to the joys of surfing.

Surf Locally

Flying on an airplane to your favorite international surf spot is a surefire way to contribute more carbon emissions to the atmosphere. That’s because the processing and burning of aviation fuel and the manufacture of airplanes all create excess carbon dioxide.

So what better way to cut down on carbon emissions than by ditching the air travel and go surfing at your local surfing spot instead?

Supporting your local surfing spots benefits the local economy. Plus, it will be an eye-opener for you as one gets to be aware of how climate change is affecting local surfing spots. No need to look elsewhere. Climate change is real in your backyard.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, try your best to surf locally. Here is me surfing the awesome waves
in Ventura.

Lastly, Go Out and Volunteer

Wave Tribe has a Heal the Oceans Campaign which lists all the worthwhile ocean conservation and wildlife projects that need wider support. You can help them make a difference by volunteering your time or donating money to support their initiatives.

Most of all, if you’re a surfer and you’re still using the industry’s standard toxic surfing gear, consider shifting to eco-friendly surfing gear and products. It’ll make the ocean less hostile for our marine animals and help you reduce your own carbon footprint as well.

Have an awesome World Oceans Day, bro!



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