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Starting a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Who knew hemp is a great vegan alternative! Try these alternatives to everyday products made out of hemp leaves.

The American hemp industry sells $450 million a year of product from hemp-oil to Wave Tribe surf gear. Yet most of the raw material used to produce these products is still illegal to grow in the United States.
This 10 minute video is the remarkable story of hemp. Filmed by The Environmentally Sustainable Alternative.
America was built on hemp, way before the first doobie was lit by some flower child in the 60's. 

Henry Ford Take a little time to learn some history, American history. America was built on hemp, way before the first doobie was lit by some flower child in the 60's.

After watching this short documentary, you'll realize that hemp prohibition has much more to do with economic interests than some fear of losing a nation to drugs.

The songs in the video are hilarious!

I didn’t know that either, and in 2007 when I took a surf trip to Mexico with six surf mutants pulling a trailer with seventeen surfboards, fifteen wetsuits and three cases of Sierra Nevada, I had no idea that I’d be starting an eco revolution in the surf industry.

Hemp plants grown to produce oil or fiber are of the same species as cannabis grown for marijuana, BUT their genetics and the way they are cultivated are as different as a whale and a dolphin. Cannabis plants grown for marijuana are bred for high THC and given enough space to branch out so they can produce buds.

Cannabis plants grown for hemp have much lower THC and are packed densely—typically 35 to 50 per square foot—the hemp stalks are the most valuable part because this is where the fiber and oils are extracted.