I am not going to hit you with some guilt trip about being green and buying our product—we all know that we should buy organic, use solar and drive a Prius.

Life isn't about 'shoulds' and I am the last person that will lecture you about how to live your life, I am stilling figuring out how to live mine.

I don't drive a Prius, I think they are ugly (no offense if you drive one)—but I do try and be aware of small changes I can make in my life to contribute to both a healthier lifestyle and planet.

Here is the fact, every surf product purchased at Wave Tribe reduces the amount of plastic on this planet.

That's a good thing, especially for our oceans that are fighting the plastic battle—just google trash island for more to the story.

So what are we doing different?

Well, it's a small shift that over time could—and will—have a big impact.

You see most surf companies use plastic to produce their products—we use ecological materials like hemp, cork and recycled plastic.

Yea, it's wasn't rocket science to figure that one out, in all honesty we were the first one's to think of it back in 2007—original eco gangster yo.

If you are bored, go grab a cold one and read how I came upon the idea for Wave Tribe on a surf trip to baja—and yes beer and waves influenced my business idea.

I am still drinking beer and taking surf trips to Baja, however now I am doing it with a smaller footprint and that's where you come in, because together we are removing plastic one liter at a time.

With your help we remove over 5,000 liters of plastic from the environment every year—and growing!

Of course the bigger the product the more the reduction—indeed every ounce we save is a step in the right direction.

We estimate that large boardbags reduce your plastic footprint by almost 2 liters and a leash saves about 3 ounces from entering our landfills—that's rad, yea?

So keep up the great work Wave Tribe and know that each purchase moves us closer to a cleaner and greener planet.

Oh, one more thing—please don't forget to check out out heal the oceans campaign and pick an organization from the list to help out.

As Bob Marley said, "The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”

Here is Bob recorded live in concert at Santa Barbara right down the road from Wave Tribe, turn it up and leave it on while you look around our site and let that first song wash over you.