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Stoner stereotypes die hard. So do surfer slacker dudes. It’s the bane of our plastic-driven, social media-fixated society. There’s too much assumption being thrown around that the real facts are driven underground. Like for instance, how hemp is basically marijuana. Actually, it isn’t.
Surfing is fun. Unfortunately though, the risks are higher these days. Climate change is changing the ocean drastically that even its negative effects are affecting surfers. Here’s how climate change can increase the risks of surfing.
By now, we’re aware how the surfing industry can be a toxic business. Still, it’s never too late to start going green in your surfing lifestyle. Here are seven tips on how to lessen the impact of your surfing on the ocean.
It’s a sad fact that our society still depends on plastic despite its negative effects. Every minute, up to 10 million plastic bags are used all over the world. That’s a lot of plastic that will only end up in landfills or worse, into the ocean. Here are more reasons on why you should not use plastic bags and bottles.
Surfers know how important World Oceans Day is. It celebrates the central role of the oceans in our lives. We should all celebrate because it will raise awareness of how important the ocean is and encourage action to protect and conserve it. Here are some cool ideas that we surfers can do as a tribe to celebrate World Oceans Day.
Surfing therapy not only works for veterans to treat their PTSD but it is can also be used for children in the spectrum. Children with developmental issues suffer from difficulties in social interaction, behavior, speech, and language. But when autistic children are in surfing therapy, they actually improve. Read the article to know more.
In all my years of surfing, there have been many lessons that I have learned courtesy of the ocean. One of them is resilience. Similarly, the ocean is also resilient. One key attribute of its resiliency is the ocean’s blue carbon ecosystems. We list the reasons why they are important.
You can’t be a life-long surfer without becoming a passionate environmentalist. Beyond the stoke and the adrenaline rush, surfing brings you in contact with a lot of urgent issues in the ocean that needs to be addressed. Because oceans are far too important to our race and our planet’s survival to be ignored.
As a surfer, my personal bias for a great over-all workout would naturally be surfing. Other water sports, like swimming, can also provide a great work-out. So what surfing does to your body? It works out the core. It's great for the heart and upper body. It's fun and therapeutic. Read to learn more.
COVID-19 is creating some major havoc in my life. I surf most days, but the one question that came up early for me on this journey is can I still keep surfing during all this chaos? If you can surf in uncrowded surf with nobody around—well, it's your call. If you are surfing major breaks and there are lots of people in the water you are tempting fate.
Looking for a unique eco gift for Mom this Mother’s Day? If you want to give a gift this Mother’s Day, here are my top picks of sustainable presents for your ocean-loving mom.
We love waves. Big and powerful waves bring stoke, most of the time. In real life, surfers are only able to tap a very tiny amount of that tremendous ocean wave power in order to fuel their ride on a wave. But there’s much more energy in a wave and the planet harnesses this energy to perform several key ecosystem services. Here are five things to know about the power of ocean waves.