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Wave Tribe Instituto ilhas do Brasil
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Wave Tribe Instituto ilhas do Brasil

Wave Tribe Delegates Benny Zuse Rousso & Tomas Oberst Kadgien It was a meeting from ACES (the Santa Catarina Surfing Schools Association) the Instituto ilhas do Brasil made a presentation about the Instituto itself and their projects.

In one of the presentations they spoke about Wave Tribe products, and Wave Tribe's leashes were displayed  as an example of a commercial project in sustainability.

Benny reports,  "I really must say that I got impressed. Everyone liked the leash and wanted to buy them. They were impressed with the quality of the product, the design, etc." Benny continued, "many surf schools owners got stoked about the leashes as well."

Wave Tribe thanks Benny and Tomas for all their wonderful work in Floripa, educating surfers and the public about the importance of green products with the industry.