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Salt Water High By Wave Tribe

We camped at La Bamba for two weeks, maybe 100 yards from the break. Our camp was fortunately and unfortunately positioned right by the entrance to the beach; we had to take only a few steps to check the surf, but we were also privy to all the foot and surf tour traffic.I surfed at least twice everyday and as many as four times per day while at La Bamba.
Jbay, South Africa: It Only Takes One To Change You Forever. “Do you bring the bong? No, I thought you brought it!” This trip has been like a Cheech and Chong bong party, without the bong! Traveling isn’t always easy, dif
During the duration of my ride I passed all walks, pedals and glides of life. Randy looks at me and then down at his belongings.......”there’s no helicopter coming for me.”
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