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Laurelove: Inspiring Kids to Follow Their Entrepreneurial Urges
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Laurelove: Inspiring Kids to Follow Their Entrepreneurial Urges


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Laurelove - otherwise known, in Hawaiian, as Lahela, has been known to be called a health coach, yogini, farmer, inspirator, water woman, nutrition coach, cleansing specialist, and kid and animal Evangelista.

She has created Cleansing Retreats on Maui, teen and youth farm clubs, and built and ran yoga studios in a few countries. Laurelove started out as a pro windsurfer in 1980 with her 1st business in life called Malibu Windsurfing. She then joined her mates who created the 1st U.S. Windsurfing team.

Today she’s halfway to 70 and spry as a chicken with endless curiosity to learn and to make things better in the world. It’s the youth and kids that she’s all about now, (and the soils they stand on) so the future can be bright for them and their future generations.

Hence a trade school to dive into an aspect of one of 3 things in life: food, yoga, sound.

If a kid has a curiosity to learn more about any of these subjects they start learning something that within weeks or months will be a start of their own business. They can be 6 years old or 16.

We invite you to renew yourselves and those you love. Come join Laurelove and the 3 sisters in celebrating and awakening to our New Earth Renewal.

About Laurelove's New Earth Trade School

We are in the beginning stages of a brand new approach to Education and Business inspiring KIDZ and YOUTH, to follow their entrepreneurial urges to better lives with more abundance and health, naturally.

We are the 3 SISTERS; offering up New Earth Trade School.

Our 3 foci are:

  • FOOD: Learn to feed oneself well. Rules have changed. Prep for careers in medical to restaurant to catering, health coach, farming, science, engineering.
  • YOGA: A 5,000 year old tradition; the precursor to sport. Learn one's own body, inside and out—from anatomy to movement science. Prep for careers in health, medical, and sports.
  • MUSIC: From sound healing with bowls and tuning forks. Learn tones, waves of frequency, vibration, math. Prep for careers as a health coach, sound healer, in music, or in cosmology.

Our premise is that the ‘old world’ has and is crumbling, leaving a wide opening to do things differently, for generations to come with more focus on ‘right living’ for one and all.

We believe in our KIDZ from an early age! We like to keep the light of the fires burning inside our youth for aligning with their PASSIONS, something that our standard education model normally doesn’t inspire but shuts down.

We have an ulterior motive too! You see we don’t have degrees, we have talent and passion for sparking interests in children and youth to ‘Find their Talent and Passion’.

We can’t start too early as we were born with an innate purpose and passion. We strive to keep it alive or to help find it again if one has lost that connection to Self. This approach was shut down for generations by our world systems, squashing the creative Self.

The main reason this is important to us is that this fully alive and awakened self, will automatically come up with solutions to heal the planet. By teaching about the elements in yoga, food and sound, we hope to light fires in hearts and minds to come up with better ways for a healthier future and for cleaning up our AIR, WATER, SOIL.

We prepare our Kidz early on for a new WAVE of business that heals the planet, our bodies, and our communities. We hope to inspire independence to create, not necessarily to work for the almighty dollar or for someone else.

The fabric in which we live and teach is based on the virtues and values of ALOHA.

The last generations before us have torn these away from the fabric of life. We emphasize them from an ancient civilization that fed many and lived in harmony and were in excellent health (and great watermen and women).


  • Kuleana: Responsibility
  • Aloha: Love first, not $$
  • Lokahi: Harmony in all things
  • Laulima: Group work approach
  • Akahi: Modesty
  • ‘Olu ‘Olu: Pleasantness
  • Ha ‘Aha ‘A: Humility
  • Ahonui: Patience

VALUES: Empathy, compassion, seeking wisdom, care for and protect, know and do what is right, preserve and perpetuate, BE HUMBLE.

We are athletes, doctors, artists, scientists, engineers, environmentalists, musicians, healers, in the making FOR THE NEW EARTH.

Sponsorships and tuition is free for those who can’t afford it right now. They write an essay or create a video with their WHY.

We also have INTERNSHIPS for the older kidz to learn videography or photography while we film and set up our segments.

It’s all ONLINE, for now.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Tell me a little about your background?
  • Thyroid, thyroid dysfunction, power of seaweed
  • Tell me about the New Earth Trade School and food, yoga, and music?
  • Let’s talk about how you selected the virtues and why you chose them?
    • Kuleana: responsibility
    • Aloha: Love first, not $$
    • Lokahi: Harmony in all things
    • Laulima: Group work approach
    • Akahi: Modesty
    • ‘Olu ‘Olu: Pleasantness
    • Ha ‘Aha ‘A: Humility
    • Ahonui: Patience
  • I read Thriving is Abundance, tell me a little about that phrase.
  • What was your first surfboard?
  • What was your best wave?
  • If you could go back and give your younger self advice, what would it be?
  • Any departing comments?

Location: Maui, Hawaii


Saltwater High podcast. Welcome, Laurel White to the podcast. How are you, Laurel?

Aloha. Sending love from Maui.

Awesome. I'll take love from anywhere. Yeah, thank you for that. How are you today?

Today is a great day. The sun is shining, there's rainbows, and there's sprinkling. It's kind of like every day here.

Wow, awesome. What part of Maui are you on?

North East Shore. So Ho'okipa is my beach and my wave.

Awesome. Yeah, we'll talk more about that later.

Have you been?

I have been and I lived in Lahaina for a while. It's been a while since I've lived there. Well, it's been quite a while, but one of my best friends growing up, he moved to Maui. He still lives there. And it was right after college, I think. And I was like, "Oh, I'm going to move to Maui and hang out with my friend Eric and live the life that he's living." And I could only do it for a couple of months. And I didn't last. It wasn't for me. I absolutely loved it. I got a little island fever. So yeah, I went back and went to graduate school, so that was my journey. And he's actually still there and has had a fantastic life. So it's just amazing how we all have different journeys. And no journey is better than the other. As long as you're following your heart, I think. And just the way it is. Yeah.

Well, what you said is so interesting because it will be exactly why we have created the New Earth Trade Program or School. You said you went to grad school. Well, he went to grad school in a different way, didn't he?

Absolutely. Absolutely, yeah.

There are different approaches.

Yeah. And I love all of the vision around what you're creating. But before we get into that, I just wanted to hear a little bit about your background and how you came to move to Maui. I saw you were in Mexico recently, too. So it looks like you kind of get around a little bit. So, yeah, just a little bit about yourself and how you ended up in this incarnation and this form.

Great questions. Thank you for asking. Well, what comes to mind right now is at age 3, I received an easy-bake oven for Christmas. Aha! I was off and running, and I didn't know how much food and nutrition was going to be a part of my life much later after making or baking with a light bulb, water, and wheat mixed together.

I remember those things. Those things were awesome.

Yes. It's dating ourselves now.

It's okay. Forever young.

That's where I kind of come back around full circle to what I have loved getting involved with in the last years here on Maui, and I've been here 22 years. I took a hiatus to Mexico. My 2 favorite places. I'm part Hawaiian and I'm actually part Mexican, but I look like the German that married into the mix.

Yeah. Welcome to the club.

Yeah, exactly. So I have water woman in my jeans on my daddy's side, and I couldn't help myself. And I didn't realize it so much later because I was almost an only child and my mother was and so didn't share a lot of info until I moved to Hawaii and I started researching my DNA, where I came from. So that pushed me into windsurfing world in the early days. It was invented where I was growing up in Pacific Palisades and right down the street. And if I had found that and really gotten into it, I never would have gone to college. I waited until after, but that was my first business in life, and I just love being outdoors. And then I started moving into the yoga world years later. I was living in Australia and found that I actually couldn't get out of a chair one day because of my health issues, which I didn't realize I had, and I was a pro on the windsurfing circuit at the time, and I was training hard and so it didn't make any sense. And I figured out and found out that the thyroid had died and it skipped a generation, which these things tend to do. And my mother finally told me, "Oh, yes, my mother's didn't work." Which would have been my grandmother. I never got to meet her. And so it took me on a journey of cleansing and detox and learning what is the thyroid? What does it do? How does it get impacted? And why did it get impacted when I was living what I thought was a really healthy life. Ah! But the food. I just ate anything and I didn't really consider, and I wasn't really much of a meat-eater. Once in a while, I might have a hamburger on what I always like to do when that time of the month came along. So I started putting two and two together. I love to learn. I'm really curious and my little inner child is still alive and in wonder and curious. So I started in Australia finding out that kelp wasn't even loud in America of an FDA list of no go, which was the one thing that was going to be saving the thyroid naturally. So I started doing some really incredible cleansing and started to fix it. And then I was introduced to the Bikram Yoga, one of the first teachers in the world of that style, which saved my life. I did it every day. For a decade, I never even missed a day, but I put two and two together with the nutrition and the cleansing. And that's how I ended up writing a book and just learning stuff on my own. I did my own graduate school by studying other people's stuff, I went to raw food school, I did other kinds of food things, studied with people that I thought were the pros in the world versus going to a master's degree in something.


So that had led me to where I'm at today.

Awesome. Just to kind of clarify. What is the thyroid and what does it do?

It's okay. Very good. Thank you. I love talking about it. And after building 5 yoga studios on a couple of continents and learning about people who came to each class and listening to a bit of their story, I figured out almost every woman I ever met had a thyroid dysfunction, and that started getting me to really look at well, okay, what's going on in the world. So pesticides and chemicals and pollution blast the body first. Well, so the thyroid is the smallest gland in the body. And the pollution and pesticides and chemicals affect it the most in our bodies, so it's a sign of the time—50 years of full-on degradation with pollution. And now we're showing signs of thyroid. It's just limping along. And that's when I put two and two together. And then I started seeing men have a higher incidence, and we never even saw men having a thyroid dysfunction. So that says something to me. Well, we're all human, and we're all drinking the same water more or less and breathing the same air. And so it made it seem like it was okay, a worldwide problem. And then when I started researching naturopathic doctors and what they were saying about it, they were saying that the testing for thyroid dysfunction is outdated, so it doesn't really give you the accurate picture. So that's why I started doing my own types of detox cleansing retreats to activate the thyroid. So just eat a whole lot of seaweed and you'll be right.

Okay. Sometimes I eat seaweed without wanting to when I am surfing. So I'll just search it out now. So where is the thyroid exactly?

Well, interestingly, it's also very interesting. It's right here in the throat area. And it's like the conductor of all the systems in the body. So if you shoot the conductor, your symphony sounds terrible. Right?

Yeah, don't shoot the conductor. I love that analogy.

Well, what's also interesting. As a yoga teacher, I started looking at the spiritual and etheric side of things and recognize that it's also the speech box. It's our voice. And women were being inundated first and foremost. And women's voices have been squashed for lack of better words and now we are recognizing that they are awakening. So it'll be interesting to see how that affects the thyroid as well.

Right. Reimagining of the thyroid. I love it.

It's a little butterfly.

Yeah. Would you say it's in the throat chakra area pretty much?

It's the throat area, throat chakra area yes. And it's a very little gland that does amazing amount of things.

Yes. So when it goes haywire or goes dormant or when it's not functioning, what happens? What are the effects on the body?

Almost everything. Because like going back to the symphony analogy. If you get rid of the base and you get rid of the violin and you get rid of half the instruments, it's just going to be sounding awful. So the body doesn't work right. It's lethargic. For me, I couldn't get out of a chair when I was working, training as an athlete, and you don't sleep as well. You start to have maybe a lot of gut issues, actually. So a lot of women display Candida-type symptoms, the bacteria growth. Because it is the ruler of all the systems, all the systems start to go a little slower, a little haywire, depending on how long and how bad the thyroid has been hit. And that's interesting that iodine is what really activates it and seaweed and kelp.

That's great.

So when I work with people, with clients, that's the first thing I put them on, and I don't even ask them if they have an issue. I just reckon everybody has it somehow with just after all these years of studying and seeing. I see patterns. People say, "Well, aren't I unique if I'm going to do a cleanse with you?" I said, "Well, yes, you're very unique. But I'm going to start you on what I put the 5 things I do with everybody." Because we've all been inundated for so long by our environment.

Yeah. And what type of seaweed or supplement do you recommend for people that want to boost their thyroid health?

The ones you can find at the health food store. Kelp is good. I prefer the less seaweedy-smelling tasting type, so I go with dulse and I put dulse, not the little flakes. So when you buy food, you want to get it in its most whole state where it's not been desiccated or chopped up or made into fine bits. You want to get the most whole dulse leaves before they chop it up into little bits because that makes it rife for more micro toxins or bacteria or things in the manufacturing process. So that's why it's safer to go with whole.

Okay. So I don't know if you guys have Trader Joe's in Hawaii, but here they sell little seaweed snacks, actually. I'm just wondering if those are okay. They're like little sheets, right? It really looks like seaweed, but it's flavored. It's probably better than nothing, I guess.

Well, you said it. That's exactly right. It's better than mac and cheese or something. However, I advise and invite everybody to look at the ingredients list, because marketing in the food industry is really huge and advertising. They'll jump on the bandwagon when we say we want to go vegan. Okay, this is vegan. But it has pig stuff and sugar and other stuff in it. So that snack has sugar in it. And I avoid sugar like the plague. And I teach kids how to spell it. P-O-I-S-O-N.

Poison. Nice.

Just to get them to listen up and go do their own research.

Yeah, that's good. So I was halfway joking. Sometimes I actually do chew on seaweed when I'm in the water. Is there any harm in doing that?

Depends on what coastlines. I've kind of studied the coastlines and the water and the currents in the world and the oceans because they get around and we are one drop. And basically, we're all one. For instance, we pioneered seawater cleansing, putting seawater up your bum in colonic therapy to heal someone's gut. And we quit doing that when Fukushima happened. So that's a biggie. However, we're still living, eating, breathing and we're still going in the ocean, even though it's acidifying, it's definitely different. The place where you get your seaweed, probably the safest place is Alaska. Well, the North East shore tends to be less weird currents coming from below. But the other aspect of that is, for instance, the California coast, don't you go out there? That's your backyard, right?

Yeah. And there are some seaweed forest, I guess they are, just like where I surf. So there's quite a bit of seaweed around, usually. And I know it's just coming up off of the California floor.

It is. You're right. And I actually pick up seaweed on the beaches here. I used to. And now we're not getting it as much. And it's better than nothing. And you can also transmute. We are powerful beings. Whatever you're putting into your body, I actually pray and state something very specific over every bit of food that I put in my mouth because it's going into my temple that I want to have still move and operate for me well at it's highest functioning peak. But the seaweed thing, just look at where you're getting it and know that it's a better food than most.

Yeah. I love that. I feel like this is the seaweed episode, but as surfers, seaweed is a big thing. And there's something that I learned a couple of years ago. So I'm a long-time vegetarian. And there's this whole thing about fish oil, right? Fish oil is good for you. But what people don't realize is the goodness of the fish oil actually comes from the fish-eating seaweed. So if you skip the fish oil and you go straight to the seaweed supplement, you're actually getting a pure form of the goodness of what that actual supplement does for you. So I just love that, right?

Very good.

Because everyone talks about fish oil, but it's actually the seaweed is the magic.

Very good. Seaweed magic. I love it. And it's actually the origin. If we want to look at where food came from and what I wanted to say and I just remember, around seaweed, the newest freshest seaweed, like baby seaweed. If you could tell the difference, the old kelp forest that have been sitting there sucking up stuff forever. Don't chew it off of that. Chew off the little finer pieces that are probably not as old.


And so also a parallel to that around food and soils and our plants. If it's not in the soil, the minerals, and the vitamins, the roots cannot bring it up into the plant, even though we're buying organic broccoli at the store, but it was grown in dead soil. So we're actually depleted, most people. Most bodies are depleted of the vitamins and minerals that we're needing. And so I don't necessarily agree with tons of supplements going in either, because there's a combination that the body really requires, how it was made originally in the right combination. So I just make sure I get this one blast of mineral greens that has everything, you name it, A to Z in my body every day. It's just a green, really high-power green powder.

Awesome. Yeah. I love that. I agree with that, too. Yeah, cool. So let's talk a little bit about your beautiful project, which I've been reading about, and thank you for all of the great information you gave us, and we'll post all of that on the blog post of the podcast. So people will have access to that great information, too. And what I really love so New Earth Trade School is the idea and the three pillars or foci, which you mentioned were food, yoga, and music. So let's talk a little bit about that because those are 2 wonderful things or 3 wonderful things. The 3 great pillars, yeah.

I realized when the information and the idea came about, I lived in Australia for about 10 years. I was married to a surfer.

I'm sorry.

And it's interesting too, because the beach where he grew up is also where the statue of Duke Kahanamoku sits, where he introduced surfing to Australia, which my father got to surf with Duke because he was born in Oahu and he was only 6 years old back then. That's what I learned a long time ago. And I thought, wow, what a co-inky-dinky that is. So in Australia, they have a school system. We think of trades here as being an electrician, a plumber, etc. But they have a whole school system that they call the Trade School that you can study anything from food to plumbing to house building to fashion, design, etc. And so those programs are only months long. They're shorter, they're more succinct, they're more direct, they get you out in the world fast to be able to offer up what you're learning or gifts to the world, to your community. And I thought, "Boy, does the New Earth need that now?" We don't need kids to go to school for 8 years and then come out looking for a job and having owing 100 grand on somebody. That works for some. That works for some. But we have all been programmed so much that everyone tries to jump on that bandwagon and I'm offering up a different wagon. And so when it comes to food, it's what we do more times in a day than anything else. Except sex. Oh, no! If only, right?


And then food goes into what? It goes into our body. And what does yoga do? It has a whole realm of 8 limbs. It has the body, it has anatomy, it has muscles, and the whole nine yards there. So I thought, well okay, we could learn about almost the whole world with just food and yoga because it's movements and breath and lungs and where's the gut? Oh, what's going into the 22-feet of intestines and why are they 22-feet long versus a meat-eater, there's only 6 inches long? Because the meats in and out. Doesn't get time to putrify. And so truly, really, if you look at that comparison and look at nature and this is part of it. We offer up to the kids a way to look at nature, and they use their own logical thinking and critical thinking. Well, jeez. Okay. When I make that comparison, and if our intestines, our small intestines are 22-feet long, geez, maybe we should be herbivores and just eating plant material. And my yoga teacher, who was an amazing woman, taught me that one. And I considered it ever since. Why would we have 22-feet long? Anyway, so then we have this third sister who lives on Maui, and she is a, I still can't describe it well enough, she's a sound healer. She uses crystal balls. She has some very specialized ones, and she uses the handpan. And every time she plays them, it's not her. It is like the angels of heaven are coming through. And so we believe that music and sound is the most beautiful way to get into every cell of our body because it permeates. You're listening to a song on the radio and it makes you cry or it makes you laugh. It's powerful. And she plays the love frequency. 528 hertz, I believe. Okay, sorry if I got that wrong. Anyway.

Yeah, sounds good.

We can't have enough of that. So while we're studying, we are getting this energy and it might be piped through in the background or something so that we're much more open and curious from our own soul. It really puts us into alignment with our own soul. So that's my real reason for doing this. My reason for breathing is to get these whoever shows up. Could be the inner child of an adult, or it could be a youth or a 6-year old to want to learn more about what they're curious about. And typically, that will be an alignment with what their true gift and soul's purpose is. And I believe we need a whole lot more of that right now. And that's what I'm calling for the New Earth, how we can be living in alignment with that. When we give our gift to the world like you are, that's easy, it's fun, it's confidence-building. And then the world receives that. And you don't have to compare yourself to anyone. You are who you are giving of that. So when we talk about food, how many kids do you know? When was the last time you saw a lemonade stand on the side of the road?

Yeah, sometimes I see them, actually. Yeah.

I've been seeing a spate of them here more and more and so what does that tell us? We are born entrepreneurs. We want to offer up something. We want to be an active member of this society and not just of our family. And our past history of education and such and growth has kind of squashed that and not allowed and not believe that our 6-year olds are darn smart. Our 3-year olds are beyond. And then we put them in boxes and tell them what to read instead of asking them what turns you on, what interests you? So that's all I care about. I just want the one interest, the one aspect, and we'll take that to the bank.

Nice. I love that. I think all of humanity needs that. So how does this manifest? Do you have a space where you invite people to come in or can people ping you on Instagram and say, "Hey, I have a kid I want to drop off." How does it kind of manifest in the world? This idea?

Well, thank you for asking. It's fairly new. So right now we meet online and we're keeping it really simple. So for me, I'm pretty much the foodie. I'm just going to be teaching how to sprout. And every kid, there'll be some things that you might want to organize before we show up online. Every kid is used to Zoom-ing now, so we'll just going to keep Zoom-ing for a little bit until we have a plan to roll it out in other places where the kids will actually teach it. So I'm all about kids teaching and listening and co-creating. We spark off each other. We might not have a thought if we're the only people in the world, if I was the only person here, I wouldn't have anything to spark off of. So right now, you and I are sparking off each other, and we come up with new thoughts. And I'm really into that because that's I think where the world's going to find some awesome solutions for healing the planet, healing the oceans. The kids are really into it. You can see it here in Hawaii because every kid pretty much goes to the ocean or is in the dirt, and that's all we've got. Mountain coming out of the ocean.

Yeah. Those are 2 good things. That's great. I love that idea. I was reading through your virtues, and yeah, I just wanted to talk about them because it's such a great stack of calm intentions or virtues. So were these all inspired by the Hawaiian definition or word? How did you come up with the list? And I have it right in front of me. We can go through it if you'd like, but it's such a beautiful foundation, I think, for anything, actually.

Thank you. Thank you for asking. Yes. When that got clear to me, it's what they teach every Hawaiian in any immersion school here or community schools. It's how our ancient Hawaiians lived. It's in all of our Hawaiian language. And I just love languages. And since I'm part Hawaiian, I'm going to be learning a whole lot more now. It's going to be my kuleana and "Kuleana" is my responsibility. And "Aloha" has so many meanings, and it's love. I'm going to stick to that one—love. To me, that's the highest vibration on the planet, the highest possible place we can come to on our own selves. And when we're teaching how ancient wisdom, we're teaching compassion and harmony and modesty and balance in all things and humility. Humility is huge here in Hawaii. You'll get it when you're really hanging out with the truest Hawaiians that are left on the planet. It seems like these are the values that have actually kind of gone away and been hidden, and it's time for them to rise up and be in the front.

Yeah. Let's bring them out. So these are taught, actually, now these values or virtues in the schools?


I can't think of one that is taught in America, like mainstream America. In fact, if you look at the list, right, so responsibility, love, harmony in all things, group work approach, modesty, pleasantness, humility, and patience. Maybe patience is taught, but not really. One out of eight. Yeah. There's so many things. I was fortunate, I just sat in a circle—a medicine circle and met a friend who's Hawaiian, Tim. His name is Tim. Tim, if you're listening, I love you, brother. And as soon as I saw the guy, I fell in love with him. He was just the quintessential Hawaiian, just full of masculine energy, but also full of aloha. When I met him and he really reminded me of a lot of these values without even knowing, right? And now that I read through them, I'm like so much of that I know is him. And he comes from a big family in Hawaii. Yeah. There's something I think that the traditional Hawaiian language or what would you call it, value structure has a lot to teach the world. And I would love to see more of this out there if you will.

Absolutely. The kids are going to teach it.

Yeah. As surfers, we get a little bit of it, if we go to Hawaii or if we know Hawaiian surfers. But other than that, I don't think mainstream America gets much influence from the Hawaiian culture unless they go on Hawaii vacation, but even that they're probably in some hotel. I don't know. It really impacted me when I saw this list and I thought, wow, I have to spend more time investigating the traditional Hawaiian values and language.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was a big part of when the monarchy was taken down. We lost that. And that's how long it's been. So we are now teaching how to Malama the Aina—that is to protect the Earth here. And the kids get it. And they love learning that because it aligns with our true soul of who we really are as humans. And because that feels good, they're going to want to do it more and learn more about it, being humble and doing what's right. When we have different examples, like you say, in mainstream America, those are different examples. We're trying to instill some new examples which are very ancient.

Yeah. Obviously, there are probably multiple ideologies circling around the island, right? It's not just the traditional ideologies, but do some of the traditional virtues, do they conflict with maybe some of the other virtual signals that are coming from, like chasing the American dream and getting the big car and the big house and having money? I'm just wondering how are the Hawaiians or how is the Hawaiian culture holding on to what really flies in the face of what most America is about, right? So I'm just wondering how you see that.

Well, I have seen that in action, and it's like the elders, they went underground. It was almost hard to exist in the world that was taken away from here and created by the white people, basically. Even though us white people, we married into some of those families like my ancestors did. And so now we're a combination. And that's what I'm seeing is a resurgence of okay, let's not keep it underground. The world needs us and the world needs us now. It needs us yesterday. But it's definitely having a resurgence. And the pride, even though I don't really like the word pride is there, it's coming back. It's more about self-confidence, actually, that we're okay and we've always been okay and how we live our lives, our values and our virtues are really okay. And it's what we want to teach our children and our children's children.

Yeah. That's great. Yeah. I read another phrase that I really loved. You said, "thriving is abundance." Tell me a little bit about that.

Well, when you look at how long we've been inundated by a certain model of education, model of working, model of business, it's not about thriving. It's about surviving, in my book. People are fat, sick, and nearly dead. One of my favorite sayings of an Australian who was exactly that. And it's very Aussie, isn't it? They're very blunt. And he went on a cleanse and just changed his life and wrote the book Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. So why am I saying that?

Thriving and abundance, yeah.

Yeah, people were starting to wake up in the last couple of decades that, gee, this doesn't feel so good. Why am I following what everyone says to do when it doesn't actually feel good inside my body or my mind? And here we have an opioid crisis and there was a point where there were more suicide and depression happening than ever. And all that says to me is that we're not in alignment with our true soul's purpose and what's going to get us there? And that's a big reason why I've created this program in this so-called school, even though I don't really like the word school anymore, because I consider the short people my teachers and the adults or the tall people that I've kind of still help do cleansing things with, but it's the kids I want to play with and learn from them. They have the answers, they really do. We just need to spark it out of them and put them in the right environment with the right values and virtues and the right food and air and water, and they'll be thriving.

Yeah, I love that. So you seem to be a big proponent of cleansing, which I think is awesome. If somebody is listening and maybe interested in first steps towards doing a cleanse, what would you recommend?

Yes, I've definitely been cleansing, starting with myself, which I got my thyroid back because of it. And then a lot of moving in the neck area. Yoga poses actually activates it. So if you were to take your hand and pump your thyroid with your hand, if you could get in there and do that, yoga poses do that. So whenever you're doing a backbend and do a forward bend that also activates it. For most people, I just started 2 different people on cleanses, but one needs to do it very slowly and other is ready to do it medium-fast. And I used to just do it where people show up and they don't eat for a week. But I would give you all the nutrition in juices and coconut water and daily colonic therapy because the headaches come from the body wanting to let go of stuff when you are cleansing. And the bottom line is you cannot cleanse if your digestive process is in action. So if you're not eating, the body can heal itself. Number one. It's a self-healing amazing thing, this body. I am so enthralled with it, it's just fascinating. So the first thing I would say is just take Mondays and put on that song I hate Mondays by what's his name and don't eat a thing. Just 24 hours, no food. It's a form of intermittent fasting. The other way to start cleansing is to eliminate all the things that you know that don't help, which are sugar and meat and alcohol and tobacco and caffeine. Just pick a list of things and just don't do them for a week and see how you feel. Keeping it really simple. My first cleanse was the master cleanser and I didn't know anything about it.

The master blaster. I did that one.

Oh, my God. And I was terrible. I lasted 2 days. I was in Australia, I thought, "No way, we can't not eat for 3 days. No way!" And now I can't wait to not eat. It's just I love very little eating because now the food that we create is really highly nutritious. So dense nutrition is key. You don't need to eat nearly as much. And in one bite you can get just a tremendous amount of nutrition. And as an athlete, which I still am, really out there moving around like you, surfing and paddling and whatnot, it makes the difference. So what kind of food we put in is really pretty key.

Yeah, I love that. Keep it simple. I just did a 2-day fast about 2 weeks ago, and I had so much energy on the third day and yeah, it's hard. So I drink coffee. So I didn't drink any coffee. So I had some slight withdrawals. But you know what? It's okay. If you're feeling uncomfortable or if you have a headache or whatever, the body is doing its magic. So you're going to feel those things and you probably should feel those things. But I'm telling you, it's amazing. I love the idea of picking one day. Maybe it's whatever once a week, every other week, whatever you feel comfortable with, and just trying it. And I have a lot of friends that are doing the intermittent fasting now, which is good, but I think 24 hours off of anything is probably has really great benefits. So yeah, that's great advice.

What did you put in your body for those 2 days?

I didn't put anything. I just drank water.

Just water?

Just water. I've done the master blasting a couple of times. I had a phase where I was doing it quite a bit. And now I'm like, once a quarter, I want to do something. I want to do a 3-day or 2-day. Just make it intentional and make it really part of my life cycle in a way.

I highly recommend doing it quarterly because we are so surrounded by in our air, our water, and our food. No matter how healthy we try to keep our approach, we're still getting it in. And it's the accumulation of toxins that actually hurt us more than if we were just to have a whole lot of one bad something. So that accumulation is really important, and it takes 3 days to empty the large intestine. So minimum 3 days is good.

Yeah, that's awesome. And if anybody is thinking about doing it, realize if you do a 2-day fast, it's really more like you have to come out really slowly. You can't just go and you know this, you're an expert in it, but if anybody's listening going, "Oh, I'm just going to eat whatever I want on the third day." It's not like that, right? You should give yourself a couple of days, probably on each side of the fast to go into it and to come out of it.

Very important and thank you for that. That's an important caveat. In fact, that's where most people screw up, and it's actually where they hurt their body the most is coming off of a cleanse. So just have a raw salad for a day, some miso soup, something that's easy to digest for the next 24 hours to come off a fast, and same for coming into it. You're right. Very good.

Yeah, yeah. Awesome. So I have a couple kind of questions I like to ask everyone. What was your first surfboard? Do you remember it?

I remember that I was given. Actually, I bought a used board, and I immediately broke it in 2 pieces in a huge set, and I ended up using it like a boogie board. And then I kept going back out. I'm supposed to get back up on the way, right? But my first real board was given to me by my favorite surfboard shaper here, Jeff Timpone, and he had kind of gained a little weight, so it wasn't really working for him anymore, so I got his 8' with a pointed nose so that I could do. Yes, it wasn't just a flat nose. I don't even know how to describe it. I'm still trying to figure out.

A little rocker in it?

Thank you, rocker. And I could almost duck dive it, but it was kind of wide and it was a little floaty so I could ride anything with it. So I love that board. I'm looking for a new one.

I love hearing those stories because everyone now usually, not everyone, but most people get a Wavestorm or something when they're learning and they're long and they're soft, totally opposite from I think I learned on 5'9, way too skinny for me. I should have been on a much bigger board. So those of you that are learning now really haven't made. Compared to back in the day.

Well, you know what they're doing for the kids now here, you can learn 2 sports at once. Because standup paddleboarding was invented here and kiteboarding and kite sailing and now wing foiling, so you put your kid on a standup, you put them in the waves, you are surfing and you are standup paddling. All at the same time.

Nice. All in one.

And that's how you can avoid all the years of paddling that I know I did.

Yeah, paddling's good for you.

Oh, very, yes. It feels good.

So if you had to pick one wave that you remember as kind of one of your best waves, what would it have been?

Well, Malibu comes to mind. I didn't really get the long right that I really love. I sat there and stared at it forever, not knowing I was going to become a surfer. I was a windsurfer at the time. But there was one, it was actually recently. It must have been the line side of Maui. It was last winter, Christmas. I was actually camping on the beach and the waves were at night coming up under the car, but that's okay. It was four-wheel drive and we had swell after swell during that Christmas week, New Year's, and it was just one long, perfect ride.


And it was like New Year's are my birthday or something, which are basically the same all day.


Thanks for asking. That's a good one. Thanks for remembering.

If you could go back and give your younger self advice, what kind of advice would you give your younger self?

Follow your heart sooner and don't listen to the tall people.

Nice. I love that.

Listen to them about good things like virtues and values. But if it really goes against the grain of how I'm feeling and it makes me continuously, over time, feel worse and worse, then really ask one's self. Is that right for that body and that mind and that heart?

I love that. Yeah, your intuition. This is something I'm still learning is how powerful intuition is and how often I haven't followed it in my life. And it never turns out great when you go against your intuition. So that's definitely a superpower we all have access to that takes some cultivating. So I'm right there with you.

Thank you. That is so true. And absolutely having them come up in center, rising back into reality, I read it all the time. Please just stop, listen and go within and ask. Just ask. We haven't been taught to ask in our normal lives. And so for my little child, I would say, "Ask what you're wanting." And then that way, the information comes from within instead of outside.

Yeah, great. So where can people find you if they want to learn more about the New Earth Trade School and maybe hit you up for some cleanse advice? We'll have links to everything in the show notes, so if you're driving listening to this, don't worry, we got it all. But just if you wanted to point people somewhere?

I appreciate it.

You have a website? Yeah.

I do. And I'm thinking maybe what will stick in people's minds if they're driving down 405 on their way looking to the beach.

With seaweed in their mouth.

Their dog in the back seat's called Seaweed. My Instagram account is mauilaurel.


That might be easier to remember. And that also has my website on there and my Facebook stuff. And we're going to have a whole new website soon anyway with a different name. And I am going by Laurelove now, because I just embodying that aloha.

I love that.

It made my name change a little.

Yeah. That's beautiful.

That's actually where I got the website.

Oh, you did? That's awesome. laurelove.

Yeah. I couldn't delete it. I was sitting in Mexico and something said, "Go look this up and buy it." And it was and it was available.

That's a great URL. Congratulations.

Thank you so much. Thank you, Derek, for everything.

Yeah, thank you. This has been wonderful. I hope we can do it again. I'd love to talk again once you kind of get some experience with the kids and what's working and maybe get one of your sisters on here, too. That would be fun. So thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Appreciate you so much.