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Saltwater High Podcast

Laurelove - otherwise known, in Hawaiian, as Lahela, has been known to be called a health coach, yogini, farmer, inspirator, water woman, nutrition coach, cleansing specialist, and kid and animal Evangelista. Fueled by her endless curiosity to learn and make things better in the world, it’s the youth and kids that she’s all about now, (and the soils they stand on) so the future can be bright for them and their future generations.
Elizabeth Madin and Anna Shoemaker, the founder and founding member of Surfing Moms, share what their nonprofit organization is all about, their mission, and the magic and beauty that this community has created in their lives and hopes to create in the lives of other surfing moms out there.
If you're a surfer searching for an excellent podcast to learn amazing tips, great surf spots, & lessons in life, here are some incredible options for you.
In this episode, we have the CEO and Founder of Reefer Wax, Marissa Gochar, tell us her journey of being an entrepreneur, her mission of choosing regenerative products, and trying to make products that will undo some of the damage due to climate change. She shares how they make their hemp-based wax and how it can help put essential minerals needed by corals and shellfish back into the ocean.

Do you want to surf in warm waters and heal your mind, body, and soul in one life-changing trip? Room to Roam in Nicaragua is the place to be.

In this episode, Room to Roam’s CEO and co-founder Chancie Pinkerton shares with us all the wonderful things that Room to Roam offers to help you travel off the beaten path with peace of mind and enjoy the best trips of your life with no hassle.

This episode features the adventurous and exciting life of retired U.S. Army Airborne soldier Tracy Hines.

Tracy lets us in on how she got hooked into surfing, her surf therapy journey, the surf therapy camp for veterans that she joined down in South Carolina, healing from trauma, and all the activities she's been doing after she retired—paddleboarding, kayaking, skateboarding.

This episode features the talented Daniel George. Describing himself as a batch artist, Daniel is a ceramic artist, a surfboard shaper, glasser, surfer, all rolled up into one incredible human being with so much artistic creativity and love for the environment.

In this episode, Prue Jeffries shares her pro surfing career with us and how water & nature support life, our health, and our well-being.

Ilaria is an architect who escaped the 9 to 5 to pursue her deepest passions: traveling and surfing. A few months ago, she arrived in Costa Rica and headed north in Central America, looking for the best waves.

Ilaria is also on a journey to inspire other digital nomads who love to surf to pursue their passions and create sustainable designs.

This podcast with Reefscapers' resident Marine biologist, Amélie Carraut, celebrates Reefscapers' mission to protect the ocean with their coral reef restoration projects in the Maldives and raise awareness about the importance of coral reefs.

Amélie shares interesting details about them, their process of restoring corals, and how we can help their cause by adopting a coral frame.

In this episode, the amazing woman behind Hakuna Wear, Jessica Boynton, will teach us that every body is a bikini body and just be free to be you.

Hakuna Wear is more than just your ordinary swimwear brand. Not only do they make functional and sexy swimsuits from plant-based fabrics, made to fit all body types, and do not fall off as your surf, but they also empower women and men to true to themselves.

In this episode, get to know the man behind the world's best surfing helmets—Terry Simms, the founder of Simba Surf.

Terry takes you back to the 60s and 70s by sharing the start of his surfing journey until he became a pro longboarder and his experience being with some of the legendary surfers during that time.

He also shares his vision and creation of the Simba Surf Helmets, which aims to foster long and healthy surfing lives for everyone and protect us from the damaging effects of long-term exposure to sun, wind, and water.