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Saltwater High Podcast

In this episode, Manav and I dive into some of the current hot issues in today's world and look at them from within surfing. We talked about inclusivity, history of surfing, inequalities in surfing, localism, and why mostly white men are the grumpiest in the line-up. This podcast was an awesome journey into how we can live in a deeper way not dependent on the color of our skin.
In this episode, I talk to Radbeh Ravaz who invented the next generation beach chair that you can wear as a shield or ride like a bodyboard. We talk about manufacturing challenges and domestic production and everything that he went through to bring his product to life.
Starting out as a bodyboarder, turned SUPer, and got spit out as a surfer. Evolution's finest dance. Kane and I talk about professional bodyboarding and growing up in the 90s as a surf rat. How is moved up to a SUP and how he always felt like an outsider. He eventually found his way to a surfboard.
In this episode, we talk to Mark about traveling to Cabo Mexico during the current pandemic. He walks us through getting to Cabo by air via Tijuana and tells us what the experience is like being in Mexico during his pandemic surf trip.

In this episode, I caught up with Melodie Meyer from Mermaid Wave Wear. Mermaid Wave Wear makes a sexy and sustainable wetsuit line for women. They use Yulux glue which is a solvent-free and sustainable material in the construction of the suits.

In this episode, I talk to Monica for the first time in 15 years after we met in Northern Brazil. We talk about the pandemic in Chile, surfing in Sri Lanka, Peru, and other fun places. Monica also tells the story of leaving her job as a doctor to pursue her passion for surfing.
Looking for something to do during quarantine? Why not shape your first surfboard. We go through the tools and software you need and also I walk you through each step of the process. If you love surfboards as much as I do then you'll love shaping them even more.
In this first episode, we talk about how the surf company Wave Tribe started and we explore the details of some of the eco-friendly products created by Wave Tribe. Wave Tribe was created over a decade ago and is the world's first eco surf company.