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Saltwater High Podcast

Steve runs the podcast Trust The Grind where he explores how creatives, athletes, and business owners discovered their path to a more authentic and meaningful life. Each interview takes a close look into how these leaders overcame obstacles to pursue their calling, manage the daily grind, and make the most out of every day.

He also created Plan Dope Shit which is a planner that helps him have a clearer mind and know exactly what to focus on for the day. His mission is to create work that helps people get their sh*t together while giving back.

A portion of their proceeds will be donated to Art Start, a non-profit organization based in NYC that hosts various workshops empowering the youth through art.

This podcast celebrates Julie Brondeel's journey as a videographer and content creator. She is from Belgium—currently working as a brand and content coordinator for Jack Black Brewing Company in Cape Town. 

I came across Julie's video of Hold your Own by Kate Tempest, winner of the Ted Hughes Award for Brand New Ancients and widely regarded as the UK's leading spoken word poet.
Liba is a multimedia artist. She loves creating colorful imagery, fun jewelry, and creating art that has a purpose and touches humanity. She is self-taught and has been making art her whole life

This week we launch my conversation with Natalie Small & Javier Larco straight from Peru. Peru has a rich culture in surfing and a connection to Mama Cocha and Madre Tierra as healing sources.

The surf industry and surf tourism have introduced another side of surfing; a darker side is driven by consumerism and competition. Natalie and Javier are on a mission to realign the local surf culture with its roots. Their intention has deep roots in healing and connecting humanity by caring for all members of the community.

Greg is the owner of CR Surf Travel Company. He made his first trip to Costa Rica in 1996, has lived there for more than 5 years and has made over 40 trips back and forth in between. He has surfed both coastlines extensively, planned hundreds of trips for clients and friends over the last 23 years, and has written surf travel articles for Surfline, The Inertia, and the Tico Times.
Have you ever thought about starting over? Here is an idea: quit everything and move to Bali to restart your life as a surf photographer. Originally a Russian police officer, Sasha started her new life in 2014 on the island of Bali. Swimming skills and passion for photography have defined her current occupation. She learned to surf and never looked back.
We are launching a new series called Backstage Pass. These episodes are a backstage pass into running and building a surf brand. I am pulling back the kimono and giving everyone a peek at what it takes to run an eCommerce brand.

In this epic episode, I speak with my friend Mark about his journey with lifelong depression and feelings of suicide. He was introduced to plant medicine at just the right moment and this podcast conicals his journey from the dark side of depression to a totally new outlook on life and what it has to offer.

In this episode, I talk to Tyler Farnham. Tyler is a world traveler, international lifeguard, and public speaker. In 2009, he suffered a horrendous accident, which changed his overall perspectives as well as his life decisions. Still learning and still growing, Tyler shares the stories of his own personal development through visualization and motivation using surfing, yoga, meditation as tools for happiness, self-discipline, and emotional growth.
In this episode, we meet Sanny and Iñaki from Spain. Located in Haiku, Hawaii, the eco couple talks about how they both left successful careers to live a deeper and more fulfilling life in Hawaii. They run a blog called the Eco Couple blog with eco-friendly articles and products. They talk about how they overcame their illness and other challenges along the journey from Spain to Hawaii. They each found a new light inside themselves that pushed them toward a new life surrounded by nature, new friendships, ecology, and the ocean.
In this episode, Manav and I dive into some of the current hot issues in today's world and look at them from within surfing. We talked about inclusivity, history of surfing, inequalities in surfing, localism, and why mostly white men are the grumpiest in the line-up. This podcast was an awesome journey into how we can live in a deeper way not dependent on the color of our skin.
In this episode, I talk to Radbeh Ravaz who invented the next generation beach chair that you can wear as a shield or ride like a bodyboard. We talk about manufacturing challenges and domestic production and everything that he went through to bring his product to life.