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9 Types of Surfers You'll Meet at a Surf Camp

9 Types of Surfers You'll Meet at a Surf Camp

Wave Tribe

Here is a list of all 9 common types of surfers you'll meet in a surf camp.

Published by Wave Tribe

There is such a thing as types of surfers which even makes everything about surfing and surfers more interesting.

Important: All types and characters can be both male or female, alright? It doesn't make any difference.

Also for the record - I want to clarify that I do not judge any of the listed types of surfers. I am certain each and everyone has a reason for their behavior.

Types of Surfers (#1) - The Surf Instructors

There is so much and so little to tell about surf instructors. For many, the surf instructors will always remain a huge mystery.

I think this may be owed to the fact that the surf instructors meet so many guests who come and go on a weekly basis.

This leaves no room to tell each and everyone your life story individually. And if a surf instructor tells his or her story, it's quite likely he or she will open up to one of the more beautiful beings of this planet.

Surf instructors exude a sense of confidence which eases out any worries while you're on your board when they're around.

Types of Surfers (#2) - The Owners

Let's continue with the top of the popularity scale, which leads us to those guys who were brave enough to open up a surf camp on their own.

In 90% of all cases, the owners of a surf camp are also extremely good surfers. As you can imagine, this only contributes to an even higher number of admirers and groupies.

The owners of a surf camp share the characteristics of ghosts. They fly by every now and then, are always busy and seemingly know and greet every single person they come across.

However, for the important events—like bigger party trips—the owners clear their schedule whenever possible and make sure to be present in person.

At the latest then, you realize that the owners are no spooks created by your hangover-mind. They really do exist.

Surf camp owners are the dudes who have incorporated their passion into their business.

Types of Surfer (#3) - Teamer & Staff

The teamers, chefs etc. are usually in a good mood. That's part of their duty, but the very laid back job makes it quite easy to be happy anyways.

Most teamers are either students who use their summer semester break to work in a surf camp. Or they are full-time nomads who choose to spend the winters working in beautiful chalets in the French mountains and their summers in surf camps.

Teamers are the ones you'd like to have friendly conversations with while enjoying a drink.

Types of Surfers (#4) - The Beginner

The beginner visits the surf camp for the very first time. He or she is probably still a very innocent, pristine being that will return home completely changed.

1 or 2 weeks are more than enough time to get someone hooked on surfing.

In addition, it's very likely that a few months after leaving the camp, the beginner will apply for a teamer job at the same surf camp.

We'd have to commend the beginners for trying out something new and working hard to be good at it.

Types of Surfers (#5) - The Ambitious One

The ambitious surfer has booked the surf lesson upgrade in advance. He wants to make sure he reaches his goals as fast as possible.

Even as greenhorn, he gets up at 6am, picks up a foamie and joins the surfers at dawn patrol.

He can't miss having surfed offshore winds before the first surf lesson of the day begins. That's very admirable in itself.

At least this way the ambitious surfer gets used to waking up early. His path is prepared for a golden future, where it actually makes sense for him to get up this early.

You can't help but feel invigorated when you see the Ambitious type of surfer—they always give it their all.

In 90% of all cases, the owners of a surf camp are also extremely good surfers. As you can imagine, this only contributes to an even higher number of admirers and groupies.

— Derek Dodds, Wave Tribe Founder

Types of Surfers (#6) - The Flirty One

I mean - this basically includes every single person in a surf camp, but some people just manage to stand out. Males and females.

The flirty one often doesn't even care if he gets to jump into the ocean during his stay. Much more, he is interested in "collecting" his next trophy.

Especially popular targets amongst the flirty ones: surf instructors, teamers, and camp owners.

Sultry voice, heart-stopping smile, and smooth talking skills are just some of characteristics of this type of surfer.

Types of Surfers (#7) - The Underage One

Somehow you always come across a 17-year old in a surf camp. Even in a 18+ surf camp. That's why you constantly have to veer on the side of caution.

Often times, the young surfer books a trip with his older siblings, who guarantee their parents to take utmost care of the underage one.

"Nooooo, mom. Jeremy-Pascal won't drink any alcohol in the camp. We'll take care of that.", they said and bumped into their younger sibling for the very first time at the end of their stay.

"Jeremy-Pascal??! You've been here as well!" Sometimes, the underage one simply lies in the booking process.

The Underage Ones are lucky enough to have their older siblings or relatives to bring them to enjoy the waves in a surf camp.

Types of Surfers (#8) - The Kook

The kook unsolicitedly teaches the beginner how to surf, even though he or she is not good at it either. You walk by and can hear the kook saying loud and clear: "The take off is most important and the name of the game!"

The more alcohol you pour into the body of the kook, the more dreadful are his stories. You hear him say something like . . .

"And then Kelly and I stood upright in the barrel, looked at each other, laughed and gave us a high five!"

At the beach, however, the tide is never right to surf or the swell is too small, so that you will NEVER see the kook in the line up.

You just have to verify some of the things the kook teaches you, because instead of helping, they might get you in trouble.

Types of Surfers (#9) - The Hippie

You can find the Hippie seated on the skate ramp, wearing harem pants and having his or her eyes closed.

About 10 meters away, the surf camp crowd is going nuts, dancing to fats electronic beats to celebrate the last party of the week.

Only Buddha knows why the hippie chose to meditate in the middle of a serious party.

And now you tell me: what type of surfers are your friends?

You can tell that the hippie is the type of surfer who is most connected to nature and the environment.

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