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Amazing Places to Surf in France
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Amazing Places to Surf in France

Some of the most gnarly waves in the world can be found in France. Its steady swell makes it a year-round destination for surfers of all levels. From the iconic wave at La Torche to the challenging breaks at Hossegor, there's something for every surfer in France (see Wave Tribe's Surfing Southern France for the ultimate surf guide). Covering over 2,130 miles of coastline, this country offers first-rate surf breaks and a diverse selection of spots that any surfer would love.

Here are just a few of the amazing places to surf in France:

La Torche 

La TorcheLa Torche is known for its powerful and consistent waves.

This world-famous site is beloved by surfers from all over the world. Located in Brittany, La Torche offers a steady left-sided break that is perfect for both beginners and advanced surfers. Surfing in La Torche is a truly exhilarating experience. This picturesque beach is known for its powerful and consistent waves, as well as its excellent surf conditions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this world-class destination offers something for everyone. The steady offshore winds and perfectly groomed waves make La Torche an ideal spot to hone your skills or try out new moves.


Hossegor, FranceHossegor is the place to be if you are looking to surf big waves.

Ask anyone in France for the best surf spots, and Hossegor is sure to be mentioned. The best beach to visit during the Fall and Winter months is Gravier beach, which is popular for its big waves. If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer looking for more gentle waves, you’ll want to visit during summer. More experienced surfers will find heavy barrels in the winter months. Located at the far southwestern edge of France, Hossegor has become a regular on the Quicksilver Pro and other major circuits.


Biarritz, FranceBiarritz is home to excellent hollow waves on sand bars.

Here, you will find two iconic beaches that offer incredible waves for surfers of all abilities: the Grand Plage and Cote des Basques are amazing surf spots that provide surfers with excellent hollow waves. Located in the Basque region of France, Biarritz maintains a humid oceanic climate year-round. Depending on your surf ability, you may want to plan your trip accordingly, as each season offers varying conditions. If you consider yourself an intermediate surfer, you will find it suitable year-round.


Lacanau, FranceLacanau is a favored beach sports for surfers because of its pristine surf breaks.

This stunning coastal city boasts some of the most pristine surf breaks on the planet, with waves ranging from playful rollers perfect for beginners to towering walls of water perfect for seasoned pros. Lacanau is a favored beach spot among surfers, with miles of golden beachfront and scented pine trees that run north to south. You can expect consistent shore breaks and empty peaks all to yourself when you surf at this incredible spot.


Seignosse, FranceSurf the gnarliest and world-class waves in Seignosse. 

Sweeping sandy beaches and rugged rocky coves can be found on this coastal gem. But what really sets Seignosse apart is its diverse range of surf spots. Whether you're craving barrels or just looking for a mellow ride (summer is best for beginners), this spot has what you need. Don’t let the small beach town fool you, either. Seignosse is home to some of the world’s gnarliest beach breaks around with peaks that are wedgy, hollow, and fast.


Anglet, FranceSolid swells, mellow beach breaks, amazing waves—Anglet will leave you stoked and wanting for more.

Known as the "Surf City," Anglet boasts miles of beautiful coastline where surfers from all over the world gather to ride the waves. From mellow beach breaks perfect for beginners to fast and powerful swells challenging even the most experienced surfers, Anglet has it all. Just a short distance away are the waves from Biarritz, making it easy for surfers to enjoy both spots on the same day!

Whether you plan to travel on a weekend cruise or an extended vacation, you are not going to want to miss out on some of the most epic surf spots France has to offer. Summer, Spring, or Fall, you will find the perfect waves to ride out in this beautiful part of the world. Get a head start on planning your surf trip and prepare yourself for a wild adventure!

Guest Post by Frankie of A Popsicle Stand