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Surfing North Korea
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Surfing North Korea

Surfing in North Korea might the last unknown quantity on the planet. The sport is a little over a year old in this isolated, socialist country and it is opening up to surf tourism quite literally with every month that passes.

Surfing North Korea  Hefty economic sanctions means that extreme sports tourism is still in its infancy, which makes it an even bigger adventure for those travelers seeking untouched beaches and empty lineups.

In North Korea you might be the first person to ever surf a particular break. Novelty value aside, be prepared to meet plenty of gob smacked locals who will likely be seeing surfing for the first time ever.

Where to Surf in North Korea 

Most surfers visiting North Korea will surf the pristine Majon Beach which, with the right swell conditions, sees a consistent and weighty right-hander. The somewhat sheltered nature of the east Korean coastline (which straddles the Sea of Japan) won’t deliver Pipeline or Indo-like conditions Majon Beach. But, come typhoon season be prepared to have some fun.

 Surfing North Korea

Even if the waves don’t show, the excitement doesn’t stop. Lakes and rivers punctuate the rolling countryside around Majon and there is always the opportunity to grab a SUP or windsurfing board and have a fresh water adventure.

Satellite images show massive potential in areas which are set to open up to surfers in the near future and the DPRK government is becoming increasingly receptive to letting outsiders get their surf fix on more beaches. So watch this space.

About Surf North Korea 

Surf North Korea was the result of a group of surf explorers studying those satellite images and reaching the previously mentioned conclusion - epic, untouched surf is out there in North Korea.

Since those initial pipe dreams, the team has founded a surf school in North Korea to teach both locals and tourists and will be regularly running expeditions during the summer months. They are bringing along a handful of pros and instructors and encourage surfers of all skill levels to join them on their first trip in May 2016.

Surfing North Korea

'It 's the chance of a lifetime to explore one the last blank spots on the map.' says Markos Kern, one of Surf North Korea's founders, 'but you also get to explore a country blessed with outstanding natural beauty and meet some of the most, genuine and kind-hearted people around. These aren't the super-villains the media makes them out to be. But don't take my word for it - come and see for yourself '. Perhaps we will!

Surfing North Korea  Surf North Korea tours leave from Shanghai and include flights, visa, accommodation and more are included in the package deal.