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Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations
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Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations

Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations

You may be a little cautious of the unpredictable weather that the Emerald Isle has to offer.

Fear not grasshopper!

The rugged coastline of the island means a wide variety of beaches in every single part of the country and in this article we will explore the top 5 Irish surfing destinations.

From beach, reef, and break points to choose from it’s no wonder that Ireland is the international surfers choice for their cold weather watermen.

If it is your first time surfing, researching holiday blog sites might be a good idea before leaving. But with fantastic surf schools in every corner of the country, you have very little to worry about.

We have put together a list of some of the best surfing spots in Ireland for hitting up the waves, enjoy!

Here Are The 5 Surfing Destinations In Ireland:

Surfing Ireland
Surfing Destinations in Ireland


Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations
Bundoran Beach

Bundoran, in County Donegal, has been coined the surf capital of Ireland. The tourist season now peaks all year round with surfers travelling to the seaside town from every corner of the planet to enjoy the waves of the north west coast.

With a plethora of surf schools to choose from, you will be spoiled for choices. The town itself compliments the surfing atmosphere with its lively pubs, clubs, and delicious seafood restaurants.


Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations
Strandhill Beach

Strandhill and Enniscrone beaches are the two most popular surfing destinations in County Sligo on the magnificent west coast.

They are ideal for seasoned surfers who wish to brave the elements. For beginners, there are plenty of surf schools dedicated to teach you everything that you need to know.

Easkey is another famous surfing town in West Sligo. Its big waves and clean waters are unforgettable.


Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations
Lahinch Beach

Lahinch is the prime surfing location in County Clare. Its exposed coastline makes it the perfect location to hit the waves. The surf schools in Clare are the epicenter of activity during the summer months. It is an idyllic location for beginner surfers.

With a bit more practice, why not take a trip to nearby beaches of Doolin, Doonbeg, and Spanish Point? Each popular locations are for the more experienced surfer.


Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations
Inch Beach

The southwest coast is ideal Ireland’s greatest surfing secret. The diverse coastline of Kerry gives you a lot to choose from.

From Banna Beach to Inch, Ballybunnion to Brandon Bay.

Inch and Banna are both long, sandy beaches bordered by the soaring Kerry mountains. You won’t beat the breaks in Ballybunnion, four miles of golden sands and the Atlantic cliff break proves a challenge for even the experienced surfer.

Brandon Bay is the longest beach in the country reaching almost 20km of the coastline.

It is the ideal Kerry beach for beginners as its gentle breaks make it the ideal environment for learning on.


Top 5 Irish Surfing Destinations
Tramore Beach

Tramore is the main surfing location not just in Waterford, but in the east coast of Ireland. It is an established surfing town and home to Ireland’s oldest and one of the country’s most active surf clubs, the T- Bay Surf Club.

Bunhahon is another wonderful surfing beach not far from here, and they both rival what’s on offer on the west coast.

The watersport world waits on the entire coastline of Ireland. There’s plenty to do in each of these destinations when the surf is up too.

Where better than Ireland to enjoy the local cuisine, pubs, clubs and culture? So grab your surfboard and enjoy the Irish coast and know that there are many more locations to explore beyond the top 5 Irish surfing destinations.


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