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Surf Travel

Planning a vacation to Santiago, Chile, Neruda's birth place is, is a must see. Though you can't surf in Santiago itself (except for at the wave pool), as it is about 2 hours from the coast by car, you can prepare for some excellent waves near the capital and enjoy this fabulous city before launching into the Chilean coastal towns.

It is nothing short of an adventure in Pacific Coast Paradise. There are endless surfing opportunities—with 300 days of waves per year—and plenty of other things to do as well. In this article we'll just talk about a visit to the capital.

Though Santiago itself sits in a valley not far from the sea, it will likely be your jumping off point for any trip into Chile.
Colombia has some amazing surfing beaches on both its Northern Caribbean Coast and its Western Pacific Coast. Some of them are easier to get to than others but any surfing enthusiast would be happy to know that there is opportunity for all types of experience levels and preferences.
Europe isn’t just home to stunning landmarks and diverse cultures, it’s also home to stunning beaches and perfect waves. Today, we’re going to take a look at the five best surfing destinations in Europe and the top surf spot in each one of them. We all need a bit of guidance, especially when it comes to finding the perfect spot for our surf holiday.
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If you are very much interested in surfing or yoga or better still a combination of the two—the only place you could think about is Soul and Surf in India. "I'm not expecting it to become a Bali: we don't have such epic waves," says Malaviya. "But I'm just happy with things starting out slow and growing organically. My hope is just that there will always be a nice vibe."

Widely known as the goofy footer's paradise. Chile has some great surfing, especially in the northern region where the weather conditions attract many surfers from all over the world—Chile is the Northern California of South America and the home of my favorite poet Pablo Neruda.

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We all have a friend or loved one that keeps bugging us to teach them to surf. But the reality is, we want to catch waves and not spend time on the inside. We created this list of surf schools in the world so you can book your wife/husband/son/daughter or bru a lesson while you go rip.
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Would you like to surf the longest warm water left in the World? Well you can, it's just a plane ride away and this place will bring you back to your Zen spot.
Wave Tribe's Top 50 Surfing Photos For The First Week of May. Awesome surfing photos from surfers all over the world. Check this out. Get awesome Wave Tribe Eco-friendly Surfing Gears in our shop. Cart amazing deals now. Enjoy surfing!
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Hefty economic sanctions means that extreme sports tourism is still in its infancy, which makes it an even bigger adventure for those travelers seeking untouched beaches and empty lineups.

Panama links Central America to South America, officially called the Republic of Panama. Panama has some of the best surf breaks in all of Central America. 

You may be a little cautious of the unpredictable weather that the Emerald Isle has to offer. Fear not! The rugged coastline of the island means a wide variety of beaches in every single part of the country.
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For the people who live in US, the Caribbean is definitely one of the easiest surf trips to make. A short flight from the East Coast gets you away from the snow, and into the warm trade winds of the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican or Barbados.