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Shaper's Corner: The Asymm Surfboard
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Shaper's Corner: The Asymm Surfboard

The Asymm Surfboard by Mike Lynch This board design had been stuck in my head for some while and I had it drawn out forever but not until I took the idea to my buddy Tim Crozier at Black Bird Surfboards was I really able to make my dream a reality.

The founding concept of this board was always to have a swooping rabbits foot tail so that I could really pay tribute to what a true asymmetrical board is; two of your favorite boards in one, separated by a height and width difference.

After deciding I wanted to go quad on the right and twin on the left, it came to that the board should be 5'11'' on its longer side and 5'4'' on its shorter side. Heights that were derived from a favorite Mini Simmons and a favorite diamond tail quad of mine.

I wanted the speed and drive of a Simmons, but the turning radius of a tight tail quad. I threw in a deep concave that banks off of the rabbits foot and two off set fcs trailers and all-of-a-sudden we had a board with 2 different shapes built into it and 7 different fin applications.

Couldn't have done this without my buddy TC, he's taught me so much about shaping its just incredible, the rails on this board are truly stunning thanks to TC's eye.

We won the compliment of 'Best in Show' for this board at the Boardroom. Stoked.

IMG_3613 IMG_3612 IMG_3609