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Surfing Stoke

Ode to Angelo Bonomelli 2013 from Surf Culture on Vimeo. Absolutely off-the-hook surfing from Italian surfer Angelo Bonomelli. Wave Tribe Share the Stoke. Watch this video now!
I firmly believe the path to happiness is through surfing. This may seem a profound statement for what some may say is simply a sport.
Filmmaker Brendan Monteiro dives into the life of surfer Casey Grant to find out what exactly dawn patrolling, and surfing more generally, means to the South African.

I tend to gravitate to using the turtle roll method when I am in the "impact zone" on big days, and when the whitewater coming at me is really strong.

Using this method will deflect the power blast of the curl or white water past your board, while you are able to guide through the back underneath.