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Balsa Blanks

Shapers Pride. Shape a wood surfboard and feel the pride of riding your own hand-shaped surfboard. 

Blanks are about 70% complete; you just need to dial in your rails and shape in your design.

Boards can be finished with a few tools from your garage and some stoke.

This beautiful balsa blank has a chambered wood interior so that the weight of the finished board is kept low.

Rails, nose, and tail are made with solid light-weight balsa wood. You need to put the finishing touches on this beauty to give it your own unique touch.

Grab thisAKU shapers detail of this actual board to better understand this blank's dimensions and start imagining yourself riding this beauty at your local break.

Why Balsa?

Balsa is the lightest wood of all and was already used as a transport float in South America 1000 years before the Inca Empire.

This plant is one of the fastest-growing species, reaching a height of up to 10 meters and a diameter of 20-25 cm within 3-4 years. The Balsa trees are planted in a sustainable mixed cultivation program together with bananas, yucca, and beans.

The production of «foam blanks» has an extremely negative effect on the environment by using fossil fuels and toxic ingredients in the production process.

Moreover, the final product can hardly be recycled and contributes to pollution in soil and drinking water. By contrast, Balsa wood is a fast-growing, sustainable, and recyclable raw material, producing no toxic substances. Therefore, it can be safely said that Balsa wood is a sustainable way of making surfboard blanks.


Biscuit Surfboard Blank 5' 5" (Chambered Balsa)

Width. 19.4 | Volume 34 | Length 5' 5'5"

Biscuit Balsa Blank

Mini Simmons Surfboard Blank 5' 8" (Chambered Balsa)

Width. 21.5 | Volume 51 | Length 5' 9"

Mini Simmons Balsa Blank

    Fish Surfboard Blank 6' (Chambered Balsa)

    Width. 19.5 | Volume 42 | Length 6' 1"

    Fish Chambered Balsa

    Rocket Surfboard Blank 6' 2" (Chambered Balsa)

    Width. 21.2 | Volume 41 | Length 6' 2"

    Chambered Shortboard Balsa





    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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