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The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit {FREE}

“There are times when we sail so far off course, when our dreams are so far from reach that they appear but balmy glimmers violently strewn on a distant horizon which we will never pierce. When complacency and compliance, when safety and security have so entranced us, that gradual reform is no longer possible. In these moments we have but one option – revolt.” ~Aj Leon

What will you learn?

- The opportunity cost of not taking yourself seriously
- A list of 10 Essential Don’ts
- The anatomy of average people
- How arrogance, the Sistine Chapel, art & Steve Jobs are interrelated
- 16 Ways to Make Money & Lose Self-Respect
- The convergence between fear, courage and insanity
- Why guys in expensive suits knock down sand castles
- What decapitating Medusa has to do with changing the world
- Why making mistakes is so damn important
- The difference between, consuming, curating and creating


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