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Wave Tribe Products

"Better boardbags." ~ESPN

Hemp Surfboard Travel Bags
Hemp Surfboard Travel Bags

Thanks for caring enough about the planet and the future. I'm glad I can feel positive about buying my surfboard travel bag from Wave Tribe!

~ Chris, San Diego

2 APR 2019, 12:21

I happened upon Wave Tribe hemp surfboard travel bags about ten years ago. I am on my third one and absolutely love them.

~ Kim, Florida

15 SEP 2020, 14:42

You guys rock I love my surfboard travel bag. I chose it over FCS after research and my friends are are so jelly.

~ James, San Francisco

15 JUN 2020, 14:42

Quality Tested By Cali Surfers

Designed by California surfers for optimal surfboard protection. Each surfboard bag is designed to get your surfboards to your destination with style and eco stoke.

Make America Hemp Again

Our forefathers used hemp in almost everything they produced as a country before big oil got involved in pushing plastics. We get back to our roots and use hemp in all of our surfboard travel bags, boardbags, and socks.

Animal Tested & Approved

Wave Tribe hemp surfboard travel bags make awesome homes from your pets between trips. Cats and dogs have been known to take refuge in the bags and use them as shelter at home. They also make great beds on the road.

Wave Tribe's Mission

"Wave Tribe's mission is to create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet. In our journey we invite like-minded surfers to envision a wave that is clean, clear, plastic free and that mirrors a society of people who recognize the intrinsic beauty of nature and the significance of doing the right thing."

~ Derek Dodds, Founder Wave Tribe