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Product Reviews

Surfers Path Magazine: Global Boardbag Review
Surfers Path Review Highlights:

  • ". . . the best option I've come across."
  • ". . . no hint of dings after several long flights."
  • ". . . the handles and long strap are reinforced so haven't shown any wear."
  • ". . . hemp is renewable, strong, and good for the earth."
Surfers Path Travel BoardBag Review

ESPN: Pioneer Boardbag Product Review
ESPN Review Highlights:

  • ". . . the production of this boardbag is better for the land."
  • ". . . this is a strong bag any way you look at it."
  • ". . . the zipper is made of serious recycled plastics -- no more salty rust-jammed zippers."
  • ". . . the durability causes less waste."
Wave Tribe Espn

See it live on ESPN here.

Surfers Path Magazine: Eco Wax Product Review
Surfers Path Review Highlights:

  • ". . . Wave Tribe wax is a good choice."
  • ". . . it smells nice."
  • ". . . been testing it for several months and it works really well."
Surfers Path Wax Review

Wave Lengths Magazine: Recycled Leash Review
Wave Lengths Review Highlights:

  • ". . . doesn't sacrifice strength."
  • ". . . leash feels just a sturdy as a regular leash."
  • ". . . the Wave Tribe leash is the Toyota Prius of the surfing world."
  • ". . . a great all-rounder, with added eco chi, with a competitive price."
Wave Lengths Leash Review
Greenroom Voice: Brand Review

Greenroom Review Highlights:

  • ". . . overall earth loving attitude."
  • ". . . wave tribe product is strong."
  • ". . . their leash will hold massive swell."
Green Voice.pdf

DEEP: Boardbag & Deckpad Review
DEEP Review Highlights:

  • ". . . it's light and soft."
  • ". . . no hard ridges."
  • ". . . repels water."
Deep Review
Surfers Path Magazine: Leash Review
Surfers Path Review Highlights:

  • ". . . Wave Tribe recycled leash is excellent."
  • ". . . dragged it 10 miles (read story) and the leash still works great."
  • ". . . buying this leash reduces your footprint."
  • ". . . comfortable and strong."
Surfer Patth Leash

Wave Lengths Magazine: Surfboard Racks Review
Wave Lengths Review Highlights:

  • ". . . hemp is all around good karma material."
  • ". . . racks look great in lovely brown hue."
  • ". . . sturdy and substantial."
  • ". . . the heavy-duty metal clasp is nice and chunky."
Wave Lengths Rack Review

Surfers Path Magazine: Boardbag Review
Surfers Path Review Highlights:

  • ". . . classy and textured."
  • ". . . it has a real sturdy feel with reassuring amount of padding."
  • ". . . zips are good and strong."
  • ". . . made from the magic weed."
Surfers Path Bag Review 1 Outside Magazine Boardbag Review
Outside Magazine Review Highlights:

  • ". . . the best of terms with Mother Earth."
  • ". . . turn that tide by producing eco-friendlier board bags"
  • ". . . there’s lots to like about hemp"


Interview with Derek Dodds, Founder of Wave Tribe from Michael Caruso on Vimeo.

Surfing British Columbia Surf

We're lucky to be able to surf on some of the most pristine coastlines in the world, but these days it's pretty hard to forget that oil is still spewing into the Gulf of Mexico and that people are still campaigning to have the tanker ban lifted on the West Coast.

If you want change you have to start at home, though, so it's been encouraging to see some environmentally-minded companies making inroads in the surf industry in the last few years.

Wave Tribe is one of them, and one of the products that we've been digging lately is their recycled surfboard leash. We've had the 6' version on a board for the last few months—it's super solid, and seems pretty much flawless so far.

The specs run down like this: 100% recycled urethane cord, rail saver, double swivel, heavy-duty velcro, reinforced webbing and a small pocket for keys. 6', 6' Comp, 7', 8', 9', and 9' Calf lengths are available. And if you're wondering whether recycled plastic is strong enough for a surfboard leash, Wave Tribe offers a one-year warranty with a promise to replace your leash free—and send you a second one as well—if you manage to snap it within a year of purchase.

All in all, if you're in the market for a new cord, the Wave Tribe ones are definitely worth checking out.

They even have a bit of Canadian content, with the side of the box quoting 'Canadian ripper, Tony': "I'm stoked they didn't use bitch-ass velcro." Well put, Tony, well put.

Surfplug: Wave Tribe Leash Review

When we first looked at the leash we laughed. The art is just down right awesome. Who doesn’t love good comic art?? With quotes like “I’m stoked they didn’t use bitch-ass velcro” and “It’s not about the size..it’s what you do with it!!!” We wondered if it would live up to the hype its cool packaging claimed. This leash happens to be the worlds only recycled surfboard leash! One would think that quality would be compromised because of this, but actually it is the opposite.

The swivels (located on BOTH ends) are top quality and show no sign of give. The cord has just enough stretch. The super stretchy ones always turn into 9 foot leashes. The Wave Tribes 6 foot comp leash holds its original length.

To test the leash, we attached the leash to an 8 foot doyle and all took turns surfing it. If anything will break a leash, it is a heavy doyle. To our surprise, the swivels were still tight after the session. Believe me, we were flicking the board out from under us trying to snap it. Didn’t happen.

Another pet peeve of ours is that many comp leashes have a plastic edge that digs into the side of your ankle. Not the case with the Wave Tribes 6 foot comp leash.

The pricing of this leash is extremely reasonable compared to other eco-friendly product. At just $21.95 this leash has you saving money and the earth!

Cooler Mag

Wave Tribe’s core principle of replacing toxic and over-produced materials with recycled and organic quality is the foundation of their mission to create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet.

Sponsoring Lloyd takes Wave Tribe’s eco-message to global levels on the surf circuit. Wave Tribe’s core values reflect the dedication of sustainable surfers, keeping the waters of the world clean for the next great ride.

Deep Magazine: Eco-friendly Surf Products

Although the ever-sensitive ocean is the backdrop of surfing, the sport has never been the most eco-friendly game in town. Using toxic petrochemicals to produce everything from surfboards and wetsuits to clothing and wax, surfing has definitely left a huge footprint on the environment.

The past several years, however, have seen a real boost in the number of companies wishing to reduce that footprint and create products that surfers can use relatively guilt-free. Whether from a natural desire to do the right thing for the ocean environment that has provided so much pleasure or as a cue from successful businesses like now world-famous Patagonia, the "Green Revolution" is in full effect.

One such company that has been created in the warm, green glow of environmental consciousness is Wave Tribe. Started in 2007 by longtime surfer Derek D, Wave Tribe offers a full complement of eco-friendly board bags, socks, leashes and apparel-all designed to minimize dependence on petrochemicals.

The board bags are all made from hemp fabric, with recycled plastic filler material for padding.

Derek, being a world traveler, added elements like a zippered wetsuit enclosure and business card pocket, to add utilitarian versatility to his product. Wave Tribe's apparel is made from organic cotton, and its leashes from recycled plastic. Not wanting to be merely another insensitive apparel company bent on making dollars over making a difference, Wave Tribe seeks to "create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet."

Surfer Girl Mag: Reviews Surfboard Socks

Wave Tribe surfboard socks got mention in the UK Surf Mag Surfer Girl! We are super stoked to get recognized and mentioned by the editors and we appreciate that the media is standing up to what we are about and giving us a shout out.

In this issue Surfer Girl featured our ecological wave tribe board socks as one of the top products for 2009.

Surfers Path Drags Surfboard Leash Ten Miles

A good surf leash is one of those pieces of gear you forget about until you need it. On the other hand, a bad surf leash never lets you forget -maybe it's constantly hog-tying you when you pop up or maybe the manufacturer skimped on the cuff fabric and Velcro so it's digging into your ankle or not staying on like it should; or maybe it just snaps and you ruin your favorite board. Well, I'm pleased to report the Wave Tribe Recycled Leash is excellent. For the past couple weeks I've been testing it on a variety of boards, even through four days of Hurricane Bertha swell, and it worked great. The urethane cord is made of recycled plastic: and if you have any doubts about its long-term durability, it's backed by a one-year warranty. Plus. I accidentally shut the leash in my truck door and dragged it 10 miles to a nearby beach. The trip probably took a year off its life but the leash still works great.

Bottom line: buying this leash reduces your footprint on earth and it's still every bit as comfortable and strong as any brand name leash I've ever used.

Green Surf International: Green Leashes

Not only does Wave Tribe produce an awesome line of board bags, but they also have a line leashes using recycled urethane rubber to make their chords. They are UV stabilized and designed to return slowly after stretching to nearly eight times original length. They also use recycled plastic materials to create the casings for the new high quality metal swivels used on each end.

The cuff features distinctive webbing and double lined neoprene for a comfortable fit. They also use extra long Velcro to secure the leash to your ankle to insure an adequate amount of Velcro to Velcro contact, even with a 4/3 and booties.

The other end attaches to your board with the included leash rope using Velcro with multiple overlaps and a double thickness rail saver to keep it from folding or twisting under extreme loads, so as not to rip into the tail or rail of your board.

Wave Tribe produces their ankle leashes in lengths of 6, 7, 8 and 9 feet as well as a 9 foot calf leash. We will be using one of their bags and leashes to complete our Greener Board Project and I will report back on the usability and durability of their products, although I’m sure I will be satisfied.

They are currently setting up their distributorships and you should be able to pick a leash up at your local surf shop in the near future, and they are currently available online. Visit www.Wavetribe.com for more information on their products which also include board bags made of hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials, plus their own line of branded organic hemp and cotton clothing.-GSI

Phoresia Review

I got into the habit some years ago of keeping my current boards in board bags. I’ve got a few boards and have racks in my garage for storage so I don’t need a bag for every board, but I typically ride the same 2 or 3 boards 90% of the time, so they usually live in day bags. The majority of my dings used to come from getting my board in and out of the car or from that damn spring-loaded door at my old office. Seems like I rarely ever ding my boards actually riding them, instead the dings come from the random door smacks and clumsy accidents. The daybag helps keep them free from harm.

I got a 6’6″ Wave Tribe bag a few months ago and have put it into rotation keeping the boys safe from the random evil accidents that happen in the garage. The cool thing about these bags is that they use hemp fabric and recycled foam for the internal padding. Usually a daybag is kind of a no-brainer purchase, they are all pretty much just foam and fabric so there’s not a whole lot to comparison shop on. The fact that these use recycled content and hemp fabric makes them a much more attractive package than the alternatives. I haven’t had any problems with my old daybags, and from the looks of it, this Wave Tribe bag is going to perform equally as well, but it’s nice to know that it’s made using recycled content and a bit more environmentally friendly fabric.

Wave Tribe also makes leashes using recycled urethane and recycled plastic swivels. Leashes are a much more performance based product compared to a daybag. Just the fact that these are made using recycled content doesn’t make them equal to the competition, the performance needs to be up to par also, which it definitely is with their product.

If your leash breaks while you’re at a heavy spot or somewhere with a rocky shoreline you’ve got a lot more to worry about than just replacing your leash. You board will likely suffer some damage and you’ve got the swim in to contend with. The Wave Tribe leash cuff is super comfy and feels nice and secure with a good solid velcro connection. I haven’t used it yet in solid surf, but the construction looks pretty bombproof so I have faith it’ll hold up. I have a 7′ leash, as they didn’t have the 6′comp leash that I usually like to use. They just came out with the second generation of leashes which offers the 6′ comp as well as updated cuff branding so I’m stoked to try one of those out.

The thing that I really like about these products is the fact that there are now alternatives. All things being equal, I’d much prefer a product that uses recycled content versus one that doesn’t, as long as the performance is there, which for Wave Tribe products it seems to be.

If you are in the market for a new bag or leash, definitely check out Wave Tribe’s product.

I put the leash through it’s paces trying to contain 14 pounds of fury for a walk around the ‘hood'.

Green Surf International: Reviews Wave Tribe Surfboard Bags

Wave Tribe is a new company with a line of eco board bags and leashes. Their board bags are made of high quality organic hemp and cotton, and the padding used is made from recycled plastic bottles. They make a board sock as well as both a highly padded, multi-board travel bag and a padded lighter weight zippered day bag.

Their first? bag is a lightweight day bag with all the necessary features surfers want. There is extra padding in the nose and tail to help minimize the risk of those pesky dings that are so hard to permanently repair once they’ve started. The bag also has convenient slots inside to store your leash and fins, and an external zippered pouch for your wetsuit. The bag is very well constructed with heavy duty stitching and Delran no rust zippers. The outside of the bag is made with a natural hemp weave and there is plenty of padding derived from a recycled plastic product. There is also organic cotton used in the construction of various parts of the bag. They produce this bag in three sizes; 6’6”, 7’6” and 9’6”.

The Pioneer is their travel bag with a rated two board capacity, three if you pack well due to the extra wide cut of their design, and has a padded divider separating the boards. Like their other bags, there is extra padding where it counts as well as a Velcro internal pouch for your fins, wax, sunscreen, keys, lunch, etc…, an external zippered pocket for your suit and an external card window for easy identification. There travel bags have hemp and organic cotton blend fabric with a heavy natural looking weave on the exterior, as well as a reflective material on one side made of recycled materials. The only materials used in the construction of this bag are hemp, organic cotton and recycled plastics, aside from the new Delran zippers. They make this bag in two sizes, a 6’8” and a 7’6”.

We will be using one of their bags and leashes (see review) to complete our Greener Board Project and I will report back on the usability and durability of their products, although I’m sure I will be satisfied. My last bag, from a large company which shall remain nameless, only lasted a year before both external zippers failed and the materials began to break down. Just upon physical inspection I can confidently say that this is a superior product.

Their bags cost just a little more, but the use of sustainable materials, and a product with a longer life, more than make up for it. Next time you need a new bag I suggest you give Wave Tribe board bags a good look. They are currently setting up their distributorships and you should be able to pick one up at your local surf shop in the near future, and they are currently available online. Visit www.wavetribe.com for more information on their products which also include leashes made of recycled materials and their own line of branded organic hemp and cotton clothing.

Green Surf International: Eco Surfboard Socks

Wave Tribe also produces a line of board socks made of surplus fabrics they source. Consider it pre-consumer recycling. They are made of a heavy duty cotton weave fabric and sown in strips the length of the bags with heavily stitched inverted hems for a cool tattered effect. That, with the printed fabric, makes for a really cool looking and well constructed sock. What a great idea to used materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill or recycled into raw materials using both electricity and the use of chemicals.

The socks produced by Wave Tribe are of the highest quality in the industry. I could see no obvious faults in the design or construction of their sock and bags and have no problem giving them my full endorsement. Besides offering a cool line of products, Wave Tribe is run by a group of highly motivated and earth conscious surfers who place high demands on their products because they use them every day.

Press Room

Quick Boardbag Guide
Wave Tribe Bags Protect Your BoardSurfboards---how we love them, let us count the ways.

Unfortunately they are fragile and surfboards get damaged.

It's a dangerous world out there, dings, nicks, scratches and ex-girlfriends (or boyfriends, this site is for you too ladies).

Lucky for you there is a quick and easy solution---wrap it up---in fact that's good advice for many things in life but lets stay focused on surfboards.

First of all it's just plain logical, you just spent $300-$800 bones on a new stick and you need to protect that board.

There are three primary types of board bags (if you consider a sock a bag). Each one has its own benefits and use. Lets take a look at which one is right for you and what you need to look out for when you buy one.

The Surfboard Sock (not for your foot)

The surfboard sock is the most light weight of the board protection options and also the wimpiest. The sock mainly serves to protect your board from scratches, sun damage, and minor dings. If your stick never rides on top of the car and doesn't get much sun exposure then this is a good option.

Try and find a board-sock with a padded nose, usually the nose is the most vulnerable part of the board as you maneuver through the house or garage on your way to the beach. A sock also does a good job at keeping wax, sand, and water away from your goodies after your surf.

The Wave Tribe board-sock is a rad choice because it has a padded hemp nose and it is make from re-purposed materials---they also come in awesome designs and multiple sizes.

The Surfboard Day Bag

The day bag provides all of the benefits of the sock but offers much more protection. The most noticeable feature added is the strap which allows you to carry it over your shoulder. Most have an extra pocket (ours have two) to hide goodies like fins and wax. Day bags usually include about 5mm of padding to protect the board during beach transport. Five mm isn't a ton of padding (your wetsuit has 2-4mm) but its enough to protect it if you bump into your little brother while loading the car.

Day bags also do a good job of keeping your board from overheating while in the car or lying on the beach when you come in to smooch your partner. Most day bags are covered with reflective material and have insulation that keeps the board cool. This ensures you won't find a mess of wax inside when you open it up or cook your board while grabbing a beer with your bros after your session.

A surfboard day bag would be the best option for you if you carry your board a good bit. For those people that have a long walk to the beach like Trestles (get a skateboard) a day bag with a shoulder strap can be a lifesaver.

The Wave Tribe day bag, The Pioneer, is made from thick hemp and reflective material, comes with an interior pocket and exterior pocket, has a place for your name and phone number and has the strongest zippers available. The zipper is the most important element of your bag, if you buy a cheap bag you'll get a shitty zipper and it might fall apart in a few months while you are walking to the beach. Dude, don't let the chicks see your bag fall apart---so embarrassing.

The Surfboard Travel Bag

If you get on a plane with your board please use a travel bag---it'd be like flying without your underwear. Travel Bags can also double as a second suitcase while traveling and save you baggage fees---stuff your wetsuit and towels in there to add extra protection to your board.

Moat surfboard travel bags have many of the same feature as the day bags but they are made with thicker padding and more resilient straps and handles. Unusually when you travel you also take more than one board, so you'll want one that fits two boards and also has a padded divider.

Most travel bags contain about 10mm of padding to protect your board from damage during transport (Wave Tribe bags use 13mm). You might want to consider traveling with a board that has removable fins but a good travel bag should allow you to transport glass-ons also. Some travel bags have wheels, these are usually called coffins and can carry up to 4 boards.

If you are planning a surf trip by car, train, boat or plane, a travel bag is a good investment. The Wave Tribe Global Travel Bag has been tested in the most extreme travel conditions and makes a great companion while on the road (it makes a good bed too).

What to Look For When Buying A Bag

How does it fit? Make sure the bag fits your board. Length should be obvious (and does matter by the way), the bag will be marked but remember to check the width too. It's cool to get a boardbag a few inches bigger than your board, but not too much bigger---that way you can use it if you ever get a slightly bigger board. The best way to know for sure is to buy a bag when you buy your board or just get the measurements and match them to the bag. If you buy a fish or mini simmons you should look for a bag with the same qualities and dimensions (Wave Tribe has both fish and mini boardbags). Finally, check the nose shape. Surfboard bags come in three main nose shapes, pointed, semi-round (or hybrid) and full round. Just make sure it fits the board you have.

Do your fins fit? You will want to make sure your bag works with your fins in and out. Quads have wide fin setups and will require more room in the back. Glass-ons are making a comeback and if you are going to be traveling with your GOs make sure those fins are well protected. Single fins will need a zipper so the fin can poke through.

Does the zipper suck? Most board bags that are discarded are thrown out because of a dead zipper, as we stated above. Your bag is of no use if it won't open or close, duh. Make sure your bag has a good zipper that will last. The zipper should be waterproof and rugged---metal ones could rust---so try and stay away from those if you can. YKK is a good brand (perhaps the best) but there are others as well.

Is it padded like a push-up bra? A cheap bag will skimp on padding and you are better off wrapping the board in a towel and a dipper. Don't be a cheap bastard, when that zipper breaks and your board gets dinged from the thin padding you'll be cursing at yourself and wish you would have listened to uncle D. Check it out and give it a good squeeze, like grabbing your partners arse, before you buy any bag.

Can you pull a wheelie? If you're traveling with 3+ boards you'll want to get a coffin with wheels (or womb as we call it at Wave Tribe, come on these things are ALIVE not dead). Wheels are rad, especially when you are lugging those boards through customs and they tell you to go get in that 5 mile line to X-ray your bag (remember, shake that bag loose before you leave for your trip and make sure you didn't drop any, ahem, roaches in there <<< that's the most important advice of this entire article).

Can you hide your condoms inside? Most bags come with a number of cool features like pockets, board padding, extra stitching, and other bag goodness. It is great to have a few pockets to keep an extra set of fins, some wax and a tube of ding repair. Check out the inside of a few bags and make sure you're getting one that works for your needs. More is better.

Conclusion (condoms not included). Surfboard bags help protect your boards from dings, nicks, scratches, sun damage, and your Mother-in-Law (it hides it from her when she comes over to feed the cat). Starting at $25 socks are a good investment to protect your surfboard for light duty travel. Clumsier surfers like me should definitely grab a day bag and if you are getting on a plane do it travel style.

Wave Tribe Catalog

  2012-2013 Wave Tribe Catalog by Wave Tribe

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