Free Deckpad or Dry Bag Ordrs +$75

Free Deckpad or Dry Bag Ordrs +$75

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"Definitely give Wave Tribe gear a try."

"I've had a hemp board bag for 5 years now, it's held up great! I'm stoked to support a company that is trying to do right by the environment."

~ David Lawless
Stoked Customer & Co-Founder ChartSpan


"Beyond Stoked for my trip."

"UNREAL. This bag & your company has gotten me beyond stoked for my trip. All the while reminding me how much I have too be fortunate about."

~ Andrew Moyles
(Central America with 7.6 Wave Tribe Coffin)


"Mahalo! First eco board bag—thank you Derek."

"We are filming a web series devoted to sharing sustainable Californian surf culture with Brazil and we were stoked to meet Derek & Wave Tribe."

~ Laura Orantes
Co-Founder Manawasurf


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