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Stomp Pad - Bull Shark Five | 7mm Arch with Kick

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Cork Deckpad Surfboard Stomp Pad

"One of the best pads I've used." ~Rider Shack Surf Shop, Los Angeles

Innovative Materials. So well designed others copied us. Wave Tribe's original cork deckpad is lighter and more versatile than 'regular' stomp pads while helping to reduce your plastic footprint.

Super Stick 3M Glue & Made with Real Cork

  • Your Foot Won't Slip
  • Tail Stays Lighter & Cork Repeals Water
  • Your Knees Won't Get Cut Cork Is Soft But Firm
  • Your Pad Won't Rip Cork Stronger Than Plastic
  • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee

5 Piece Design with 7mm arch.

More Info

Cork Deckpad Bull Shark FiveCork cells display what is known as elastic memory—when compressed they return to their original size—great for stomp pads and ours have been tested by the best.  

Most deck pads are made out of non environmentally friendly EVA plastic (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate).  

We first tested recycled EVA pads but they didn't hold up well, they were a bit soft and didn't quite offer the right consistency.  

After trying several different alternatives we came across CORK.  

After making and testing a cork + eva composite we were very pleased with the results and you will be too.  

Other companies were impressed too and so they copied us, we are flattered.  

Support the company that was first!  

Yea you do!  

Cork Deckpad Bull Shark Five

But what is also important is that these pads work. Right?  

One thing we really like is that the edges are soft, but not too soft.  

So your knees don't get all ripped up in warm water.  

However, the pad is hard enough to make your turns and airs the best they can be.  

The other cool thing is that cork repels water. Why is this important?  

Cause excess water stays off your pad and thus your tail stays lighter, offering more performance ease and speed for your sick turns.  

Wave Tribe Cork Deckpad

Dude. Look, we know you like rainbow colors and pictures of gorillas on your pad, but dude did you know that to make those colors companies have to use KARLY inks and dyes?  

Colors really mean more toxicity in the environment.  

Didn't think of that did you.  

You can get creative and draw something nice on the pad yourself.

Be original, the chicks like that better anyway.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews Write a review

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