Wetsuits Are Nasty - Patagonia's Attempt To Clean Them Up

Unless you were born with the karmic grace of Hawaiian ancestry, it is likely that you squeeze into a neoprene tuxedo before descending into the magical blue green briny deep. You know what I am talking about—that smelly black morass, semi-dry lump of love that keeps you warm and snugly while being tossed around the waves. The piece of gear no sane California surfer goes without—the wetsuit.

Sinaloa Mexico The Internal Ecology of Surfing

Sinaloa Mexico...

Four Things To Do With Your Unwanted Surfboard

I love buying surfboards, and when the editors at Deep told me that this was the Board Buyers issue I got as excited as a Mick Fanning shark attack (sorry, I had too), We all love that feeling of new foam under our feet and it’s likely the thing we talk about most with our bros while drinking beer and reminiscing about all those waves we caught down in Costa Rica last season.