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Wave Tribe is All of Us

Wave Tribe is All Of Us


Wave Tribe's mission is to create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet. Wave Tribe blends a passion for surfing and a love for the ocean into a journey of learning, healing, and freedom by designing awesome eco surf gear. In our journey we invite like-minded surfers to envision a wave that is clean, clear, plastic free and that mirrors a society of people who recognize the intrinsic beauty of nature and the significance of doing the right thing.

Best Boardbags In The World

ESPN said it, Surfers Path Magazine said it, and thousands of surfers just like you said it too—John Rider from NY said after returning from Costa Rica, "Wave Tribe travel bag is the best boardbag I've ever owned, or ever seen." YKK nickel plated zippers, 23mm of padding in nose and tail, and solid hemp construction makes the Wave Tribe travel bag the best in the industry. Need Help Picking A Boardbag—we got ya bro!

How To Pick A Boardbag

Surf Travel

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Awesome Hemp Boardbags

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Size Chart

Surfboard Leashes

You Break It We Replace It in First Year. 

Buy a leash closest to your board size—i.e. for 6'4 surfboard you need a 6' leash. 

All leashes are 7mm thick, competition leashes which are lighter/thinner 5.5 mm. 

Pioneer Day Boardbags - Fits One Surfboard

All boardbags have +2 inches. Thus a 6'6 board fit's perfectly in a 6'6 boardbag. All Pioneer bags have expandable fin gussets, so you can keep your fins on your board in the bag—or you can roll with glass-on fins.

Pioneer Sizes:

All bags have interior pockets (fins, leash and wax), bags fit industry standards. 

Our 8'6, 9'6 and 10' bags have fin slots and round noses. 

Pioneer bags also have an exterior pocket and zip all the way to the nose.

Global Travel Bags - Fits Two Surfboards

All Global boardbags have +2 inches, so if you buy a 6'2 boardbag, the real length is 6'4—thus you have a bit of room to play. 

Global Travel Bag Sizes:

Travel boardbags are 6' inches deep to accommodate two boards—though you can travel with one in these bags without a problem—there is an internal straps to tie boards together. 

Travel boardbags have two padded boards separators and two pockets for your gear. 

* Travel boardbags also have 13mm + 13mm of extra padding in the nose and tail.

Boardbag Material & Hardware - All Bags

Side A of the bag is made from a strong density Rugged Eco Hemp exterior which is one tough fiber and naturally built to last with high impact padding protection with Rebound Foam Dynamics including open-to-nose technology.

Side B is the reflective (rental-car-roof-side) made from Reflective Energy Shield for "Cooler Surfboard Safeguard" protecting your surfboard from the sun's harmful rays made from an alloy-steel mesh weave.

All Sides are guarded by our Japanese Never-Rust-or-Break Nickel Platted Zippers streamline zipper trails and our trademarked Easy Flow Zip System.