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Everybody loves penguins. They’re adorable and cute. This January 20th, lots of animal-loving folks are celebrating Penguin Awareness Day. Here at Wave Tribe we collate all the things you need to know about these adorable sentinel species. Why penguins are important? What are the threats to their population? And other amazing gentoo facts. Read more to find out.
  • 5 min read
What better way to celebrate National Birds Day than by highlighting their technique, which not many of us are aware about, is actually done by surfing ducks. What is duck diving technique? What are sea ducks? What are the environmental threats? How to help? Check this article to find out.
  • 5 min read
We all know how 2019 hasn’t been a great year for the planet. So while you formulate your list of new year’s resolutions, be sure to include a few goals focused on sustainability. In this article we list the twelve eco-friendly resolutions for you. This includes eating more veggies and making your home eco-friendly. Recycling more, using reusable bag and less synthetic clothes is great too.
  • 7 min read


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The 2020 Surfers Airline Boardbag guide will help you NOT get burned by airline board bag fees.  This year Slater and Hurly Executive took on Hawaiian Airlines in the fight and we moved them down to Kook status.
Do you feel like surfing in some warm waterc while throwing back a few cold ones? Then Cabo might be the right trip for you. Cabo is one of the few spots on the planet where you are exposed to two major swell directions within a one hour drive. I am not sure how many places there are like this on the planet, I am guessing only a few. Stoked.
Safety in Santiago is a huge consideration, particularly for solo female travelers. What are the safest neighborhoods in Santiago for solo female travelers? Barrio Lastarria, Mercado Vega, Barrio Italia and Brasil, Centro Cultural La Moneda, Provindencia, and Barrio Bellas Arter. Check Santiago Chile map here to know more.

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