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Thanksgiving is a Holiday close to our hearts. Find out what Thanksgiving around the world looks like and how you can curate an eco-friendly holiday trip.
Every October 1, we celebrate World Vegetarian Day. Plan your next surf trip with your eco surf gear in these vegetarian and vegan-friendly destinations!
With over 7,000 islands, it’s no wonder that the Philippines is home to surfing spots where you can achieve your fitness goals. Anyone will be marveled at its natural wonders that feature crystal clear water in varying shades of blue to pristine white sandy shores. It is an ideal destination for surfers looking for a surfing paradise where they can enjoy their surfboards and catch some of the most amazing waves!

From sustainable packaging to incredible ingredient deck, the co-founders of Nurtrium, Ryan Moore and Clayton Bried, are here as this episode's guests to share about their company and the future of hemp.

Ryan and Clayton let us in on why they chose hemp, how they manufacture their products, and all the fantastic benefits their products can give (and with live testimonials, too)!

This episode will be full of hemp stoke and vibes, which we and the planet definitely need.

This episode features Lori Mallini, the founder of Protea Zero Waste, Hawaii's first zero-waste refill store, encouraging people worldwide to embrace the zero-waste lifestyle to lessen the need to use and produce plastic, which only ends up in landfills or in our oceans and destroys our planet, people’s health, and marine life.
  • 17 min read

Why are trees important? How does planting a tree make a difference in the lives of people around the world?

Learn the answers to those questions and know more about the difference Community Carbon Tress is making in restoring rainforests and providing livelihood to the men and women of Costa through Community Carbon Tress' founder, Jennifer Smith.

  • 26 min read

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