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Americans are actually the biggest cosmetic consumers in the world with an estimated total revenue of 62.46 billion dollars. This is all well and good for the economy until one realizes that the cosmetic industry can also endanger the environment. And that’s because of one major substance inside these cosmetics - microbeads.
In order for surfers to be fit, one needs not only regular training but also a proper diet in order to ensure that the body is healthy enough to respond to the demands of the sport. In this week's article, we give information about the pescatarian diet and sustainable fishing.
Ghost fishing nets are called as such because they look almost invisible and spectral underwater. But the more appropriate term would actually be “abandoned fishing gear”. This includes, not only fishing nets but abandoned fishing lines and traps. They are an invisible and deadly threat to marine ecosystems worldwide. Read the whole article to learn more.
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Since my last post, I’ve been living on the third floor of , in full view of Punta Roca—perhaps the best view (from a surfer’s perspective) of the point break. I watched a local connect every section from the top of the point to cove at la paz, around a minute long ride!
It might not be synonymous with surfing, or even known for its beaches, but the UK has some surprisingly good coastline for catching waves. Some of the best beaches and surfing in the world are found on the UK’s west coast where the Atlantic Ocean beckons. Here are my three favored spots for surfing in the UK.
We all love a great surf trip! Surf travelling to a new break has a way of smacking you in the face with beauty. It’s time to surf, disconnect and reconnect with a deeper vibe. Surf vacations are one of the best activities on the planet and such an awesome experience. Click in and learn more.

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