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Hemp inspired board bags for eco-conscious surfers

Our wheeled unisex collection is inspired by nature
and is both ultra-hip and classically stylish. 

Day Board Bags

Stylish hemp day bags for when you need to protect your surfboards.

Living on Long Beach Island, Kathryn Keating formed an early and deep love for the ocean and the coastal environment. From sunrise walks to waiting for the right wave, she noticed the impacts of humankind on the beaches. Following her passion, she co-founded RenewBluSurf to offer 100% eco-friendly products to surfers, teach the community on the effects they have and give back through profit-sharing with a local ocean-based foundation.
In this episode of Saltwater High, we will introduce you to Lesley Zonnekein and let you in on a great hack, especially if you are keen on surfing trips or simply stoked about handcrafted artisan surfboards!

Surf Neutral is a platform that lets you connect to shapers wherever they are and wherever you may be—bringing surfers closer to surfboard shapers through the boards made. The brainchild of Lesley’s love for surfing and extensive background in IT gives you access to hard-to-find and unique surfboards crafted by local shapers, aiming to keep the stoke globally on-hand, anytime and anywhere.

Music and surfing harbor a tight bond that adds more fuel to the stoke. In this episode, get to know the Northern Californian band, The SoulShake, who spreads positivity and speaks love and life through heartfelt music inspired by Jason Mraz and the instrumental musical stylings of Sublime.

Domenic Bianco, Charlie Sisemore, John Hendricks, and Jake Stillman share how they mothered a band from scratch and helped each other hone their inner hidden musical geniuses while getting through disagreements and forming a bond more than just as band members.

Bali Inspired Shirts

Bali Batik collection includes stoked wearables. Comfy + durable shirts to wear to work, on a date, or to a surf contest.

Surfing Cabo Baja Mexico. Do you feel like surfing in some warm waters while throwing back a few cold ones? Do you like spicy Mexican food and the sound of Mariachi music? Do you like adventure and the sound of your rental car sinking in the soft sand while your half-empty tequila bottle rattles in the back? Yes. Yes. Yes. Then Cabo might be the right trip for you.
There’s more to Mexico than sombreros, enchiladas, and tequila. Some of the biggest surfable waves in the Americas can be found on the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico.