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Hemp inspired board bags for eco-conscious surfers

Our wheeled unisex collection is inspired by nature
and is both ultra-hip and classically stylish. 

Day Board Bags

Stylish hemp day bags for when you need to protect your surfboards.

For surfers, traveling to surf destinations around the world is a dream come true. The thrill of exploring new surf spots, meeting fellow surfers, and experiencing different cultures is unbeatable. However, traveling internationally as a surfer can be a bit daunting, especially if you're not familiar with the destination. In this article, we'll provide some tips and tricks to help you plan your surf trip abroad and have an epic surf trip.
Some of the most gnarly waves in the world can be found in France. Its steady swell makes it a year-round destination for surfers of all levels. From the iconic wave at La Torche to the challenging breaks at Hossegor, there's something for every surfer in France (see Wave Tribe's Surfing Southern France for the ultimate surf guide). Covering over 2,130 miles of coastline, this country offers first-rate surf breaks and a diverse selection of spots that any surfer would love.
The 2023 Surfers Airline Boardbag guide will help you NOT get burned by airline board bag fees. Last year, Slater and Hurly Executive took on Hawaiian Airlines in the fight and we moved them down to Kook status.