We only work with select wholesale accounts.

Wave Tribe products are for a special customer, usually he/she isn't driven by expensive media campaigns metrosexual adverts.

Nor are our customers interested in being manipulated by professional endorsements, driven by big corporate checks and shallow promises.

They are true lovers of the ocean, surfing, and the environment.

Wave Tribe was created in 2007 before eco gear existed—or people that want to be part of a shift towards more conscious surf gear.

We do it for the earth because it's just the right thing to do.

Our core eco products are (invented by us):

  • cork deckpad
  • hemp boardbag
  • recycled leash
Our products come with plenty of stoke and solid customer testimonials, from real people that have used our products for eight years, trusting what we design and the quality of our products.

We also stand behind all our professional designs and craftsmanship, with a 100% retail guarantee with free beer.

Wave Tribe Wholesale

If you are still interested in working with us and you feel that our ethos and vision match what you want for your shop then please drop me an email and we'll see if you are a good match.
Derek, Wave Tribe Founder

P.S. We wish you much success in all that you do.