Free Deckpad, Dry Bag, or After-Sun Cream on Orders +$75

Free Deckpad, Dry Bag, or After-Sun Cream on Orders +$75

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Customer Reviews on Our Surfing Gears

Love For Wave Tribe

Love For Wave Tribe


“I look forward to receiving Derek's emails. I get many emails in a day, my work revolves around computers and it's a breath of fresh air to see a wave tribe email in my in box. Such a calming influence to my working life…”

~ Stuart D., Qld, Australia

“I like the eco friendliness.”

~ David D., Oakland, California

“Love the products. Love the mission”

~ Bob N., Bellaire, Texas

“I found dealing with you guys really easy and efficient. I like the design of your stuff. Delivery was spot on. Hard to find fault in there! If I can think of something to improve (unlikely),”

~ Freddie, SAS

“Amazing and wonderful. Thank you so much.”

~ Denise Romaniello from Ponte Vedra, FL

“I am stoked on my new Zen hemp boardbag. It shipped and arrived very quickly, and looks and works great. I can use it for my bigger boards, as well as my wider fish boards as well. I am glad I bought it. Thanks wave tribe!”

~ Joseph Churchill from San Francisco, CA

“I like the eco friendliness.”

~ David D., Oakland, California

“Love the products. Love the mission”

~ Bob N., Bellaire, Texas

“Super customer service!!!”

~ Sam F., Madeira Beach, Florida


~ Jeffrey R., Mobile, Alabama

“Great durable leashes.”

~ John C., South Boston, Massachusetts

“Great site. Looking for more products, tools, info, etc”

~ Marcos R., São Paulo, Brazil

“Thanks for caring enough about the planet and the future. I'm glad I can feel positive about buying your products!”

~ Jason N., Chicago, Illinois

“Pure shaka stoness!”

~ Max S., San Diego, California

“Super cool brand, product and ethos ! You guys rock ! :)”

~ Alastair H., Tiburon, California

“Awesome page, would love to buy from you again”

~ Martin W., Riverside, California

“Really a great place !”

~ Marco B., Lombardia, Italy

“You guys are doing the right thing”

~ Raymond P., Towson, Maryland

“Keep up the good work!”

~ Peter P., Galicia, Spain


~ Ben S., New South Wales, Australia

“Love the style wave tribe has!”

~ Alexandra E., Chapin, South Carolina

“Love this stuff!! Sick!”

~ Joan S., Manasquan, New Jersey

“Wave Tribe brings top quality gear that is easy on the Earth. Goodness.”

~ Robert N., Bellaire, Texas

Wave Tribe Review

“I received my board bag and it looks great. Looking forward to putting it on a plane!”

~ Warren F., Charlotte, North Carolina

“Thanks so much for the expedited shipping and getting me all set for this trip!”

~ Daniel P., Amityville, New York

“Easy to use website, great customer service from Derek, really informative online articles, and the board bag looks like great quality/style...can't wait to receive it and bring it on the road later this month...Thanks!”

~ Vanessa D., Mclean, Virginia

“You guys just made my day thanks for staying true”

~ Brittni T., myrtle beach, South Carolina

“I happened upon this and absolutely loved it!”

~ Taylor S., Alma, Arkansas

“Hi Wave Tribe Team, I am a huge fan of your products and what your company represents. If you had some free time and were able to send me a few of your stickers, I would slap them on my gear, car, laptop, etc. to proudly rep your brand! Thanks dudes!”

~ Enver R., Brandon, Florida

“Love your company”

~ Shiann R., Hubert, North Carolina
Wave Tribe Review

“Thanks for being very helpful!!!”

~ Lee H., Cornwall, England

“Best online surf store (eco or not) ever, and newsletter emails, hands down!”

~ Mark M., Ventura, California

“We love you guys!”

~ Ken J., North Hollywood, California

“Dudes, I can tell this is stokalicious stuff! Thanks for being so eco groovy”

~ Mariah M., Santa Barbara, California

“Love all the surf goods, informative website and commitment to sustainability!”

~ Beth S., Santa Monica, California

“Awesome traveling board bag. Solid construction and design. Looking forward to years of use.”

~ Stephen H., San Francisco, California

“You guys rock I can't wait to get this board bag. I chose it over FCS after research and I know my friends are gonna wish they had one when they see it.”

~ James Z., San Diego, California

“Love my boardbags.”

~ Eddie D., Oxnard, California

“Great board bags!”

~ Steven H., Temecula, California

“This is the raddest surf company/store I've found. True soul surfers run this joint!

~ Sylvia M., Los Angeles, California

“Big love from the heartland state of ohio.”

~ Jacob G., Millfield, Ohio

“Thanks so much, you guys rock!”

~ Adam B., Woodbridge, Connecticut

“Great eco products WITH great pricing, you cant beat that!”

~ Robert H., Boca Raton, Florida

“Love your leashes!!”

~ Jeffrey H., Santa Barbara, California

“I had a shipping question and was called right back with answers! excellent customer service - thanks!”

~ Amber W., Anchorage, Alaska

“Keep up the good work”

~ Kirk E, Cardiff, United Kingdom, Australia

“Loved the last bag a got so bag for another!”

~ John C., Palo Alto, California

“Love your customer service.”

~ Mark D, Pacific Groove, CA (6’7 Travel Bag & Upcycled Custom Bag)

“Thanks for offering a conscious product made here in the USA.”

~ Joshua D, Long Beach, CA (9'6 Wheel Bag on way to Ecuador)

“Keeping the stoke and helping the planet? Rock stars."

~ Daniel J., Los Angeles, CA (5'2 Mini Simmons Bag)

“Great Customer Service.”

~ Alex K, Los Angeles, CA (6’7 Travel Bag)

“Love the website, full of cali stoke!”

~ Michale M, Wilbraham, MA (6’2 Travel Bag)

“Your site rocks.”

~ Dane R. Aukland, New Zealand

“Awesome products, great prices, eco-friendly. What else could you ask for?”

~ Michael Bensen, Maiden, MA (Wave Tribe Leash & Wax)

“Love the website, full of cali stoke!”

~ Michale M, Wilbraham, MA (6’2 Travel Bag)

“Best leash for the price, hands down!”

~ Mathew M, Carlsbad, CA (Wave Tribe Leash)

" I just wanted you to know the bag fits perfect and is sick, I couldn't have hoped for anything better!"

~ Brandon, Carlsbad, CA (Vanguard Custom Bag)

"The wave tribe manifesto is the bomb!"

~ Patrick R, SanDiego, CA

"Bad Ass."

~ John, NY

"Recent Grain Surfboards class participant, snagged a travel bag with the new 10' log and now need a leash for it. Stoked!"

~ Micheal B, Malden, MA

"Rad Store!"

~ Christina M, Coos Bay, OR

"Im so happy to be able to get a sustainable surf product!! :)"

~ Max W, Perth, Western Australia

"You guys are great hope to order more from you."

~ Eric W., New York

"Thank you for providing an awesome experience - from help in placing the order through receiving the package."

~ Wave Tribe Customer Survey Response

" I will certainly be recommending you to anyone in search for quality surf products."

~ Mike G, Point Lookout, NY

"I have lived long enough to see changes, Big changes occur in our environment just because people like you have educated us! Thank you. Long live mother earth, and you. Great educational article!"

~ Gilbert C, Summerland, California

"Very happy with your service. The new bag fits well."

~ John Ray, California

"Keep on doing your good job."

~ Ines, Praia do Pisão, Portugal

"Love your products."

~ Bernhardt A, Hawaii

"Stoked about your products...."

~ Greg L, Florida

"Hemp is the future!"

~ Scott S, CA

"Board bags look awesome."

~ Bil M, North Carolina


~ Rick R, California

"Good ocean karma = more waves"

~ Sky S, San Francisco, CA

"Like your great local surf shop, but on the web! Eco angle a great bonus."

~ JM, NY

"Your leashes and bags are the best!"

~ Paul P, California

"Eco shredness...and no more surf injuries!"

~ Eric F, California

"This is a awesome website."

~ Bron, South Carolina

"You are awesome. website cracked me up. "

~ Lorenz F, Baraia, Germany

"Thank you for the service!"

~ Kevin S, New York

"Wave Tribe makes the absolute best travel bags! We are on our second only because we longer bag. The folks are super nice and easy to work with. We won't buy from anyone else!"

~ Melissa L, WA

"Love this site you have every angle covered, i wish you all the best. "

~ Brad P, Cornwall, UK

"Their eco friendly vision was enough to choose them, but despite that, wave tribe is the only brand that makes board bags for mini simmons!"

~ Guillermo, NY

"I received the bag today. Fits my surfboard perfectly and love the extra pockets and details. Thank you for sending it so quickly."

~ Tina N, NY

"I recently purchased a one of your board bags. While I haven’t used it yet, I did want to send you a quick “thanks” for the note & wax. As a small-time entrepreneur, those actions meshed with my business ethics and it was cool to see other companies doing a little more to stoke out customers. "

~ John F

"I'm really stoked with the quality of the gear."

~ Tim M, Australia

"Cool website, nice ethos."

~ James F, IL

"This company is everything I want the rest of the world to be: chill and eco-friendly."

~ Meghan B, FL

"I testify the guy I talked to was really friendly. Very refreshing in our hellter-skelter work-a-daddy world."

~ Steven W, SC

"Board bags are awesome."

~ Mill M, NC

"This is a really cool site! And, I don't even surf!"

~ Ellen M, NJ

"Shopping Wave Tribe is almost as fun as a fine South Swell...almost."

~ Christine S, CA

"Thanks for the eco commitment!"

~ Christian P, PA

"Hemp is the future!"

~ Tim S, CA

"Cool eco surf products"

~ Aron, Viasys Solar Secure

"Just had a good session with the new Wave Tribe leash and the new eco wax
- lovin it all dude."

~ Mike L, San Diego, CA

"Thanks for shipping the bag so quickly. Received it yesterday. The bag is awesome! Really solid product and exactly what I needed/was looking for."

~ Tom K, CA

"Got the custom bag Derek and it fits great; has a bit of excess room which is WONDERFUL. SO THAT WAS PERFECT FOR THE air rush sector middle sized board just in-case and when others ask you."

~ Bill F, San Diego, CA

"Best bags out there!"

~ Matthew H, NY
"I love that board bag man- I have been showing it off to everyone."

~ Jim, Jimbos Surf Co.

"I just wanted to say when I got home and discovered this site, it was everything I had been a fan of for so long just for some reason never found before. But I love and totally support you guys and all you've done!"

~ Ryan B, Bellingham, Mass

"You guys are almost changing surfing with all your "ECO" products that enhance your surfing performance!"

~ Tommy H, Hamilton, New Jersey

"Awesome surf company."

~ Michael C, New York

"Just got my sup bag I ordered from Amazon. Love it! Very well made and I am stoked (and so is my board). As a guy who runs a business I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the card you included in my order. Yes, I left a great review on Amazon. I'm proud of you guys for what you are doing - call me a fan."

~ Matt M, Paso Robles, California

"Cool for you to make those eco boards!"

~ Emanuel C, São Brás de Alportel, Portugal

"LOVE your manifesto! Thank you for sharing!"

~ Lyndsay K, North Vancouver, Canada

"Think its good that u guys are doing the eco-friendly stuff, somebody needed to do it."

~ Jay I, Ojai, California

"I love surfing and phyto-plankton. good to see eco-friendly surf gear/company. :-) funny to see surfers who pride themselves on being green and shit trashing the car parks with rubbish, shitting in the dunes and wrapping themselves in plastic."

~ Kane B, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania

"Plein de succès."

~ Mariana A, Bordeaux, France

"i just buy your Wavetribe leash, in Loredo, Northe of Spain, at Kun Tiqui's laboratory. I am so happy that i can buy ecologic surf gear, congratulations for your project!"

~ Alberto M, Lecco, Italy

"Love wave tribe and love the products, super stoked on the how to make your own surf wax. Thanks wave tribe."

~ Jessie L, Oceanside, NY

"Cheers to supporting Eco Rad-ness."

~ Harrison Tsai, Hawaii

"Sitting in the sea, seems to me, as close to forever as I could be."

~ Angelique S, Westminister, CA

"Love wave tribe and love the products, super stoked on the how to make your own surf wax. Thanks wave tribe."

~ Jessie L, Oceanside, NY

"Just got your 10ft sup leash, thanks for a great leash."

~ Nicholas K, Lavel, Quebec, Canada

"You Guys rock!"

~ Andres, Germany

"I have always longed for a board that wouldn't end up in a land fill somewhere for 100,000 years until the bacteria on earth evolved to eat the foam and fiber glass. When I found out about your company I was elated :) I am saving up to get one of your boards so my dream of being in perfect balance with nature and the ocean as I surf can be a reality. Thanks for all you do."

~ Alaina M, Tampa, Florida

"Get eco get in Wave Tribe."

~ Andre B, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I love my leash...and your skull logo rocks."

~ Ryan K, Corvallis, Oregon

"Love the site and the products."

~ Dan W, Fernandina Beach, Florida

"Great to see a company that actually cares."

~ Ian N, Nelson, NH

"Your stuff is rad. I've been switching all my gear to eco friendly stuff. You guys are definatley doing something awesome."

~ Robert W, East Meadow, New York

"i just love wavetribe stuff. I have a leash and hemp board bag that are both just awesome."

~ Steve Araci, Brisbane, Australia

"Big fan of the Manifesto! Keep it up, heroes. Cheers!"

~ David R, Shippensburg, PA

"Fantastic service."

~ Brian K, Agoura Hills, California

"You little bloody pisser."

~ John G., NSW Australia

"Love it made in USA."

~ Coldy H, Ponce Inlet, Florida

"Wave Tribe's wax smells like heaven!"

~ Kerri A, Truckee, California

"Great company!"

~ Leah D, Orlando, Florida

"Lot to be learned from you all."

~ Don C, Miami, Florida

"Keep up the great work, your company is a good model for others to follow."

~ Jason M, Alaska

"The boardbags are here Are super COOL."

~ Servio, Akela Surf Distribution, Canada

"Love the cork pad"

~ Davi, Florida

"Wave Tribe's leash is well constructed with some great selling points that include the double swivel, comfort, and best of all recycled plastic. I also like to tell our customers that Wave Tribe stands behind their leash with a 1 yr guarantee!"

~ Randy Kowata, Vanguard Surf & Skate, Torrance, CA

"Maholler for being so awesome and for the helpful advice as I gear up to learn to surf, and for making it possible to in an ecologically conscious way. Keep inventing and experimenting!"

~ Purna N, Honolulu, HI

"You rock."

~ Christine S, Hollywood, CA

"Awesome leashes, this will be my third."

~ Dennis M, Arroyo Grande, CA

"Stoked to try out the eco-surf goods! Putting the planet where my pocketbook is!"

~ Sky S, San Francisco, CA

"Can't wait to cozy my mini into it's new sack."

~ Brendan O'Brien, Los Angeles, CA

"Totally Dude."

~ Garret B, Boynton Beach, FL

"Made in America and nice to the Earth? Sign me up!"

~ James C, Pleasanton, CA

"Really friendly and fantastic customer service!"

~ Tristin S., Naples, FL

"Friendly and fast response from staff-so happy to be part of the tribe."

~ Krista B, Prt Moody, BC Canada

"Hemp rocks!"

~ Japp R, The Hague, Holland

"My husband made our first wood sup....can't w8 to test out the new leash on it."

~ Jayme P, North Port, FL

"Looking straight grizzly."

~ Mathew G, Sayville NY

"Just got my fish board bag. Twice as nice as my old FCS bag. Really padded, rugged, and awesome. Fits the board (Zippi) perfectly."

~ Roger U, NY

"i am absolutely blown away with your company. Amazing product and pleasant service."

~ John M, NY

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful line with us. I was proud to have carried your merchandise in my store. "

~ Ron DiMauro, President of Endless Wave Surf Company

"Wave Tribe wax is great on my board, skin and Chub trunks."

~ Purna N, Hawaii

"Awesome surf gear company focused on sustainability of its products."

~ Michael Caruso, Even Green Sessions

"Skippy can't surf so I'm sure Wave Tribe gear will be safe from the Roos!"

~ Arron, Sativa Sutra

"Thanks again for replacing the board bag and throwing in the T. I truly wish you and your business the best."

~ Randy, Jacksonville, Oregon

"Lovin both the 6' and 9' foot leashes, bambo comb, and wax (base and warm). Couldn't stay away, I'm back for a board bag after hot-coating the top of my vehicle with a little eco-wax :-)"

~ Daniel L, Cary, NC

"Can't wait to use these products with my new Entropy eco board."

~ Graham E, Sanra Monica, CA

"Derek is pretty awesome, great personal touch, sent me some stickers after the website wasn't working, with a hand written note! Classic!"

~ Meghan B, St. Augustine, FL

"Stoked you guys exist, thank you."

~ Sybil M, Waldport, OR

"I like what you do."

~ Patrick, Lahina, HI

"Great products!!"

~ Xiumei, Honolulu, HI

"Green things and waves."

~ James W, Cascais

"Good Leashes!"

~ Davy R, San Francisco, CA

"Bought one of your day bags and loved it!"

~ David G, Laguna Beach, CA

"You rock!"

~ Maia D, Wilmington, NC

"I'm glad someone else care about the earth other then me and Surfrider."

~ Dan P, Hanover, MA

"Thanks for the great eco-friendly surf products. Keep up the good work."

~ Dan L, Cary, North Carolina

"Wave Tribe rules! Love you guys!"

~ Jennifer, San Luis Obisbo

"Your products are wonder, gorgeous, retro classics as well inspirating by the early surfing days."

~ Emmanuel, Alacante, Spain

"I've been really enjoying your website and vibe and admiring your commitment to sustainability, quality, and human honor. Well done."

~ Sean, Florida

"I am so happy that i can buy ecologic surf gear, congratulations for your project!"

~ Alberto, Lecco, Italy

"The zippers, handles, buckles, and stitching all held up perfectly for third year of use. Wave Tribes 7'8 Wheeled Hemp Womb is effortless to use and it's low key color doesn't put out the flashy disco ripper, fresh off the Mainland vibe."

~ Chance Boyer, Head Coach More Waves

"I'm very happy with the sock and the sandals."

~ Aaron Council, Fluid Identity Rideshop

"I LOVE your company."

~ Danielle Williams, Stoked Customer

"I am always stoked on talking to people in the surf industry who have all their shit in one sock."

~ Marc, Nor Cal Shaper

"I don't even surf but you make me want to buy a leash because Wave Tribe just that rad."

~ Jen Tuggle, Eco Fashion Designer

"I’m really impressed with my 7’6” travel bag, and the fact that it’s made of recycled plastic and the magic weed makes me both comfortable about its low impact."

~ Surfers Path Magazine Review Editor

"Your mission is so rad!"

~Daniel Hasselschwert, Ossie's Surfshop Oregon

"Thanks so much for this donation it is super sick!"

~Matt Doshier, SurfAid

"You guys are legends!"

~Josh Cooke, Coolangatta, Australia

"We got the gear and it all looks great. Your really do have some unique product and we’re proud to carry it and support the Tribe."

~Frank, Kona Boys

"I'm super thankful to be representing an ethical eco-friendly company."

~Gordon Fontaine, Loar Visions

"You’ll (always) be the only brand I stock."

~Greg Pearson, Endlesswave Surf Shop

"Your pads are awesome, really well made and substantial."

~Jessie R, LA Ripper

"Gear is the strongest I've used. Thanks again!"

~Matt M, Tour Promoter

"Thanks for getting in touch and shipping our order so quickly.
You guys are great to work with!"

~Brandon Moyles, Envirosurfer (

"Wave Tribe Rocks"

~George J, Surfer

"I bought the Wave Tribe Cork Traction pad, it's getting some major action in Kauai, Love it!"

~Jeff T, Kauai

"Wave Tribe boardbag is better."


"I would just like to thank Wave Tribe for filling in the environmental conscious niche that is all too uncommon in the surf industry. You guys are doing things with sustainable and recycled materials that most companies should be adopting at a higher volume. Its amazing the natural/earthly stigma surrounding surfing although most products are environmental challenges. That being said I thank you for the daybag & leash which are simply crafted and of solid construction. Wave Tribe is the place to go if it's necessary to buy new and second hand/used essentials! Aloha."

~Jake Brock, Hawaii

"Would like to order some leashes, 7, 8 and 10 footers. Been selling too many can't keep them in stock!"

~Mike, Mollusk Surf Shop Manager, NY

"Your eco-friendly approach fits in perfectly with our current campaign."

~Morgan Plant, SWELL.COM Buyer

"I have just got the first Wave Tribe global board bag and I must say I'm loving it, definitely different to what I have seen before and the fact that it's hemp and recycled plastics is awesome."

~Stu Rose, Balance Distribution Surf Company

"I'm really inspired by the idea of rising up like a tsunami against global environmental problems. Joining this tribal dance is the best thing ever! Cant wait to get the hemp bag for my birthday!"

~Tom "swede" Cam, Cornwall UK

"At Synergy, we are constantly looking to supply more inspired, more environmentally responsible materials, products and ideas, and partnering with Wave Tribe makes perfect sense…that’s what they do!"

~Greg Provance, Co Founder Synergy Surf

"One such company that has been created in the warm, green glow of environmental consciousness is Wave Tribe."

~Canna Zine

"We received our order and are SO happy with the products!"

~Kelly Richardson, Manager Salty Habits Surf Shop

"We are going to make an ECO buzz in the European community with the help of Wave Tribe."

~Stefan, Owner Kun_tiqi «surfriders who care»

Wave Tribe Reviews

"The quality could not be better and the fact that everything is recycled is super cool too! The leashes have been personally put to the test in SOLID 8-10 ft (backs), and grudgingly admit to taking a few MACKING sets waves on the head and more than happy to see my board next to me in one piece."

~Chance Boyer (Head coach), More Waves

"Wave Tribe is doing the right thing."

~Zuma Jay, Owner Zuma Jays Surfshop in Malibu, California

"All of the Wave Tribe products I have received wave been top quality. From board socks, to leashes, to shirts, Wave Tribe has exceeded my expectations."

~Todd Patterson, Co Founder Synergy Surfboards

"I just want to thank you for creating this wonderful company! FINALLY someone acted on this and is making sustainable, Eco-friendly products for surfers and snowboarders. Even better, you use Hemp!"

~Melissa B., San Diego, CA

"Wave Tribe leash is the best leash I have ever owned!"

~Seth Peterson, Musician

"Wave Tribe is at the forefront of producing sustainable products that match our lifestyle choices."

~Dr. Scott T. Paynton, Humboldt State University

"The thing that I really like about Wave Tribe products is the fact that there are now alternatives. All things being equal, I’d much prefer a product that uses recycled content versus one that doesn’t . . . ." Winner of the 2008 Green Awards for Best Green Blog

"I dig the Wave Tribe leash because it does just that using the most conscious methods possible. Wicked velcro, sleek and simple design- no gimmicks or nonsensical claims. It’s a leash for people who really surf."

~Rob McCauley, Director Northernites Surf Company

"Wave Tribe produces an awesome line of board bags . . ."

~Green Surf International Product Review

"Wave Tribe’s leash is the only leash I will ever buy again. I love putting it on and seeing the logo and knowing that everything the company stands for is good. To me, that is the most important part."

~Meghan Dambacher, Co-Founder RERIP

"Companies like Wave Tribe are turning the tide by producing eco-friendlier board bags, apparel made from organic cotton and leashes from recycled plastic . . . there's lots to like about hemp."

~Outside Magazine

"I really like wave tribe products . . . padded with softer and more durable materials than most bags makes it better for surfers on the go. More padding, cool prints, and safer travels."

~Guy Quezada, Ventura, CA Ripper

"Us Hemp believes that the future is in alternative and sustainable materials, leading us to a more sustainable and balanced society, we are proud to be in the same eco-surfing industry as Wave Tribe and as surfers."

~Rikchary Cedano, USHemp

"Wave Tribe is . . . making the world a better place."

~Steve, Ventura Local

"I particularly like their Wave Tribe Heal the Ocean link, which is a handy laundry list of ocean related organization which promote ocean stewardship."

~WineandWoodsmoke Surf Blog

"The board bags and leashes from Wave Tribe are quality, stylish and built with sustainable materials. I am stoked to surf with Wave Tribe and stoked that they are leading the way for eco-conscious surfers."

~Grant Cunningham, Owner Surfing Green Oz

"I love Wave Tribe because they are leading the way and pushing other companies to preserve the sport of surfing while creating a cleaner environment . . .we have a responsibility to protect the environment."

"The name sums it up; Wave Tribe. The awesome people within The Tribe live and breathe for the waves, and like any tribal people they are self-sustaining. . . leashes and board bags built from natural and recycled materials."

~Henry Swales, Founder - Fluid Earth Fin Co

"Wave Tribe is setting the standard for sustainable development not only for surf related companies, but for all companies."

~Mike Conway, Surfer, Biker, and Activist

"We are stoked to use and represent products from companies such as Wave Tribe whose mission is provide the best product while creating the least amount of harm."

~Ryan Milliman, Founder/CEO Seahuggers

"It is inspiring what you guys do!"

~Ernie, UK Surfer + Wave Tribe Customer

"The Wave Tribe Recycled Leash is excellent . . . buying this leash reduces your footprint on earth and it's still every bit as comfortable and strong as any brand name leash I've ever used."

~Surfers Path, Surf Magazine

"One such company that has been created in the warm, green glow of environmental consciousness is Wave Tribe."

~Deep Magazine, California

"Après avoir créé le bureau européen, j'ai, pendant plusieurs années, avec l'immense aide de l'équipe, dirigé l'opération française de FCS/Gorilla grip. Mais n'étant pas en accord avec ce que je vivais dans l'industrie du surf, j'ai décidé de suivre une autre voie. J'ai eu l'opportunité, l'an dernier, de rencontrer le créateur de Wave tribe. Il m'a expliqué sa vision et son envie de pousser le surf business dans une direction écologiquement responsable. "J'ai tout de suite compris sa manière de voir. J'adhère à ce que fait Wave tribe... Créer des produits de grande qualité avec l'intention de respecter notre environnement."

~Jean Philippe, EX FCS Sales Manager Europe

"Best new gear 2009!"

~Outside Buyers Guide Magazine

Every company has a green product these days. Want to really be green? Buy one product that lasts instead of ten that don't. Better yet, buy something green that lasts. Or better still, buy something green that lasts and is going to help something else last, like the Pioneer Series board bag from Wave Tribe. WHAT IT IS:

Your surfboard will last much longer if you keep it in a bag, fool. Who would have thought environmental responsibility would come in line with saving you money and common sense? When Wave Tribe says you can "Use with pride and put in the garden when done," they're not kidding.

The Pioneer Series Day Bag is the third generation bag made by Wave Tribe, and it is plenty strong for shlepping your sled.


This is a strong bag any way you look at it. The handles and carry strap are all reinforced. That's good, because once your handles pop, a boardbag is about as useful as Sean Hannity at a climate convention. The zipper is made of serious recycled plastics -- no more salty rust-jammed zippers. The bag itself has a dense 5 mm of padding. The bottom is also energy shielded to protect against sun and heat, as is standard on most modern bags.

Now, on to the green attributes: the board is primarily made of hemp, a fiber cultivated from plants of the Cannabis genus. Skip past all the 60s/doobie/ganja references. The hippies had their chance. They blew it and became insurance salesmen. When separated from its laid back cousin, hemp is one of the fastest growing biomasses known and can be grown without chemicals, making it a serious textile alternative. Essentially, the production of this board is better for the land, the durability causes less waste, and its biodegradable nature is good for all of us.

The bag is vailable as 6'6, 7'6, 8'6, and 9'6. Note: If you go a few inches bigger, you can probably manage to slide in two standard shortboards.


You can go right to the source with this one, There are also a variety of online shops that specialize in environmentally friendly products.

SBC Surf

Wave Tribe Review SCB SurfWe're lucky to be able to surf on some of the most pristine coastlines in the world, but these days it's pretty hard to forget that oil is still spewing into the Gulf of Mexico and that people are still campaigning to have the tanker ban lifted on the West Coast. If you want change you have to start at home, though, so it's been encouraging to see some environmentally-minded companies making inroads in the surf industry in the last few years.

Wave Tribe is one of them, and one of the products that we've been digging lately is their recycled surfboard leash. We've had the 6' version on a board for the last few months—it's super solid, and seems pretty much flawless so far. The specs run down like this: 100% recycled urethane cord, rail saver, double swivel, heavy-duty velcro, reinforced webbing and a small pocket for keys. 6', 6' Comp, 7', 8', 9', and 9' Calf lengths are available.
And if you're wondering whether recycled plastic is strong enough for a surfboard leash, Wave Tribe offers a one-year warranty with a promise to replace your leash free—and send you a second one as well—if you manage to snap it within a year of purchase. All in all, if you're in the market for a new cord, the Wave Tribe ones are definitely worth checking out.

They even have a bit of Canadian content, with the side of the box quoting 'Canadian ripper, Tony': "I'm stoked they didn't use bitch-ass velcro." Well put, Tony, well put.

Surfplug: Wave Tribe Leash Review

When we first looked at the leash we laughed. The art is just down right awesome. Who doesn’t love good comic art?? With quotes like “I’m stoked they didn’t use bitch-ass velcro” and “It’s not about the’s what you do with it!!!” We wondered if it would live up to the hype its cool packaging claimed. This leash happens to be the worlds only recycled surfboard leash! One would think that quality would be compromised because of this, but actually it is the opposite.

-The swivels (located on BOTH ends) are top quality and show no sign of give.
-The cord has just enough stretch. The super stretchy ones always turn into 9 foot leashes. The wavetribes 6 foot comp leash holds its original length.

To test the leash, We attached the leash to an 8 foot doyle and all took turns surfing it. If anything will break a leash, it is a heavy doyle. To our surprise, the swivels were still tight after the session. Believe me, we were flicking the board out from under us trying to snap it. Didn’t happen.

Another pet peeve of ours is that many comp leashes have a plastic edge that digs into the side of your ankle. Not the case with the wavetribes 6 foot comp leash.

The pricing of this leash is extremely reasonable compared to other eco-friendly product. At just $23.95 this leash has you saving money and the earth!

Surfer's Path: Wave Tribe Pioneer Hemp Boardbag

The good folk at Wave Tribe spend their days looking for sustainable ways to make the surf stuff we need and, among other gems, they’ve come up with this line of boardbags that is at least 50% hemp. The other half is recycled plastic. It’s this mix that makes me love the boardbag. On one side it’s the classy, textured, blue hemp, while on the other it’s reflective, meaning you can put it on the roof of the car or in the back of the truck, shiny side up and the sun won’t melt the wax off your boards inside.

It has a really sturdy feel with reassuring amount of padding; the zips are good and strong; there are handles in sensible, strategic places (for shouldering, carrying by hand and dragging on airport floors); there’s a big pocket on one side and dividers inside for multiple boards. Wave Tribe tell us they’re continuing to work on this product so stay tuned for more fine-tuning, but I’m really impressed with my 7’6” travel bag, and the fact that it’s made of recycled plastic and the magic weed makes me both comfortable about its low impact, and tempted to snigger when I pass it to the customs agent at the airport.

~ Surfers Path Magazine Review Editor

Outside Magazine: Buyers Guide

Wave Tribe Review Outside MagazineOUTSIDE MAGAZINE BUYERS GUIDE selects WAVE TRIBE recycled leash as part of its BEST NEW GEAR. OUTSIDE MAGAZINE is dedicated to covering the people, activities, gear, art, and politics of the world outside.

OUTSIDE's product review editors decision to include Wave Tribe's recycled leash in their gear guide is testimony to a conscious shift that is beginning to take place among surfing aficionados and straight up gear heads.

After receiving a few sample leashes from Wave Tribe headquarters in Ventura, California, the OUTSIDE MAGAZINE surf team put the leashes to test and this is what those hardcore gear reporters had to say about Wave Tribe's product once a few waves had been, "every bit as comfortable and secure as any leash we've ever tried."

Wave Tribe was launched in early 2008 and is the first GREEN surf company dedicated to manufacturing ALL of its products in a sustainable way with care and concern for the environment, animals, and people. Wave Tribe produces recycled leashes, hemp surfboard bags, organic deck pads, and surf stoke. For more information see or ask for Wave Tribe gear at your local surfshop.

Cooler Mag : Pro Surfer Ashley Lloyd Teams Up with Wave Tribe

Professional longboarder Ashley Lloyd has joined forces with eco-surf brand Wave Tribe, the only global company designing and manufacturing organic, hemp and recycled plastic surf bags and accessories.

Lloyd is a natural fit in the tribe with her deep connection to ecological stances in surfing: she currently shapes her own boards out of Biofoam and uses ecological products when on the road. Seth Pettersen of Wave Tribe, says: “Whether she’s shaping boards, teaching people how to surf, putting her toes on the nose, or playing music, Ashley puts her soul into it.”

After surfing in mainland Mexico in February, Lloyd was repulsed by the pollution choking the ocean. It was around that time that she and Wave Tribe crossed paths. “Teaming up with a company like Wave Tribe helps me make a positive difference… Wave Tribe’s environmental ethics stand out as an example to other companies in what can be done in today’s surf industry,” she says.

Wave Tribe’s core principle of replacing toxic and over-produced materials with recycled and organic quality is the foundation of their mission to create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet. Sponsoring Lloyd takes Wave Tribe’s eco-message to global levels on the surf circuit. Wave Tribe’s core values reflect the dedication of sustainable surfers, keeping the waters of the world clean for the next great ride.

See for the full story

DeepZine Magazine: Wave Tribe Offers Eco-friendly Surf Products

Although the ever-sensitive ocean is the backdrop of surfing, the sport has never been the most eco-friendly game in town. Using toxic petrochemicals to produce everything from surfboards and wetsuits to clothing and wax, surfing has definitely left a huge footprint on the environment.
The past several years, however, have seen a real boost in the number of companies wishing to reduce that footprint and create products that surfers can use relatively guilt-free. Whether from a natural desire to do the right thing for the ocean environment that has provided so much pleasure or as a cue from successful businesses like now world-famous Patagonia, the "Green Revolution" is in full effect.

One such company that has been created in the warm, green glow of environmental consciousness is Wave Tribe. Started in 2007 by longtime surfer Derek D, Wave Tribe offers a full complement of eco-friendly board bags, socks, leashes and apparel-all designed to minimize dependence on petrochemicals.

The board bags are all made from hemp fabric, with recycled plastic filler material for padding. Derek, being a world traveler, added elements like a zippered wetsuit enclosure and business card pocket, to add utilitarian versatility to his product. Wave Tribe's apparel is made from organic cotton, and its leashes from recycled plastic. Not wanting to be merely another insensitive apparel company bent on making dollars over making a difference, Wave Tribe seeks to "create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet."

Surfer Girl Mag: Reviews Wave Tribe Surfboard Covers

Wave Tribe surfboard socks got mention in the UK Surf Mag Surfer Girl! We are super stoked to get recognized and mentioned by the editors and we appreciate that the media is standing up to what we are about and giving us a shout out.

In this issue Surfer Girl featured our ecological wave tribe board socks as one of the top products for 2009.

Surfers Path Drags Wave Tribe Recycled Surfboard Leash Ten Miles

A good surf leash is one of those pieces of gear you forget about until you need it. On the other hand, a bad surf leash never lets you forget -maybe it's constantly hog-tying you when you pop up or maybe the manufacturer skimped on the cuff fabric and Velcro so it's digging into your ankle or not staying on like it should; or maybe it just snaps and you ruin your favorite board. Well, I'm pleased to report the Wave Tribe Recycled Leash is excellent. For the past couple weeks I've been testing

it on a variety of boards, even through four days of Hurricane Bertha swell, and it worked great. The urethane cord is made of recycled plastic: and if you have any doubts about its long-term durability, it's backed by a one-year warranty. Plus. I accidentally shut the leash in my truck door and dragged it 10 miles to a nearby beach. The trip probably took a year off its life but the leash still works great.

Bottom line: buying this leash reduces your footprint on earth and it's still every bit as comfortable and strong as any brand name leash I've ever used.

Green Surf International: Reviews Wave Tribe Green Team Leashes

Not only does Wavetribe produce an awesome line of board bags, but they also have a line leashes using recycled urethane rubber to make their chords. They are UV stabilized and designed to return slowly after stretching to nearly eight times original length. They also use recycled plastic materials to create the casings for the new high quality metal swivels used on each end.

The cuff features distinctive webbing and double lined neoprene for a comfortable fit. They also use extra long Velcro to secure the leash to your ankle to insure an adequate amount of Velcro to Velcro contact, even with a 4/3 and booties.

The other end attaches to your board with the included leash rope using Velcro with multiple overlaps and a double thickness rail saver to keep it from folding or twisting under extreme loads, so as not to rip into the tail or rail of your board.

Wave Tribe produces their ankle leashes in lengths of 6, 7, 8 and 9 feet as well as a 9 foot calf leash. We will be using one of their bags and leashes to complete our Greener Board Project and I will report back on the usability and durability of their products, although I’m sure I will be satisfied.

They are currently setting up their distributorships and you should be able to pick a leash up at your local surf shop in the near future, and they are currently available online. Visit for more information on their products which also include board bags made of hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials, plus their own line of branded organic hemp and cotton clothing.-GSI

Phoresia Leash Review

Phoresia is the Latin form for the modern term phoresy. Phoresy is a symbiotic relationship, in which one organism transports another organism of a different species and the editors behind are bringing us the most vital information available to a surfer that is concerned about the enviro. The recently review Wave Tribe product and we are happy to report they had lots of good things to say, in fact, they are saying stuff so well that Surfer's Path just awarded them the best surf blog on the net---congrats amigo.

Here is some of what they said about Wave Tribe in their review:

"The thing that I really like about these products is the fact that there are now alternatives. All things being equal, I’d much prefer a product that uses recycled content versus one that doesn’t, as long as the performance is there, which for Wave Tribe products it seems to be."

There is lots more to the review at, read how they used a Wave Tribe leash to contain 14 pounds of fury for a walk around the ‘hood'

Green Surf International: Reviews Wave Tribe Hemp Surfboard Bags

Wave Tribe is a new company with a line of eco board bags and leashes. Their board bags are made of high quality organic hemp and cotton, and the padding used is made from recycled plastic bottles. They make a board sock as well as both a highly padded, multi-board travel bag and a padded lighter weight zippered day bag.

Their first? bag is a lightweight day bag with all the necessary features surfers want. There is extra padding in the nose and tail to help minimize the risk of those pesky dings that are so hard to permanently repair once they’ve started. The bag also has convenient slots inside to store your leash and fins, and an external zippered pouch for your wetsuit. The bag is very well constructed with heavy duty stitching and Delran no rust zippers. The outside of the bag is made with a natural hemp weave and there is plenty of padding derived from a recycled plastic product. There is also organic cotton used in the construction of various parts of the bag. They produce this bag in three sizes; 6’6”, 7’6” and 9’6”.

The Pioneer is their travel bag with a rated two board capacity, three if you pack well due to the extra wide cut of their design, and has a padded divider separating the boards. Like their other bags, there is extra padding where it counts as well as a Velcro internal pouch for your fins, wax, sunscreen, keys, lunch, etc…, an external zippered pocket for your suit and an external card window for easy identification. There travel bags have hemp and organic cotton blend fabric with a heavy natural looking weave on the exterior, as well as a reflective material on one side made of recycled materials. The only materials used in the construction of this bag are hemp, organic cotton and recycled plastics, aside from the new Delran zippers. They make this bag in two sizes, a 6’8” and a 7’6”.

Wave Tribe also produces a line of board socks made of surplus fabrics they source. Consider it pre-consumer recycling. They are made of a heavy duty cotton weave fabric and sown in strips the length of the bags with heavily stitched inverted hems for a cool tattered effect. That, with the printed fabric, makes for a really cool looking and well constructed bag. What a great idea to used materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill or recycled into raw materials using both electricity and the use of chemicals.

The bags produced by Wave Tribe are of the highest quality in the industry. I could see no obvious faults in the design or construction of their bags and have no problem giving them my full endorsement. Besides offering a cool line of products, Wavetribe is run by a group of highly motivated and earth conscious surfers who place high demands on their products because they use them every day.

We will be using one of their bags and leashes (see review) to complete our Greener Board Project and I will report back on the usability and durability of their products, although I’m sure I will be satisfied. My last bag, from a large company which shall remain nameless, only lasted a year before both external zippers failed and the materials began to break down. Just upon physical inspection I can confidently say that this is a superior product.

Their bags cost just a little more, but the use of sustainable materials, and a product with a longer life, more than make up for it. Next time you need a new bag I suggest you give Wave Tribe board bags a good look. They are currently setting up their distributorships and you should be able to pick one up at your local surf shop in the near future, and they are currently available online. Visit for more information on their products which also include leashes made of recycled materials and their own line of branded organic hemp and cotton clothing. -GSI