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Recycled Strap-Ons with Hemp Bag

Heavy-duty silver-plated buckles.

Enough strength to pull your Jeep out of the mud if needed. We know because it happened to us in Cabo when we got stuck in the sand, and a guy came over with a 4 x 4 and pulled us out using only these straps.

How is that for research and development—dude!

RECYCLED NYLON "STRAP-ONS" to attach all your boards to your fixed roof rack for a road trip to Baja or the ladder to go paint your mother-in-law's ceiling.

It comes with heavy-duty stainless steel buckles and a neoprene pad to protect your stick.

When you're not using them, please put them in our hemp pouch to keep them from tangling on to your legs while driving, or use the rad pouch to hide some goodness.

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