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When a golfer clubs the ball into the air, it becomes a speeding projectile. If it hits the temple, it can cause a fracture inward and cut the artery, causing brain injury. As if this weren’t enough, golf balls are also an environmental hazard.
On the occasion of Women’s Equality Day this August 26, I find myself thinking about how women have transformed the sport, both in the industry and in their communities all over the world. Trailblazers like Margo Oberg, Lisa Anderson and Layne Beachley and others like them have shown the world that surfing is not just a man’s game. It’s anyone’s sport.
Decades ago, it would have been quite a novelty, seeing an older man surf. There is a guy that I surf with on occasion in Ventura that charges hard and he is pushing 80. Awesome! For that bro, and all of you out there who think you need to hang it up when you get older,we got some news for you—you can keep surfing until they put you in a casket.
For a surfer, that might seem to be a bit of good news. After all, rising sea levels should result to awesome waves. But I read about it further and it looks to me, that’s not exactly true. From what I understood, rising sea levels should make surfers be more concerned because it can negatively impact the sport in the long-term. Here’s how it’s going to affect surfing:
Dog surfing is very popular because there’s now a competition for dog surfers in California. Held every August, the World Dog Surfing competition aims to raise funds for animal charity. Dogs compete alone on a board, or partnered with their owner or with a dog pal. It’s a lot of fun and heartwarming, which just goes to show how inclusive surfing really is.
More than one in six mangrove species worldwide are in danger of becoming extinct. Now, I find this very alarming because mangroves have a very important role in our coastal and marine ecology. Why mangrove swamps are important? It serves as a buffer area between the land and sea. It protects the coastline from the storm and provides habitats for marine wildlife.
World Snake Day can be used as a tool to educate and inform people about how to deal with snakes, whom to call, and what resources are available to them to use. Do you want to know facts about sea snakes? They are way more toxic compared to other snakes. Sea snakes drink fresh water. You can also eat them because they are edible. So what to do when surfing near sea snakes?
Surfing, at its core, is basically a solitary sport. Out there in the waves, it’s only you, your board and the vast ocean. Events like Independence Day bring out the fun in everyone. Did you that there's a lot of surfing facts you should know? According to history, surfing was a form of political expression. It contributes to our Independence. More facts and history in this guide.
International Surfing Day held annually every June 20th and celebrated in over 30 countries, surfers take to the oceans this day to surf and enjoy the beaches. As if we needed another excuse to take to the water. But if you want to do more to celebrate surfing, how about ditching surfing and work on something proactive for the environment. Celebrate Happy International Surfing Day this 2020.
Last May, we highlighted the maternal qualities of some wonderful creatures swimming in our oceans. On Father’s Day this month, we’ll be going to highlight ocean animal dads and paternal displays of nurture among these bros. There are three types of paternal roles that have been observed among male fishes.
Here in California, surfing red tides occur frequently along the coast. They occur frequently around Santa Barbara and San Diego because the waters there are warmer. In fact, the La Jolla coast along San Diego is already a destination area for tourists looking to view the ocean glow at night. What exactly causes red tides? Dino-critters, ocean pollution, and the greenhouse effect.
Did you know that the military has now gone beyond drafting four-legged animals? Dolphins in the navy? Yup, they’re actually training dolphins and seals now to help in the defense and protection of our navy ships. Awesome, right? That’s why, for a special Memorial Day feature, we’re going to highlight these bros of ours and how they’re doing their part in protecting our country.