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Unfortunately though, not every habit is good or sustainable. One example of that is our dependence on plastic and fossil fuel. So here are nine simple habits that surfers should be doing to start the new year right and eco-friendly. Walk or bike to surfing spot. Use glass bottles. Use organix surfboard wax. Pick trash and eat less meat. Go local and more habits here. Read more.
Everybody loves penguins. They’re adorable and cute. This January 20th, lots of animal-loving folks are celebrating Penguin Awareness Day. Here at Wave Tribe we collate all the things you need to know about these adorable sentinel species. Why penguins are important? What are the threats to their population? And other amazing gentoo facts. Read more to find out.
What better way to celebrate National Birds Day than by highlighting their technique, which not many of us are aware about, is actually done by surfing ducks. What is duck diving technique? What are sea ducks? What are the environmental threats? How to help? Check this article to find out.
We all know how 2019 hasn’t been a great year for the planet. So while you formulate your list of new year’s resolutions, be sure to include a few goals focused on sustainability. In this article we list the twelve eco-friendly resolutions for you. This includes eating more veggies and making your home eco-friendly. Recycling more, using reusable bag and less synthetic clothes is great too.
These creatures of the deep resemble Christmas ornaments. That’s right. While the rest of us only celebrate the festive season for only a few weeks, these creatures live and breathe Christmas all year round. That’s why the scientists who discovered them gave them yuletide nicknames. Read more.
From consumer packaging to medicine, plastic and its derivatives are now deeply entrenched in our modern society. And because of its almost immortal lifespan, it will outlive us all, to the detriment of our environment. Learn the history of microplastics and it's impact to marine wildlife. Unfortunately, microplastics are now present in the food chain. It is now airborne and interfering ecosystem.
The new wave of artificial lighting is now being ushered in by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). But can LEDs be truly a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for artificial lighting? Are we using too much light? What are the effects of LED blue lights? How LED Pollution can Impact our Oceans? How can we fix light pollution in land and ocean? Read more to find out.
Rhino rays live in shallow tropical waters from the Indian and West Pacific oceans to the East Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. People harvest wedgefishes, and giant guitarfishes because of their ‘white’ fins. According to the latest update of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, this species and the family that it belongs to is at the brink of extinction. So how can we help?
Scientists define marine heat waves as periods when the sea surface in a particular area of the ocean becomes unusually warm for at least five days in a row. Like a forest wildfire, a marine heat wave can wipe out entire ecosystems underwater. The first to go is what biologists call the foundational species. These are the coral reefs, sea grasses and kelp forests.
Last July 1, the first victim of Japanese whalers was offloaded into the pier where it was expected to be carved up and sold to local wet markets. This is only the first of a 277 quota of whales that will be allowed by the Japanese government to be hunted by whalers this year. there’s no real benefits towards hunting a species that was once on the brink of extinction.
These groms, many of whom are of Thunberg’s age and bursting with childhood innocence and idealism, consider the ocean as their home. But now that plastic pollution is a real problem, especially in Bali, I wonder how long until they become anxious about the condition of their ocean and demand action from their elders, like Greta once did.
I’m in Northern Sumatra, at the tail end of their dry season. I am checking out the island’s postcard-perfect surf beaches. So far, they are awesome. The waters are warm and crystal-clear and I am pleased to report that there are plenty of rights and lefts as well as beach and reef breaks to play with.