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10 Ultimate Reasons To Date A Surfer
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10 Ultimate Reasons To Date A Surfer

Wave Tribe

Feeling burnt out from all those dating apps you have on your smartphone?

Published by Wave Tribe

Dating this day and age can be pretty much daunting, even with all the technology available to help you find the right person. It doesn’t help that around this part of the year, the pressure to find a date is pretty much intense that you’d almost wish you could go back in time so that you can personally tell St. Valentine to shove it.

And women get the brunt of the societal pressure. In 2017 alone, some 54% of American women became burnt out from dating online. That’s because they were frustrated by the apparent lack of real men online. And by real men, we mean guys that aren’t dickheads.

Well, ahem, here at Wave Tribe, my bros and I believe that for the most part, most single persons are looking at the wrong place to look for a date. Why surf the internet when you have the entire ocean to cast your net?

In fact, we’re gonna state it clearly: try dating a surfer. I know our tribe has been the butt of silly stereotypes and jokes but lemme tell you that most of it ain’t true. So in the spirit of the month, my bros and I will try to convince you, tongue-in-cheek, how dating a surfer might just be like hitting the jackpot.

So what are the ultimate reasons to date a surfer? Let us count the ways:

1. We’re a Fit Bunch.
2. We’re Cool.
3. We Know all the Nice Vacation Spots
4. We’re not Slackers.
5. We’re laid back.
6. We’re Patient.
7. We’re Brave.
8. We’re Not Competitive
9. We’re Environmentalists
10. We Make Great Lovers

1. We’re a Fit Bunch

Surfing gives you a full body work-out. Depending on the body weight, a person can burn 250 calories per hour. That’s why surfers are generally trim and fit.

We’ve also got the best abs and butts around. That’s because surfing is a great way to engage the core muscles and leg muscles. Why spend time in the dull confines of the gym working out on the glutes machine when there’s a better and more fun way to work out these muscles? If you date a surfer, not only will you be the envy in any room because of your hot date, but you’ll also have someone willing to be your workout companion.

2. We’re Cool.

Back in the 50s, when it was all the rage to be counterculture, surfing was already cool. It helped that surfing was still at the margins, and it was hip to be anti-mainstream. Along with hippies and yogis, surfers were part of the cool crowd.

These days, despite surfing becoming mainstream, the coolness factor hasn’t gone away. That’s because surfing is more than just a sport. It’s a philosophy which embraces a worldview similar to Buddhism, where everything is transitory and what matters is the here and now: the wave, the sun, and the sky.

When you date a surfer, you can’t help but be influenced by their coolness. You’ll be more open to the wonders of daily living. It’ll be more than a lifestyle, it’ll be a state of mind.

3. We Know all the Nice Vacation Spots

Trust a surfer to give you the low-down on where the best spots are for surfing, swimming or for just basically, sunbathing undisturbed.

Surfers have the uncanny ability to sniff out the best surfing spots, not only locally, but all over the world. And since most of these surfing spots are guaranteed to be pristine, little versions of paradise, you’ll have the time of your life tagging along your surfer as his/her companion.

4. We’re not Slackers

Contrary to the popular cinematic stereotype, we know our priorities. And we do follow through. If waking up regularly every dawn just to catch waves isn’t proof enough, then what else can we convince you with?

Like you and many others, surfers also have day jobs. We work in offices, do field work just like any other blue or white collar person. But we also know how to set our priorities and make it work despite the craziness of our schedules. We’re surfers, after all. We give a hundred percent commitment and passion to the things that we do, off or on the surfing scene.

5. We’re Laid Back

We’re so cool that being laid back is a given trait among members of the surfing community. Surfers don’t get fazed easily. This is probably why mental health professionals are studying surfing as way to get rid of stress and anxiety.

If you’re a high-strung Type A personality, you might want to consider dating surfers. We’ll provide a counterpoint to your manic energy; we’ll be the yin to your yang. The best relationships, like riding a surfboard, is all about finding the right balance.

6. We’re Patient

That’s what hours of waiting for the right wave to come along will do for you. So trust a surfer to weather the dips and rise of your mercurial moods; we’ll even love you more for it. Patience, after all, is a virtue.

7. We’re Brave

Seven-foot waves, check. Ravenous sharks, check. Jagged reefs, check. The ocean, despite its natural beauty, can also be a dangerous place. Surfers know this. And yet we continue on chasing our waves because we love to constantly push the edge of our comfort zones. There’s a transformative quality in the surfing experience. Not only do we become enriched, but we become stronger for it.

If you want to have a partner made of stronger stuff, who’s able to give you courage when you need it, go date a surfer.

8. We’re not Competitive

The sport itself isn’t well suited for competition. The ocean is so wide that everyone can find a space for himself. One can share a wave with other surfers and still get stoked by it.

This is why a competitive mindset doesn’t really take root for long in a surfer community. Even among professional surfers. And that extends to building relationships. A surfer won’t compete for your time and attention; relationships work best when both partners are given space to grow and nurture themselves.

9. We’re Environmentalists

We can’t help it. We know how it is out there so we can’t help but be more responsible for taking care of the ocean. Besides, isn’t it just a turn-on to date someone who knows how to handle themselves in the wild, or has a soft spot for the creatures and has the fire and passion to fight for them? Date a surfer and we’ll make you love the ocean even more.

10. We Make Great Lovers

Ahem, we’re not in the habit of bragging, but if you’re going to sum up every section of this article leading to this point, then you’ll logically agree that all the above makes us great lovers. In fact, that’s probably the reason why surfer profiles on dating apps attract more interest than anyone else. Next to yogis, of course.

And also, because we like the taste of salt. Nuff said.

Give our Oceans Some Love

Kidding aside, February is, for all intents and purposes, a month of love. And while we might have been just horsing around when writing these reasons for dating one of our tribe, we’re not kidding when it comes to showing love for our oceans.

You might not have found the love of your life yet, but the ocean needs your love at the moment. Here at Wave Tribe, we channel our love for the ocean by creating eco-friendly surfing products and by supporting various projects that conserve and protect the marine environment.

For more stories about our oceans and how you can do your share to help, check out our blog.

Happy Hearts Month, everyone!

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