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Wave Tribe Eco Wax - You Can Eat It!
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Wave Tribe Eco Wax - You Can Eat It!

We searched far and wide for the right organic wax, when we found this one made in the U.S.A. on wood stoves we were super excited to test it out.

Unlike most eco waxes, when we tested this one we discovered that it really worked fantastically.

Wave Tribe Eco Wax goes on the surfboard easily and does its job, it keeps your feet where they are supposed to be eco style—a great eco wax made in the USA.

We partnered with an American company that spent 5 years perfecting the formula, and one thing you will find is that wax companies aren't giving up any secrets.

The Wave Tribe Eco Wax is 100% organic.

We use beeswax as the primary ingredient. Coconut oil is used to soften the beeswax, the more coconut oil used, the softer the wax, the softer the wax, the colder the water temperature.

We use other natural ingredients to add "tac" to the wax and we believe this is what sets our wax apart from the other less functional organic waxes on the market.

The thing about using natural ingredients like beeswax is that the materials costs are usually 2-3 times more expensive than petroleum based wax. Hence the price difference.

While exploring design ideas for the wax packaging we came across a surf artist and we asked him if we could use a few of his paintings on the wax covers.

We wanted surfers to feel that a lot of care went into the whole concept of our wax, from the ingredients to the packaging.

Each time someone purchases a bar of Wave Tribe Eco Wax a portion of the sale goes to the surf artist Olivier Longuest—supporting creativity and ecology is at the core of Wave Tribe’s values and we thank you for joining us in this wonderful eco journey and great product.

We offer delicious flavors in basecoat, cool, cold, and warm wax.