Free Deckpad, Dry Bag, or After-Sun Cream on Orders +$75

Free Deckpad, Dry Bag, or After-Sun Cream on Orders +$75

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Hurricane Chaser - Travel Bag + Wheels - 2 Brds

4.9 / 5.0 based on 13 reviews
$ 279.00 USD

Hurricane Chaser Surfboard Travel Bag Bag + Wheels 

Absolutely blown away with the quality of the bag—the only travel bag to grab.
 ~ John from Setauket, New York

🏄🏄🏄🏄 Fits 1-2  Surfboards (if traveling with one board, we recommend our Pioneer) 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

Sizes & Styles:

  • 6'7 Mini Simmons - 7'6 Mini Simmons (larger nose area)
  • 6'7 Shortboard - 7'6 Shortboard
  • 8'6 Longboard - 9'6 Longboard
Hurricane Chaser - Travel Bag + Wheels - 2 Brds

Great wasn't good enough. The top-rated surfboard travel bag is exquisitely strong, blissfully stylish, and as reliable and durable as they come.

Mini Simmons/Retro: We recommend stacking your mini or retro board with the tail toward the nose for the best fit.

🔥 ESPN rated our bags like the 'best boardbags' when they reviewed them! Created with these eco and quality objectives (designed for surfers by California surfers):

  • LESS PLASTIC - invest in hemp, your eco-footprint matters 
  • AGES LIKE FRENCH CHEESE - built to last with quality
  • YOUR BOARDS PROTECTED - more padding than any other bag

Why Wave Tribe Travel Board Bags? 

These travel bags have been tossed, beaten, dropped, and dragged in extensive research and development to make sure the best travel bag is constructed for you.

You can fit lots of goodies in your bag, and you might as well because the airline is going to charge you a transport fee no matter what you put in this eco-travel buddy.

Jorge from Sinaloa Surf Adventures loves Wave Tribe bags, and every time we fly to Sinaloa, he says the Wave Tribe bags are the ones he looks forward to hugging the most—after his favorite Gringo Derek.

Sinaloa Surf

Gringo Derek, the founder of Wave Tribe, reminds us what the purpose of a surfboard travel bag must be . . .

"Surfboard must arrive safely. That's why I created surfboard bags with 20 mm of padding—I never want to arrive with a dinged surfboard and in over ten years I never have."

Wave Tribe quality means your boards arrive safe, and your bag zipper won't break—ever. We guarantee it.

The second most rad thing is that Wave Tribe's surfboard travel bag is made from hemp and recycled nylon—hemp is the most awesome textile on the planet.

Hemp: The ‘Cool’ Fabric

Your board bag should breathe enough to allow your surfboard to remain cool inside the love pocket you just bought for it.

Wave Tribe bags are made from breathable hemp fabric, which keeps your board 10 degrees cooler than the normal plastic board bag.

Here are the top 4 amazing exterior benefits:

  1. Never Break YKK zippers
  2. Easy To Carry Straps
  3. Heavy Duty Handles For Good Grip
  4. Hemp For Style & Breathability
Hurricane Chaser - Travel Bag + Wheels - 2 Brds 

For these reasons (and others that are obvious), we have constructed one side of the board bag with high-density recycled nylon and hemp.

This high-quality nylon helps protect your board bag on those hot days by deflecting the sun’s rays toward that kook down the beach who just made googly eyes at your girl (or dude).

What You Buy Matters: No To Plastic

Did you know it takes about 450 years just for one plastic bottle to break down? Here at Wave Tribe, we want to reduce the plastic in our lives and products, so we started using other more sustainable materials in our board covers.

Yea, I know our bags are a little more expensive. But look, if your bag falls apart in a few months, then you’ll have to buy another cheap-ass plastic bag anyway.

Why not spend a little more money and buy one that will last and that is better for the planet?

Longevity is the most eco part of our bag and not because of the rad hemp or stylish design but because we put Japanese YKK nickel-plated zippers on every Wave Tribe surfboard travel bag.

Look, it’s happened to all of us.

We buy a board bag at a deep discount from some cheap vendor on Amazon. It fits our surfboard but after a few months (or days), the zipper sticks and breaks off in our hands.

Useless. Bummed. Dejected.

First of all, Wave Tribe zippers won’t break—we guarantee it.

Surfboard Travel Bag Benefits

Second of all, if for some reason your zipper does break while you are zipping up your precious sled, we will replace your surfboard travel bag as fast as a John John's right-handed punt.

So when you are done with your surfboard travel bag (well, not for a long time, we hope), you can just plant this bag in your garden!

Hemp board bags protect your board (very important) and also protect the earth (that is cool too).

Learn more about why hemp is rad here.

One For Every Size Surfboard

With our premiere 9'6" model, you can fit the following into your bag:      

  • 9’ Robert August longboard
  • 7’6” Chanel Island Gun
  • 6’6" Roberts Diamond Tail Shortboard
  • 5’6" Derek Dodds Mini Simmons  

That's right, fit all in one hemp home constructed love cabin with heavy-duty wheels to facilitate transportation from home to boat.  

You have invested in the surf trip of your life, don’t show up without the proper quiver.  

Wave Tribe Wheeled Travel cases are appropriately endorsed by Pro Surfer Ashley Lloyd as her surfboard travel bag model of choice.  Thank You, Wheels.  

Too much bag? Grab a Global.

High Quality & Radness For The Earth

Yep, if it ain’t quality, it ain’t eco—I don’t care if you can smoke it, plant it, or recycle it—it has got to last and do its job well.

That’s how we roll, though we are known as the eco surf dudes, really we are more about designing awesome quality that lasts for surfers that give a damn about their gear.

Hurricane Chaser - Travel Bag + Wheels - 2 Brds

Ok, let's review . . .

Outside is guarded by our Japanese Never-Rust-or-Break Nickel-Plated Zippers streamline zipper trails and our trademarked Easy Flow Zip System.

Side A of the bag is made from a strong density Rugged Eco Hemp exterior, which is one tough fiber and naturally built to last with high impact padding protection with Rebound Foam Dynamics including open-to-nose technology.

Hurricane Chaser - Travel Bag + Wheels - 2 Brds

☀️ Nylon Tough Love Shield

Outside B is made from Recycled Nylon for "tough travel" and wraps your surfboards in a protective blanket of love.

💰 Rebound Foam Dynamics

Inside you'll find padded board separators, multiple pockets for your leash, wax, and fins. Most importantly, our Rebound Foam Dynamics allows for maximum board protection.

Hurricane Chaser Surfboard Travel Bag

We know that choosing a surfboard travel bag is an important decision, and we are stoked that you are looking at doing it eco style.

Remember, hemp is good for the planet—Wave Tribe surfboard travel bag will help you offset all those airline miles if you are into that sort of thing.

But most importantly, your surfboards will arrive safely.

Traveling is such an important part of surfing, and we want your surf travel to be top-notch, and getting your surfboards to your location is the MOST important part of your trip.

Four Easy Steps For Ordering

You'll be stoked on the Wave Tribe travel bag, and it's guaranteed for your money back.

  1. Pick your style.
  2. Pick your size.
  3. Pick the shipping option that's right for you.
  4. We ship in 1-2 business days —max time to get your bag is 1-7 days.

One more thing, don't forget to check out our 2020 airline boardbag fee article before you book your ticket.

Additionally, we strengthened the top carry handle, adding heavy-duty stitching along with extra strong handle and other stress points.

So we know that buying a board bag isn't rocket science but you should buy one that WORKS and is SUSTAINABLE. (Doing the right thing is always a good thing.)  

If you still need convincing that these are the best on the market then you should read the ESPN review that said our "boardbags are better."

They also said:

"the production of this board bag is better for the land, the durability causes less waste, and its biodegradable nature is good for all of us."

Wave Tribe has been around since the mid-2000s and we aren’t going anywhere as long as you keep investing in our future together.
Wave Tribe Eco Day Boardbags
Be Our Partners

Together we will do cool stuff like plant trees in the Amazon and donate to awesome campaigns like Heal The Oceans campaign.

Mostly, we’ll surf some awesome waves while using high-quality stylish surf gear. Let’s move in a more conscious direction—rooted in ja’ heart bra.

  • Fits 2 Boards
  • Padded Board Separator
  • 20mm Nose Padding, 10mm Padding Rest of the Bag
  • YKK Nickel-Plated #10 Zipper
  • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap
  • 3-System Handles (include rear handle)
  • Interior Fin & Leash Pockets
  • Tough Love Nylon Shield
Surfboard Travel bag

Grab one today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great Customer Service

Honestly amazing customer service and product. I had some issues with delivery but I reached out to the wave tribe and spoke with Laura. Everything was resolved within days.

Lars A.
Travels well fit 2 boards

Worked great for our Costa Rica trip. Took 2 boards and was perfect.

R. Chillcott
Very durable

Great bag! We haven’t taken it on a trip yet but it’s so durable and thick (protective). I’m not worried at all.

Hank E.
The right bag is worth it

Great board protection as it sustains the demands of travel

Gloria H
We love our Mini Simmons bag. Our bag fit a mini and shortboard without worries.

We love our Mini Simmons travel bag and your company is awesome.

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