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Wave Tribe Manifesto Fridge Magnet

Derek, the founder of Wave Tribe, wrote this manifesto to give some direction to his vision of Wave Tribe. He wanted to remember himself but also wants you to remember the key elements:

  • Surf
  • Do What You Love
  • Risk Play
  • Be Enthusiastic Surf

Whatever you decide is a vest for your life, we hope you enjoy this daily reminder as it hangs on your fridge—we hope every time you crack a beer after a great surf, you think of us.

Here is the rest of the Manifesto.

Wave Tribe Manifesto


You Are Awesome.

Be Authentic and Know Yourself.

Live Your Life's Passion.

Be Courageous.

Listen More Than You Speak.

But When You Have Something To Say, Speak Up.

Do What You Love.

Learn Something New Every Day.

Inspire. Be Kind. Be Grateful.

Plug The Energy Leaks In Your Life.

Follow Your Dreams, But Keep Your Feet ON The Groud.

No Excuses, Take Responsibility.

When In Doubt, Paddle Harder, Don't Give Up.

Support The Growth And Success Of Others.

Smile At Strangers, Laugh At Yourself.

Travel To Unknown Places.

Be Passionate About What You Do.

Express It Proudly To The World.

Do It.

Create Something, Anything.

Be Enthusiastic About Life.


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