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Wave Tribe Coming To France
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Wave Tribe Coming To France

My time in southern France is coming to an end, we surfed some epic waves and made some great progress on launching Wave Tribe in Europe with my new partners J&J (new website coming soon with all ecological surf products for Europe).

I inherited a new twin fin from my good friend Jean Philippe and learned how to pick out a great bottle of Bordeaux, also thanks to JP (worth the trip in itself).

I met a cat named Simon Cassen ( that is making ecological wax from bee love and pine tree resin, I used it, I licked it, it works (check video):

I still got a few weeks here in Europe, I am heading to Italy next week to chat with some Italian surfers called the Slide Tribe (yea, they surf in Italy) to see what we can do about spreading the eco love in the land of pasta, pizza, and beautiful women.

Mid April I am heading to Spain where I owe Kuntiqi a really nice dinner and a few bottles of Rioja for making the owner drive in circles trying to meet me.

I am learning that sometimes I just got to say no . . . or at least say maybe.

The UK is still a real mystery to me, I always thought they would be first to get on board with Wave Tribe but I did get an email from cool cat up that way this week, stay tuned or send me a lead if you got one

I'd like to dial that in before leaving Europe.

I wrote the following in an email the other day and thought it was worth sharing here, cool, I am quoting myself

"I want to create a different model than the big brands, I am looking to form partnerships with surfers/entrepreneurs in Europe that understand my vision and believe in Wave Tribe enough to take it under their wings and help grow it into a lifestyle change—to be more partners than just distributors, to help spread the change but also to make some money along the way so that we can live a lifestyle that we have always dreamed about as surfers (surfing for a month in Indo for example) while creating a company that helps shift the industry and educate surfers toward sustainability."

Oh yea, we have partnered with Fahlen Surfshop in Sweden, I hear that got some really good waves up that way (damn it must be cold though), we can't read their site and they got some funny names but we are happy to be working with them.

Peace. Derek D. Wave Tribe Report Europe

PS. If you want love, give it!