Surfing Norway

Surfing Norway Epic surf Norway

One of the things I love about Wave Tribe is hearing from the global surfing community. I have met some fantastic people from around the world and I have discovered that there are surfers that share a vision for this planet in places I would have never imagined.

Check out this link to see some epic Norwegian swell from our Wave Tribe friends in Norway:

I can't read the comments or the text on the site but I sure understand the stoke.

Peace. Derek D.

2 THOUGHTS ON “Surfing In Norway”

by Derek Dodds

NIce, thanks for reminding me of the journey!


by Ronald Dodds

Derek’s great grandparent’s, on his father’s side, came from Norway. His great grandmother, Aagot Meling(1894-1974) was from Haugesun and his great grandfather,John Johnson(1886-1966) was from Eidanger. John came to the US in 1905 and Aagot came to the US in 1909. They met in Okland,Calif and were married in 1916.Aagot and John were the only ones in their family to leave Norway to live in the US. Their daughter was ,Ingrid Johnson Dodds,Derek’s grandmother.