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Shark Bait Ball

Right place right time. I just thought I'd like to share the story behind how I got these images. I was driving the @westernaustralia coastline with my family from Broome to Perth.

I had checked the surf forecast and could see a good swell headed to Red Bluff so I planned to arrive at about the same time.

When I pulled into camp I instantly saw the huge bait ball and as quick as I could sent up the drone for a look. After filming for a while I noticed that the bait ball had moved really close to the shore so I grabbed my DSLR and headed for a closer look.

I watched a wave break and took a few test shots to get the perfect exposure as the light was changing.

Then when the set waves came I was focused and waited for the wave to peak to show the fish and sharks perfectly. What I like most about these shots is that everything came together perfectly for me and that it wasn't just a lucky shot.

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2 Responses



July 27, 2017

I’m still in a state of denial, is this a trend? Are there more cameras?

Paul Murray

Paul Murray

July 26, 2017

Great video, right place at the right time.There was a humpback whale off my beach a few weeks back and i did’t have my drone with me,a lost opportunity,I keep it with me all the time now!

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