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Wave Tribe 100% Eco Wax

Temperature: Base

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"Wave Tribe's eco Wax is a good choice." ~ Surfers Path Magazine  

Dude, no oil used to make our wax, and your surf bros make it in the USA from bees and coconut oil. 

  • Cold 32-58°
  • Cool 58-68°
  • Warm 64-74°  
  • Base 

Also, a surf artist made our packaging and each bar you buy supports his art, how cool is that?

We searched far and wide for the right organic wax—when we found this one made in the U.S.A. on wood stoves, we were super excited to test it out.  

Unlike most eco waxes when we tested, this one really works fantastically.  

The wax goes on the board easy and does its job---you won't slip.

Your feet stay where they are supposed to be—on the board.  


So here is the deal, the more you can decrease your use of OIL products, the better for all.  If you want a deep dive into the subject, you can check our recent article on eco surf wax.

You see, petroleum isn't a bad thing, but it can be.  Oil spills.  Refineries.  Well, you get it.  

NO animals died from spilling beeswax into the Gulf.  

So when we can, why not use NON-PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS?  

And we use so much wax, at least I do.  Now I feel good about waxing my boards, knowing that no oil tanker had to transport oil to produce my surfboard wax.

Bro, easy win.

It's kind of cool to think that some rad bees spent time creating this wax from nature, no?

Wave Tribe Wax Secret

One thing, when you put on organic wax, please DON'T MIX it with regular polish cause it will be funky. 

And check this out, each time you purchase a bar of Wave Tribe Eco Wax, a portion of the sale will go to the surf artist Olivier Longuet—he did all the awesome covers.  

We like to support creativity and style; in fact, this is at the core of Wave Tribe’s values.  

We thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey and great product.  

We offer basecoat, cool, cold, and warm wax.